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CIS 4970

End of Internship Report

Global Printing and Services

By: Cuong Nguyen

Dr. Shuguang Hong

Dec 13, 2018

Table of Contents

Internship Company Information…………………………………………………………………3

Responsibilities & Tasks/Projects………………………………………………………………...4

Week 1-4………………………………………………………………………………………….5

Week 5-8………………………………………………………………………………………….6

Week 9-14………………………………………………………………………………………...7



Internship Company Information

The company that I interned in this semester is a services company called Global Printing and Services (GPS). This is an energetic and innovative company with a professional mindset to work smart. GPS is dedicated to excellence and the highest quality of work may it be creating better creative and innovative solutions for their customers.

GPS is providing One-Stop Shop solutions for small businesses and startup companies such as printing, both traditional marketing and online marketing, branding, web development, graphic design, business technology development, …

The company makes stunning print with effortless online ordering and expert service. They provide printing experience serving small business and retailers in every niche market such as nail salons, restaurants, real estate firms, schools, churches, non-profits, technology companies and customers from all over the country. GPS boast a highly experienced customer service team to assist customers with all their online printing needs as well as in-house graphic designers to provide customers with file assistance and meet any design need. GPS is a company with only 30 employees in the office and 30 employees who work remotely. The company has built with different department, there is a software development department, IT support team, accounting, sales and marketing department, and a design team. These department work with each other everyday to create many different products such as printing, website, POS system, application and many more.

I was working under Business Analyst inter position at the company. My working schedule are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday every week during the internship time. My manager name is William Vu, and his contact information is [email protected], (678) 580-5759.

Responsibilities & Tasks/Projects

Major Task/ Project % of Time / Effort

Supporting my manager on the company's portal called ClickUp 30%

Learning about Point-of-Sale system from some local businesses who are the company's clients 10%

Worked as a customer support at IT help desk 10%

Analyzing the employee's check in/check out time to make sure everyone is in the office at least 8 hours per working day 10%

Learning about Website Development that company is doing for some small businesses in the industry 10%

Supporting the Online Marketing team to work on the company's Social Media campaigns 10%

Building a Business Process Model by using Bizagi software for the company 20%

Week 1-4

The first two weeks at Global Printing and Services were very challenging to me. This company created a very special platform that giving every employee some certain task to work on. I was working under a Business Analyst intern position at GPS, and this position was totally new to myself. The first task that I have been given by my manager was taking care of the company's client portal which is called Clickup. This is a private platform that built for GPS to manage the whole business operating processes. Once the Sale people get an order from the client, my task would be input all of the information from the client to our database portal, then create a job on Clickup before proceeding to job to the next department. This task was not a big challenge to me, but I learned that databases are the most valuable resources that every business have to secure. The knowledge that I had learned from CIS 3730 course at GSU letting me know that GPS did not have a good database management system. The database portal that GPS is using just only help them store the customer information but really hard find when employees need. Also, taking care of the company's Clickup helped me to understand more on what the company is doing.

After getting familiar with the business operating processes. GPS assigned to me a job of working with the IT department to learn about what they are in charge for the company. GPS owns many different types of printers as well as computers. I was working with the team to make sure that all of the printers always in the best condition of working. These printers connect to a network to receive all of the printing files from the computers. Supporting the team to complete their job gave me an opportunity to learn more about the company's network connection. By taking CIS 4688 course during the time that I worked at GPS, I was able to apply the protocol knowledge on this task and understood how protocol allowed entities from a different system to communicate.   

The next couple of weeks at GPS were the experiences that I had ever met. Mr. Vu assigned to me a new task of creating a completely new business process model for GPS. Based on the knowledge that I got from CIS 4120 course at GSU, I confidently accepted the task because I have learned how to build a business process model by using Bizagi program. “Business process modeling is the graphical representation of a company's business processes or workflows, as a means of identifying potential improvements. This is usually done through different graphing methods, such as the flowchart, data-flow diagram, etc.” (Greene, 9). I have worked with every single department to get a strong understand on what they are in charge of the company's system, then gathering all of the information that they provided to me before start building the model. I spent most of my time at the company every Friday to work on this given task in order to reach the deadline from Mr. Vu. The model mainly showed all of the departments in a different section but connecting with each other by activity arrows. This was a little challenge to me because I just started working at the company for a few weeks. Using all of the tools and techniques in Bizagi that I had learned was saving me a certain amount of time to build the business process model for GPS.

Week 5-8

During the second month at GPS, the company proposes a TODO's list, which contains all the task we supposed complete as soon as we could. These tasks include analyzing the company's weekly income to keep track of all of the payments and invoices that are overdue and have it ready for the Accounting Department. I learned many valuable aspects doing these, such as knowing the differences between completing tasks from an actual company and from business courses in Sophomore and Junior years at GSU. These tasks are more challenging in many ways, such as, precisely writing and collecting all the data with very minimal to no mistakes. Making mistakes in numbers for these are strictly not acceptable since it has very strong effects on the customers and the value of the company. Besides keeping it up with income, I also have a meeting with customers to work on the Merchant Service system, and Credit card machines. This has given me the ability to work on my communication. Being bilingual was difficult, but this has given me the opportunity to immensely improve my English skill. More importantly, I get to know how the Merchant and Credit card systems work. I also got introduced to the POS system, the system of the tablet to take orders or menu. These systems are usually being sold to smaller companies such as nails salons. These systems are very popular based on the amount we sold this year. Next task is to analyze the employee's clock in and clock out before they come in and when they leave. This system is used to make sure every employee has to spend at least 8 hours per working day to meet the minimum hours at this company.

For week 7, this week has especially taught me to use different techniques and fields. I get to become familiar to Website Development that the company is selling to some small businesses in the industry. Basically, small businesses find us to create their website for their business and we have teams that completing these tasks. I had the opportunity to work with the IT department, which helped me learn about Showcase, Landing, and E-Commerce. These are the trial website that clients and test out many different layouts. Another task I received this week was finding new customer resources with sale teams. For this task, we are more focus on our online sale resources such as Amazon and eBay. We are drawing new ideas and acknowledging their customers' opinions and further enhancing our sales strategy. At the end of the second month, after spending a few weeks to work on Bizagi program, I presented my GPS Business Process Model. I used graphs to analyze and study the company's workflows to help find places we can improve it. The model was given the company an overview on how each department process their work when receiving a job.

Week 9-14

During the 9th week of my internship, I worked and had some experience working with the company's IT department. There was a bit challenging when I had to figure out how to keep all of the databases in a client folder for the company. With the help from the technical support team, I had the opportunity to guarantee that all employees are given access to the company's system. I continued on with the technical support and moved to help improve the company's social media page, using the company's Facebook Page to reach out to clients and help continue building the company's relationship with them. GPS created different Facebook pages for each industry that they participate on. This was a problem to myself when I had to work on different type of market on a short period of time. I had asked Mr. Vu for some product knowledge training with the Sale Team for coming up with a Facebook strategy campaign for GPS.

In the weeks later, I worked with the IT Department to resume working on Web Development that the company is doing for our clients. The IT Department had shown me how to create domain names for any website orders from the customer. Mr. Vu understood that it would be a huge challenge for me to able to help the IT Department with any projects. Mr. Vu let me sit with the team and gave me an opportunity to look at what they were working for the clients.

As I have been doing previously, I made sure every employee still has access to the company's system. This week I updated the self-help documents so that customers and employees can try to more fix problems more actively themselves, following up with logging and keeping records of customer and employee inquiries. I was able to improve my customer service skills by working with customers and employees to identify computer problems and advising on finding solutions. Finishing the week with maintaining the Facebook page and making sure to work on building stronger relationships with our clients.

The 13th week, similar to the last weeks where I worked with the IT Department, I helped with the web development for the clients. I worked with customers and employees to help identify issues or problems with the computer and helped to advise on the solution. I also helped to improve the TODOs systems by studying current practices and designing modifications. Besides, I worked to improve the TODOs systems again by studying current practices and designing modifications that would help make it work more efficiently. Also, I logged and kept records of the customers and employees queries to help maintain an organized a log of our work.


I was able to work on my leadership skills by evaluating business processes, anticipating requirements, uncovering areas for improvement, and developing and implementing solutions. I spent some time of my internship to think and reflect on my weeks interning for such an outstanding company like GPS to see what I earned from this journey. I used the new skills and lessons I gathered to use to present my report to the management department. These weeks of the internship not only helped me gain skills in this particular field but also as a leader.

Working with customers and employees first hand to analyzing and resolve issues taught me how to deal with and overcome problems for my own experiences. I also am able to draw the conclusion of what is valuable to clients, what is their needs and also learn from their complaints. IT team and I had put efforts into network protocol and connection, and I learned more about improving on setting up the system. During the time working at GPS, I was not able to create any website projects for the customer because of lacking skills and knowledge. Website Development team and IT team were there to teach me some techniques that they used before launching any websites.

Moreover, while working with the IT Department I was able to enhance skills for the company's system and help to improve the client portal. I had learned that keeping the database securely would help any company to have a strong resource. There are so many lessons and new things that I had learned during my internship at GPS. I applied the skill of building a business process model from CIS 4210 course by Bizagi program to create one for GPS. Even though the model did not completely show up the entire process of the company, but my manager gave some good credit based on my efforts.

Computer Information System at GSU has taught students many knowledge and skills for their career in the future. Based on the information and knowledge from CIS courses, I was able to show my internship company that I had some basic skills in Information Technology as well as any business concepts. GSU could improve the program by bringing some new technologies to the coursework. Point-of-Sale is getting very popular nowadays, GSU can open some new courses on this system to improve the program curriculum as well as adding more value to the CIS major.


After 14 weeks of training experience with Global Printing and Services, I received many valuable experiences and priceless lessons. I have learned various new platforms of IT systems, selling products and help customers discover their best solutions for their businesses. I have learned the most with the guidance of my co-workers and an inspiring management department. My co-workers guided me with instructions and how to work all the systems that I have never have a chance to try out before. They always available for help and enthusiastic answering any questions.  My manager is someone that I have looked up to since the day I got accepted to work in this amazing company. He always encourages me to work harder, to never give up, and especially never back down when I face obstacles. This company has grown as a part of my daily source of learning. I developed many pieces of knowledge during this internship. For my Optional Practical Training, I, of course, chose this company as my companion for the next year. I have gained numerous abilities, knowledge, and experiences from GPS, and appreciate every minute I have spent here and many more to go.

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