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Operations Plan

Distribution & Logistics:

Our company aims at working for luxury brands and ensuring they are up-to-date with the quick-paced change in consumer trends. We will take into consideration the brand we are dealing with and perform consumer insight research particularly pertaining to Gen Zers. This will help them have long term consumers. Our customers will also pay a retainer fee so we are at their beck and call whenever they need us. This retainer fee will be for a period of 6 months. If they want to remain on, the clients will have to renew it by paying the amount again. In terms of the value we are bringing to the clients, we will update them with the trends this group leans towards.

This will be in the following steps:

1.   Find a client: To get a client, we will focus on our own social media marketing as a “showcase” of what value we can provide their company. In terms of our personal social media, we will make sure we have great content and a strategic advertising approached geared towards our target. We will make it quite interactive to get feedback from these Gen Zers. We will also attend networking events to meet and get familiar with more people who are in turn going to be more aware of our agency.

2.   Analyze company's (client) current situation: The company's focus, target market, brand image and what matters to them the most are all factors we need to know about to work effectively with them.

3.   Look for customer insight and research that is in line with the company's brand image. This is to ensure that all the research we are doing for the company is not useless but actually in line with the company's brand. May brands like to stick to one perception and if we do not meet these needs, we may dilute their brand. This will be through polls, consumer surveys  and observations.

4.   Work simultaneously with allocated staff from the company to make sure everything is in sync with them or if there are certain things that need to be altered to better suit the company.

5.   Maintain the customers: Delivering great results for our clients and making sure we are able to sustain the relationships with these customers. This will help us increase our customer retention as well as acquire referral business. We will do this by organizing quarterly events such as happy hour events. We will also take some of our top clients out for nice lunches or dinners.

Physical Facilities:

Our office and studio space will be thorough wework to find a creative and aesthetically appealing space in New York. This space will have to be designed to have to attract clients as it is also another factor of selling ourselves.  This location also ensures that we remain central to our clients. We will get this space by finding the most suitable Brooklyn location on wework. This cost will average $2700 a month.

Operating and sales cycle:

Fashion brands generally want to acquire the younger generation because they are going to be consumers for a while, thus, appealing to them and getting them to constantly buy your product will in some way help companies maintain a “loyal” group of customers. Getting publications to write about us, having a very strong social media presence and talking at public events will be our way of getting a foot in the door to do this activity for these brands. Also, relationships with people in the industry is very key because we could be put in contact with other people even if they may not be the ones hiring us.

With high satisfaction leading to repeat customers, our service quality tailored towards Gen Zer's is what will serve as our discerning factor. Referrals are also another way of getting more customers because highly satisfied customers will tell others about the quality work received. Also, a luxury brand or two on our portfolio gives credibility alongside the results we produce. This in turn, will establish potential clients' trust in our company.

This in turn means that producing high quality work and meeting/ exceeding our clients' expectations is the foundation of our business, thus, poses as the biggest success factor.


Our management team currently revolves around our three full-time employees. Each of us function as our sales force as we will be bringing in clients and pitching our services.

Key Roles:

1.   Social Media Strategist and Content Creator: Amanda Karlsson - Represents our brand on social media platforms and is in charge of creating content, responding to comments, answering questions and generally manages the social media aspect of the business. Responsible for growing the business through many channels – online and social and ensures that this creative and innovative work is done in a timely manner and done properly.

2.   Online Advertising Strategist and Content Creator: Rannah Aoun - Responsible for identifying and recruiting potential clients as well as creating and promoting advertising and marketing materials and strategies. Also has to research and analyze internet interaction and advertising trends.

 3.  Researcher and Client Acquisition Manager: Sarina Mittal - Responsible for in gathering customer information and reaching out to potential clients. This data collection will be both electronically and in person ensuring that the data collected is up to par with the market latest trends. This will include pitching ideas to these clients in order to generate leads and ensuring that the communication between us and our customers is very efficient and effective. In charge of identifying

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