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Branded content is also known as the extension of a brand that others see it as a manifestation that is associated with a specific brand or a value, in a report given out by the drum that branded content can be divided into a more holistic approach. Branded content is nothing but a holistic perspective created and distributed on a broader platform but is not essentially patented. (The Drum, 2016)

The CEO of Powerpost states that content can help build the legitimacy necessary to achieve loyalty and empathy from the desired target audience, social media is used to complement a brand's message, facilitating associations within a brand's own ecosystem to provide exponential remunerations which also include the real-time customer feedback and data for ongoing research and development. (Twitter, 2017)

The SOSTAC planning framework (see appendix 1) created by Paul Russel Smith will be used in this report to discuss the marketing communications plan for two brands collaboratively known as the Fremantle media and Tesco respectively. The six ingredients in this framework is extremely effective to make seamless marketing communication plan and the integrated marketing communication plan which will be conducted with appropriate media channels and sources to achieve the communication objectives of the Fremantle and Tesco collaboration.


The Fremantle media is one of the finest creative agencies in the UK also the largest and the most creators of scripted and unscripted content in the world, fremantle media has been successfully developing into innovative content so as to produce the finest shows for television. (Fremantle, 2018)

Fremantle as a company is associated with the finest labels in the UK market like Boundless, Talkback and the X factor. Fremantle aims to be the UK's most innovative creative content related business.

Moving onto Tesco as a brand, being the largest retailer in the UK for over decades the brand has 1,878 functional stores within the continent itself, the company not only provides their customers with tangible products but also provides them with other finance related and contract-based services like the Tesco bank and Tesco telecom (Datamonitor, 2004).

Brand Values

X factor and Tesco brand values are mentioned below:

1. Competition: X factor is very passionate when it comes to branded content. Being one of the most successful running TV shows in the UK delivered UK with the finest talents of all time, x factor believes in competition very strongly and implies it at every stage of the show.

2. Confidence:  Following the show on celluloid over ages now, x factor truly delivers confidence as one of their key aspects of their other brand values mentioned. Every contestant on the show truly delivers confidence even after their elimination from the show.

3. Opportunity: Fremantle as a company believes in giving equal opportunities to their clients and employees, Tesco and x factor together collaboratively. They take the responsibility to create opportunities for their members to gain network within the pioneering industry by giving them the best practice and the best understanding.


Segmentation is an important to get a better understanding of the customers and their target market, looking at the UK market in detail x factor looks at the three key important aspects when it comes to the event audience that is the firmographics which is an important factor for the B2B kind of business, then comes psychographics which is evidently important for B2C kind of business (Eventbrite, 2016).

Also, Tesco being their collaboration partner in business also defines the same set of principles as followed by fremantle media, their collaboration will help X factor as a whole and determine its growth potential and viewership in totality within the UK. The segmentation of X factor and Tesco collaboration is based on following segments (Tesco, 2016).


Focusing primarily on Tesco as a brand, Tesco strictly believes in targeting a certain set of audience that is as they call it the everyday people (Marketing week, 2012). Tesco will mainly target the women audience in the UK, who usually are daily grocers. Currently there are around 18 million Clubcard users in the UK which is still a magnificent grown in the last twenty years (Telegraph, 2012). X factor on the other hand is mainly dominated with young housewives with children this could be an additional benefit for both the brands to position the Tesco Clubcard in a such a manner that will cater to the household women as well as children in their mid 20's (itv, 2018).

UK social media has taken a drastic leap and hit an all-time high at the beginning of 2018, with a bulky 83% of the adult population are addicted to gramming, snapping and tweeting, 84% of the UK women use social media according to current trends (Avocado social, 2018). These stats could be very important for Tesco as well as X factor to produce healthy campaigns in the coming year.

Figure 1: User Persona (Author, 2018)


It is the most important aspect of the STP model where the company has to position

itself in the market to sustain against its competitors, right positioning of the brand or service can create attention to be noticed in the target market they are focusing and eyeing onto.

X factor and Tesco collaboratively can set its brand or campaign image very quirky, professional and passionate at the same time in the target audience they intend to focus on. Tesco being a dynamic brand over the years and a brand with great market presence it can definitely add value to the collaboration and produce a great campaign, with the increase in demand for the Clubcard Tesco can position its reward card in such a manner that can cater to the respective target audience also to the media audience where X factor is trying to make a mark (BBC, 2018).

Figure 2: Perceptual positioning of Tesco in the UK (Author, 2018)


Marketing objectives are certain set of disciplinary values which help an organization to achieve certain goals. Clearly defined objectives must build an effective marketing communications plan and assist strategies and tactics (Chaffey 2011, 399). In the following context, we follow the SMART objectives and they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time and specific, these objectives are further classified into marketing objectives and communication deliverables. (Smith and Zook, 2016). According to this overall marketing objective for Tesco and X factor collaboratively, their main effort here should be to promote the Tesco's Clubcard or their reward card and the existence of such services by Tesco on a larger scale. Tesco looks at a growth of around 1 million users by the end of September 2019. The total media budget for the campaign from September 2019 to December 2019 is 2 million GBP.

The initial communication objective is to generate traffic with an approximately of 200,000 household women so they get attentive of the Tesco and X factor collaboration as a whole. It is very important to run the campaign with on social media sites as well as the Tesco and the x factor sites simultaneously, once the traffic is generated on these websites at a rapid pace, the women acquiring will become the foremost target.

Secondly, the communication objective will be to attract the women to buy the membership with Tesco also known as the club card. The objectives will fall into place one by one as soon as the desired target market start accessing the social media platforms and gain more knowledge about the collaborative effort by the two brands.

Figure 3: Objectives of the brand collaboration (Author, 2018)

The diagram above depicts the nature of the marketing objectives and the steps that are going to be taken to achieve them. In the first step would be to attract the household women and make at least 200,000 women aware of the brand collaboration secondly, obtaining a minimum of 200,000 women to actually converting these women to actually purchase the club card and pushing the Tesco and X factor sales marginally high, following these two steps vigorously will ultimately achieve the overall goal in the given budget and in the given target time.

We follow a buying behavioural model here to determine further on the brand collaboration which will be used in order to create a stir in the market regarding the campaign. AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) this leads to attracting the consumer base and desire and eventually leading to maximisation of the brand campaign.

Attention: With a whooping budget of 2 million pounds the brand collaboration can spread its legs exponentially into doing something innovative and creative in order to create attention for the campaign and attract its respective target audience, X factor and Tesco should push sales with their club card in order to attract its customers, keeping in mind the Christmas is just around the corner Tesco can keep promotional offers in stores and generate hype with the use of email marketing within its target audience. Tesco should offer one year membership for free for keeping in mind the later potential customers to seek attention from the desired target audience. By doing this the household women will know about Tesco's reward card and also about the collaborative campaign effort, this will create brand awareness among the women and eventually build loyalty towards it.

Target group: Approximately 200,000 women

Figure 2: Create attention among targeted women (Author, 2018)

Interest: To maintain the desired interest among the women there will be some promotional efforts by Tesco to attract more customers and make them aware of the entire campaign. There won't be any additional cost for the customers because this would be a cost to company and not to any external third parties. Tesco will emphasize on the history and what remunerations the women get by having a membership to their club card, also the existing customers will share their experience with the relationship so the target cluster might get interested.

Target cluster: Approximately 30,000 women in 4 months

Desire: This symbolizes more on the want of the consumer, also is the third phase in the AIDA model. Tesco has to develop a concrete target base and create a concrete purchasing pattern by direct marketing. Tesco's promotional campaigns will involve a lot of promotional ideas in order to create hype amongst the target audience, the target base will also receive relevant information such as news and other such exclusive information about the club card and its benefits.

Target group: Approximately 50,000 women. All the relevant women will be bombarded with good and relevant content about the Tesco club card via direct marketing.

Action: The success of this campaign should be legit. It should create a demand for more and more audience among the target group, this will gain momentum not only for the regular grocers but also for the media audience, this should lead to an action and will eventually lead to the overall marketing objective, to get 500 women members.


Supermarkets have optimized the best marketing strategies to enhance the brand image in the target market, supermarket strategy is used in order to convert more users and by using the proven techniques and strategies (Interactually, 2018). Past few years have been really ecstatic in the social media business where consumers can easily extract and seek information through their smartphones, tablets and laptops. The strategy of the brand collaboration will outline the relevant marketing broadcastings tools and channels in order to achieve certain objectives.

Table 1: The IMC Strategy Plan (Author, 2018)

• Direct mail – Direct mail is considered as one of the finest ways to cater to the target audience because it is highly cost effective, it targets a certain group as wholesome, it provides an individualistic approach to the end customer (Chron, 2018). E-mail is the most used online technique and push effective communication tool. The optimized list will be a list for all the target women within the UK, the working-class women or the home makers will be notified with direct mail marketing.

• Owned Media – Tesco and Fremantle should particularly pay attention to this kind of advertising and marketing because it involves lot of money, time and good PR. Every organisation should do enough research, planning and development before executing into new ventures and campaigns in order to ensure a good ROI. Social media is considered a cost-effective instrument where people can reach easily with a good internet connection. People can transfer develop and illustrate content. Users admire and use the internet as a tool for conducting their everyday regime (PRC, 2004).

• Events – X factor has a global presence and this could be used to advertise on a larger scale and make a greater impact overall, events related to digital and mass media should be a vital move for the brand strengthen in the desired group. Events could answer the questions related to the Tesco's club card and queries related to that. These events will be held by both the brands collaboratively.

• Print Media – The overall pull approach can only be generated with traditional methods of marketing which is related to newspapers, magazine and brochures, leaflets will be published in order to seek attention of the desired target audience. The overall print media is on a diminishing scale but still this kind of advertising is eye catching and noticed by the masses.

• Sales Promotion – Coupons – Voucher codes are something which every brand uses to promote a particular product or service, Tesco should implement these options to attract women in order to gain momentum. The growth of voucher codes and promotions are essential in order to increase the brand loyalty (Bdaily, 2015). Following the persona structure the women earns around 1000 GBP, keeping this in consideration its easier for them to come to a conclusion.


Tactics provide precise description of tools and instruments used for online media marketing, also tactics provide a clearer picture and explains strategy in further detail (Smith and Zook, 2016).  As the campaign is a new venture completely, the selection is based more on the “gut feel” rather than real dynamism and strategy.

Table 2: IMC Tactics (Author, 2018)

• Direct mail – Being a collaborative effort by both the brands, the direct marketing will be held particularly in Tesco's guidance because the end product is gaining momentum on one of the services offered by Tesco and that is the club card. The marketing team in charge will work on the X factor and Tesco packaging on the club card and create hype through sending out emails to the desired target audience. The flow of emails has to be constant in order to keep the campaign alive and active in the minds of people. The email will comprise of 70% valuable and relevant information about the club card and 30% of which will be a good sales pitch about the service Tesco has to offer. This will create a motivational factor for the women and might just read the entire text instead of considering it as spam advertising. A central message will be to provide the women with right amounts of discounts and offers and not just believing into hoax offers by other supermarkets, the ultimate pull would be to generate sales on the Tesco's club card.

Brand efforts are taken equally on a larger scale to develop interest and desire so the women would at least consider giving it a shot. It is an opportunity to be a part of the Tesco's family without any additional costs. The women can also subscribe to the reward loyalty programme by just adding their email id and their full name to the link they receive by mail. The most enrolled customer by the end of the campaign wins a VIP ticket to the finale of X factor and also gets an additional 30% off on various goods at all the Tesco outlets. Tesco will be using survey monkey and can track all the responses at any point of time. (refer appendix 2)

• Owned Media – The target audience will be bombarded with lot of news and other such updates relating to the loyalty programme and the campaign curated by both the brands collaboratively. This would keep the information intact in the minds of the desired target group. Women who actually sign up to the subscription might even recommended it to her fellow colleagues and friends. Even if they do not subscribe to the loyalty programme, they still are aware of what is happening revolving around the campaign which will be beneficial to both the brands in the long run.

7.2.1 Facebook – One of the most used social platforms by people so it is important to promote any kind of product or service through Facebook or even Instagram for that matter, Tesco and X factor will stick to these methods of advertising which will be helpful for them to promote the Tesco's club card on a larger scale. (refer appendix 3)

Vital features that will be followed by Tesco and X factor collaboratively are as follows: -

1. Share significant data – Videos and photos from the events held by tesco and x factor to promote their collaboration and Tesco's Loyalty card, use of relevant hashtags to trend the campaign online and offline, this is the best way to seek attention from the target audience usage of hashtags will result in lot of online publicity and eventually lead to word of mouth publicity as well. Therefore, Facebook and Instagram would be two really important platforms to spread the word throughout the UK.

7.2.2 Snapchat ad: “Snapchat has nearly 200 million daily users, watching 10 billion videos per day” (Hootsuite, 2018). Tesco and X factor collaboratively has to spend around £3000 every month for four months consecutively in order run the campaign on snapchat which will reach the masses with ease (Strike social, 2018). This will not only target a certain audience but also attract the potential customers who might be willing to subscribe to the Club card in the future.

7.3.3 LinkedIn ad: The users on this platform has grown exponentially in the coming years, there are about 575 million users on LinkedIn (SocialMediatoday, 2018). The LinkedIn profile for Tesco and X factor should consider the following points (refer appendix 1:

1. Precise and easy company overview: All the significant data relating to Tesco and Fremantle should be portrayed well, this is one of the most influential social platforms for leaders to connect on a larger scale from different industries.

2. Blog feed: Accurate news and updates to be showcased on LinkedIn to provide a truth factor to the target audience.


Action plan has to be made in order to understand and implement the marketing strategy for the campaign before it goes live on social and other broadcasting media, as shown below an email will be sent out to the target group to gain some initial grip to the campaign. This would be mandatory for both the brands to draw attention amongst the audience. Its mandatory for the two brands to invest in traditional methods of advertising but looking at the future prediction, the brands should focus more on the digital trends of advertising as the prediction says that by 2020 online ads will account for 60% of the marketing budgets and at the same time the TV adverts will represent just 21.5% of the entire marketing budget, there is a drop of 25% projected in the coming two years (The drum, 2017). Over the period of four months TV and radio advertising will be implemented but on a smaller scale whereas the other methods of advertising will be elaborated on a larger scale. As mentioned earlier events and outdoor media will be used in order to gain momentum over these four months before the campaign launch. Show below is the exact media plan the brands will implement to spread the word with perfection.


The budget is the most important aspect of the IMC campaign. The campaigns marketing agenda was to cover its aims within the budget of £200,000. According to the given budget the right tools must be implemented. Therefore, we have a table which represents the estimated cost of the media used and it is well in the budget given. (refer appendix 4).


The Tesco and X factor collaboration is perfectly driven for the daily grocers and media inclined target audience, sometimes it is all about what makes a great branded content and how these two brands can engage with the audiences for maximum benefits and satisfaction.

With the given brand collaboration, the membership women will have various benefits. Some of these benefits will include VIP access to the X factor's grand finale and the ultimate winners of this subscription will get loyalty benefits with Tesco and the other services they have to offer to the audience. Overall, this campaign has been developed and strategies, tactics have been applied to a develop a measured plan.


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Appendix 1: (Source: SOSTAC Model, Smith 1990s)

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