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Tourism Malaysia or Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) is an agency under the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia. Tourism Malaysia, formerly known as the "Tourist Development Corporation of Malaysia (TDC)", was established on 10 August 1972. It was then under the former Ministry of Trade and Industry. The history of the Tourist Development Corporation of Malaysia (TDC) was established on 10 August 1972 as an agency under the former Ministry of Trade and Industry by an Act of Parliament. With the inception of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism on 20 May 1987, TDC was moved to this new ministry; and became the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) through the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board Act 1992. Popularly known as Tourism Malaysia, its full focus is on promoting Malaysia domestically and internationally. <> Tourism Malaysia now has 34 overseas and 11 marketing representative offices. About Tourism Malaysia their mission are about the marketing Malaysia as a destination of excellence and to make the tourism industry a major contributor to the socio-economic development of the nation. Their objectives also to promote Malaysia as an outstanding tourist destination, showcase Malaysia's unique wonders, attractions and cultures, enhance Malaysia's share market for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE), increase Malaysia's tourism revenue by increasing tourist numbers to Malaysia and extend their length of stay, encourage tourism and its related industries in Malaysia, and help develop domestic tourism and promote new investments in the country, as well as provide increased employment opportunities. The growth of tourism would also contribute positively to the country's economic development and quality of life.

The two reasons why I think effective publicity is the uniqueness of them delivering information through Tourism Malaysia is the existing media and the latest media through social networking sites, blogs and so on. This is a very easy way as they can attract many foreign tourists who want to visit Malaysia, and they will first check out the interesting destinations found in Malaysia via the website in the internet, and with this facility they will be able to access information about interesting locations and destinations in Malaysia for they visit and the facilities provided in the travel area. This will cause foreign tourists to know all the benefits provided before they begin their journey. They will also be able to find out the details of the places and agencies they want to pay for the entire travel in Malaysia. It will also give them the option of dealing with the parties they like. The comments available in the publicity space are also very important for them to know the feedback from other tourists who have come to Malaysia and this will also give them a problem if they are less confident with the chosen destination. Publicity also provides latest information and references issued by tourism Malaysia. This will cause any information and renewal to be known by tourists who wish to travel in the country. This factor may also attract more foreign tourists as Malaysia will now offer more tourist centers to visit and explore the tourist's destination. Every place of beauty and beauty will be publicly disclosed to interest them. Such as Malaysia Airlines “AirAsia Bhd”, they may provide the cheapest flight tickets for travellers on a particular month. This will cause them to be more interested in visiting Malaysia because of the low cost and convenient transportation facilities they use. Tourism Malaysia and AirAsia Bhd have signed a two-year agreement which will see both parties collaborate to promote tourism in Malaysia through brand advertising, promotional activities and campaigns. Through this partnership, they aim to generate wide awareness and publicity on Malaysia as a preferred leisure and business destination and boost the country's tourist arrivals and receipts.

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