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The birth of basketball, has came a long way from simply shooting a soccer ball into a peach basket to dunking a seven pound leather ball into an iron rim.  Michael Jordan, a collegial prospect, dominated ACC competition during the late 1980s with shooting the long range cannon at a astonishing 45 percent he would earn Player of the Year.   In the 1985 NBA draft the emergence of a 6'6" basketball phenomenon from Wilmington, North Carolina, was drafted to the Chicago Bulls. Although he went third in the draft, he recreated the game and is known as the best player to ever touch a basketball; he is Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. Jordan's family moved to moved to Wilmington, North Carolina while he was young along with his three siblings. His athletic abilities didn't start from basketball, Jordan grew up playing baseball when he was young. Michael Jordan didn't even touch a basketball until his junior year in highschool. He got a love for this game that persuaded him to practice hard and give it all he had.

During Michael Jordan's career he has accomplished a lot of goals. He has revolutionized the game for so many athletes especially African American athletes to come in the league and make themselves heard through their play on the court. African Athletes during the time seemed to underperforming, He was the athlete that everyone looked up to for guidance on how to be a all round player on and off the court. He taught people how to be the “it” factor. He had a humbling upbringing in his early years. He proved so many critics wrong in his early pro years and showed them why he is the best player to have ever played the game. Some people claimed he was acting shady when he made certain investments that hindered the inner city communities. I believe it is very clear that he is a very smart businessman that has plenty of lucrative and ethical business ventures. He lived a positive life after his career was over.

When Michael Jordan was younger his father was a mechanic while his mother was a banker, His parents, James and Deloris, taught Jordan to be well mannered and to always be respectful.Michael Jordan had 4 siblings as well Lary, James jr, Roslyn, and Deloris. Jordan first love for a sport wasn't even basketball, it was baseball. Jordan didn't first get in contact with basketball until sophomore in high school, where he attended Laney High School. He tried out for his basketball team as a sophomore where he got rejected for his height. This didn't stop Jordan he tried out for his school's junior team in which he would outperform everyone else in the league. His main focus was to grow taller and to get better at basketball. His publicity began to rise and he was chosen for the McDonald's All-American Team. Eventually scouts started to watch Jordan and he ended up getting a scholarship to play for UNC.

During his time at UNC he stayed there for 3 seasons and through that team he won, NCAA All Region, ACC Player of the Year, 2x Consensus All American, etc. His would end up boosting his drafting stock after he dominated the NCAA league for so long. After his Junior Year Michael Jordan dropped out of college to enter the 1985 NBA Draft. He would end up going 3rd overall only behind  Hakeem Olajuwon, a Hall of Famer and Sam Bowie, a bust. During Jordan's time in the league altogether he averaged 30 points 50% field goal percentage and 33% from beyond the arc. During his 13 season playing in the NBA he mainly played for the Chicago Bulls, where he would win over 20 awards with them including, MVP All Rookie First Team.  He retired from basketball to play baseball in a minor league for the Chicago White Sox. Even though his performance playing  baseball wasn't as good as his basketball stats, Jordan was able to hit 3 homeruns, 51 runs batted, and 30 stolen bases. His mediocre performance only lasted for about a season because after that he left sports alone altogether. Michael Jordan went down as one of the only players to win every finals he's been in along with MVP in every finals. Michael Jordan was a 2 way all star when he transitioned from either offense to defense or defense to offense. With Jordan averaging about 2 steals a game defenses feared Jordan on fastbreaks.

Some say Michael Jordan was overrated because although he won every final he was in he also lost in the first round making him not a clutch player, but this is ignorance; It was game 5 1997 Nba Finals Utah Jazz and their dynamic duo of Karl Malone and John Stockton versus the Chicago Bull, this Bull's squad was different though because Jordan  had caught the flu. This didn't stop Jordan, he still ended up playing while he had the flu and became the Bull's offensive with dropping 38 points 3 steals and 7 all purpose rebounds. With shooting the rock 40 % beyond the arc they ended up bouncing back from a 2 game losing streak and beat the Jazz 90-88. They Bulls ended up winning the series and took the title as NBA's League's best team.

After his historical performance with the Bull he ended up retiring to fulfil his passion with his first love baseball. He ended up coming back to the Nba again for 2 more years but as a Washington Wizard. His performance with the wizards wasn't to even as close as the stats he put up in chicago, but nonetheless he averaged about 21 points his 2 years as a Wizard and didn't really stand out anymore. After those 2 years of being a Wizard Jordan quit the Nba and started marketing his shoes that today people seem to die for.

 Michael Jordan has accomplished many goals in his life during his career. His contributions on and off the court helped catapult the popularity of basketball to a new level, one that now garners the attention of the nba community today. Viewers of the Nba community today even if they don't respect Jordan all believe that he will go down as one of the greatest players of all time and prodigies like him come once in a new era.

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