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The Associate VP, Communications supports executive communications to determine impact, direction and the role of communications related College-wide functions. The Associate VP will help Barnard extend its capacity to carry out specific projects across multiple disciplines including: editorial, communications planning, leadership development, associate training, and talent development.

This role provides editorial and communications guidance and creates strategies to ensure executive messaging and creates and executes specific communication plans in support of leadership initiatives and priorities. Additionally, the role provides external expertise and public relations counsel for Barnard leaders across an array of communications initiatives and emerging issues. In this capacity, the Associate VP extends the capacity of the communications to carry out high-impact and time-sensitive editorial projects.

Duties & Responsibilities:

 1. Oversee operations and the development of plans and communications objectives set forth by the Vice President for Communications (VP).

2. Assist VP with management and operations, improving processes, planning and development of team.

3. Review current standard performance measures and documenting policies.

4. Participate in special project work when required and asked.

5. Recommend procedures to be used to manage and coordinate various activities.

6. Propose creative ideas and participate in brainstorming sessions and offer operational recommendations and solutions.

7. Plan and develops communications for the enterprise including print, digital, video, social, visual and presentation-related media.

8. Develop effective communications and change management strategies and materials for the Board of Trustees, senior leadership and staff.

9. Advance the College's strategy among key audiences through the planning and development of effective communications.

10.  Manage the College's reputation through effective internal and external communications.

11.  Exhibit strong account management through positive, collaborative business partner relations and effective communication consultation.

12.  Plan and coordinate events and programs that advance the College's reputation, build community awareness, and inform on the business, including working with internal and external vendors and suppliers and, where appropriate, coordinating media coverage.

13.  Consult on both internal and external communications including digital, creative, marketing, events, executive and crisis communications, news, media relations, and editorial.

14.  Lead thought leadership initiatives and identify executive leadership engagement opportunities.

15.  Develop and implement communications plans that incorporate multiple channels, including external, internal, media, social, executive and owned.

16.  Write and edit a variety of complex and/or sensitive external communications including press releases, talking points, speeches, social media content, media relations materials and executive summaries.

17.  Serve as a trusted advisor, and manage reactive reputation issues.

18.  Track and measure results to ensure they are aligned with business objectives.

19.  Create content in different styles, formats, voices, and tones to effectively communicate to multiple internal audiences and stakeholders.

20.  Manage strategic leadership, organizational and associate development projects and initiatives that drive effectiveness and are in alignment with and / or result from enterprise programs or internally driven.

21.  Provide guidance, expertise, and project management for the planning, design, development, and implementation and alignment of program and communication initiatives.

22.  Build strong individual and organizational relationships and interact with all levels, including senior leadership, concerning complex communication issues and opportunities and their impact to the business.

23.  Partner with leadership to ensure consistency in strategic direction, implementation, and delivery of executive communication and related programs and projects

24.  Partner with stakeholders on identifying needs and implementing appropriate solutions for the organization, leaders, and associates as necessary.

25.  Consults with VP to identify solutions to close capability gaps.

26.  Develop, approve, and manage project management activities including scope, resource requirements, performance outcomes and objectives, communication, escalation and risk management activities for organizational initiatives.

27.  Demonstrate personal and professional credibility and integrity.

28.  Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

·   Demonstrated creative aptitude, interpersonal and leadership skills; proven ability to influence.

·   Ability to effectively network and make meaningful partnerships within and outside the community.

·   Considerable knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Outlook and Visual design skills- i. e., Photoshop, Adobe suite, Professional Consultant Video experience is a plus.

·   Ability to design, develop, write, edit and proofread various forms of content, in various media.

·   Must possess advanced conceptual development, design and layout skills.

·   Consultative expertise required to support clients in identifying questions, pertinent project information and creating recommendations to execute assignments

·   Excellent time management and exceptional editing, written and oral communication skills.

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