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Program Applied: Master of Science

Major: Information Technology

I am very thankful for providing me this opportunity and it is with sincere sense of gratification that I pen down my brief statement of purpose before you. The ensuring statement of purpose is meant to put forth my aspiration to pursue my career through Masters in Information Technology at your esteemed university.

Since my parents are in business industry, I have been constantly exposed to the business world since childhood and as a result, I developed an interest in making my path towards this profession, which lead me to choose Bachelor of Commerce as my undergraduate major with a concentration in Computers. During this period, I have got to learn the basics in various aspects such as finance, economics, marketing, human resources, business management, statistics, introduction to calculus and information systems. It was clear to me during this period that my interest in this field of business was truly enhanced.

Having been trained with the fundamentals, I wanted to apply the knowledge in an organization where I could nourish my skills acquired, as well as, see how my education could benefit an organization in terms of contributing through a specific role. Soon after I graduated, I was able to get into a firm as a Business Analyst. It was at this firm, where I had the opportunity to interact with the clients, understand, gather their requirements and provide them with the best solutions. Along with working closely with the clients, I developed team management skills with the help of day to day interactions within the organization.

Being a part of a business firm for about an year and half, I noticed that in order to stand in a good position in this competitive world of business, I felt that my knowledge was not sufficient to achieve my goals. That was when I decided to pursue higher education that could help me acquire in-depth knowledge on how this can be practically applied in the real world. During my research for the graduate school, I found Southern States University's course work to be structured in a way where a student with minimal business background is able to build a strong foundation as well as attain in depth understanding of the international business knowledge which is exactly what I was seeking for, being an early career enthusiast in the industry.

I must say that, soon after I got into Southern States University, I was impressed with the way professors designed the coursework and broken down into parts in such a manner that a student can easily be able to absorb the subject. Since I had the knowledge of essential facts of the subjects from my Bachelor degree, it has helped me in effectively learning more advanced courses on the similar concepts such as Strategic Management, Managerial Finance, International Economics and Statistics for Business. Although, learning courses like Applied Business Research and Communication Skills, Global Strategy and Management, Professional Applied Project and International Marketing was quite a challenge, with a little extra effort, I was able to pull that off and succeeded in understanding the concepts. At this time, I was quite confident and felt that I was ready to apply my knowledge in a business organization.

In no time after graduation, I managed to grab an opportunity from a clothing company called “Bare Cotton Corp”. Being associated with the organization in a position of “Market Research Analyst”, I was allowed to take up and perform significant responsibilities primarily being execution of analysis and reports related to the market, trends, competitors, economic conditions, potential and existing clients and product guidelines. In addition to which, I would also conduct surveys, online data analysis for better understanding customer requirements, work closely with marketing teams and ship station teams to understand issues and needs of the company. I should admit that I am able to perform well in my current role and this was possible by what I have learnt at Southern States University.

As part of my role, I am supposed to work with a salesforce tool called “”, which lets us close cases faster and build customer loyalty with out of the box for a small company like Bare Cotton Corp. In this process, I will be responsible for bringing the data together for real-time, actionable insights, so I can track customer needs, monitor support team performance, and increase customer loyalty.

Even though I possess fundamental knowledge in the IT field which I attained during my Bachelors through the course called “Relational Database Management Systems”, I feel that being trained from a professional institution could benefit me progressing in my career and move forward and take my role to next level. Being familiar with the quality of education that Southern States University provides and the flexibility of studying Masters in Information Technology which lets me work at the same time is exactly what I am looking for, at this junction of my career.

I hope I will meet your expectations with my practical and theoretical knowledge and skills. It will be a great plus for my career to get graduate from your esteemed institution. Utilizing my knowledge and skills I am confident that I will easily get synchronize to your standards. Hope you will consider my admission to continue my graduate studies in Information Technology.

Having made this statement of my objectives, I understand what would be your prospective student, with a strong academic background and the will to perform and deliver. An awfully distinguished faculty, a environment replete with academic activity and the state of the field of Information Technology are the most important factors, which driven me to choose your university.

I strongly believe that your university would be an ideal place for me to pursue my graduate studies, I wish to canalize my knowledge and make my life significant by joining SOUTHERN STATES UNIVERSITY.

Expecting a favorable consideration and looking forward to being associated with you.

Thanks for considering the application.

Venu Gangupati

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