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The development of technology overtime is a major contributing factor to the outbreak of residential areas. Besides technology such as cranes, vehicles, and other construction related technology, automated software, and devices are equally as important to the development of houses. For instance, AutoCAD is an automated computer software that helps to plan and organize building layouts, drawings, and similar projects. The potential for this program is quite useful to include specificities such as furniture, hatching, and materials to use. CAD systems enable users to view designs and objects in different representations which simulate ‘real world' scenarios. For example, architectural companies may use programs such as AutoCAD, a software made by Adobe, to design a layout for a survey of houses. With this program they are able to copy and variate the designs in order to alter them from one another. As established before, they are able to easily present specifics such as the colours and materials for both indoor and outdoor places. This helps construction companies to follow a design and continuously work without constantly referring to designers for assistance. Also, if the design has a flaw, the program allows a person to edit it rather than traditionally redrawing it out again. This achieves productivity and efficiency. 3D printing is also a revolutionary tool that aids in accurate design models. Many companies take advantage of 3D printing advancements to build prototypes of models that can actually be to scale. Evidently, 3D printing requires 3D rendering software (Autodesk Inventor) that has the capability to provide extensive features to accurately design small products or large scale items. More importantly applications such as Adobe Revit is beneficial to architect and designers to gain insight on building performance, risks, and execution of the project.

Describe how energy conservation has affected society. Give specific examples. (car industry, energy conservation, manufacturing)

Many industries and society as a whole has advocated for energy conservation for many years now due to the benefits to society. As we know, carbon emissions from cars majorly contribute to the deterioration of the earth's ozone, therefore electric/hybrid cars are a great alternative to oil and gas fuelled vehicles. According to, the website states that “hybrid cars still use gas when running, but in idle mode the power is switched to electricity.” They mention that idling cars is the time when cars typically release the most fumes/pollutants. Companies such as Tesla Motors have introduced fully electric cars as well. In fact, many establishments are incorporating electric charging stations in their parking lots. The advancement of electric vehicles influence society's perception of the environment and more so help them to contribute to the environment beneficially. With this, manufacturing also plays a vital role in society as they produce and provide us with products (such as cars) that have the potential to benefit society. For instance, reducing waste and energy use is an important step towards improving manufacturing processes and by-products. suggests that advanced composites could “help manufacturers make lightweight vehicles with record-breaking fuel economy; lighter and longer wind turbine blades; and strong high-pressure tanks for natural-gas-fueled cars.” Ultimately, this can aid in fuel efficiency and overall development towards a more ‘greener earth'. More common forms of energy conservation such as wind turbines, solar panels, and water turbines, have evidently reduced pollution to our environment by transforming existing conditions into energy. Though our society is still heavily dependant on oil, natural gas, and other commonly ‘bad fuels,' energy efficient technology and it's implementation will continue to grow and eventually overcome current forms of energy.

Why have building officials pushed for an increase in residential density.

According to the Huffington Post, the article reveals that the sudden increase for residential density could be due to the steady population growth and a “mini baby boom underway.” More specifically, Toronto (including the GTA) is looking for ways to transform land with outdated establishments such as strip malls and old parking lots to residential areas. Also, single detached homes are not efficient based off of affordability and supply. High-density housing was seen as expensive and more complicated to build in the past, but as single detached homes become obsolete, they are entering the retail industry with potential opportunities. Also, research shows that by increasing density in pre-existing urbanized land, citizens will be closer to establishments and therefore will be more motivated to walk places rather than commuting with vehicles. Ultimately, this aids in the goal to conserve energy.

Describe how technological changes affects society. (eg. Developments in telecommunications, health care, and robotics)

Technology has become a major part of society and our lifestyle. Not only do we rely on it, we continue to use technology in innovative ways to perform other tasks. Robotics have been in a continuous development more specifically for medicinal use. For example, surgery using a robot, also known as telesurgery, is the use of a computer to assist in medical procedures such as precision, less trauma, and cost efficiency. Specifically, doctors who perform surgery for prolonged periods of time can develop tremors. To combat this, if doctors do show signs of hand tremors or abnormal movement, the machine will overlook it and continue to stay steady. The most popularly known way technology has affected society is by revolutionizing communication. Society and many organizations are now dependant on technology to perform daily activities, exchange ideas with one another, and raise awareness. Social media has consumed individuals enough that it has become an alternate reality. Many people do however use social media to promote businesses, use marketing to advertise, raise awareness for current events, and create jobs for themselves.

Read the 3 articles below. What questions come to mind after reading the articles. What are the greater implications of this.

What are they doing to solve this? What are going to be the ‘alternative' to sand? Will here be one?

Scientists are discovering that sand is actually becoming a scarce resource on earth due to over extraction for constructive purposes. With this, we will suffer environmental and economic crisis's. It is said that China seems to be ‘overusing' sand the most in that between 2011-2013 they used more concrete than the U.S did in the entire twentieth century. One of the implications described is the increased vulnerability to tsunamis and storms. Since there is no sand to act as a barrier, major flooding is likely to occur. According to the, research shows that “extensive sand extraction physically alters rivers and coastal ecosystems, increases suspended sediments and causes erosion.” As a result, many animal species including fish, dolphins, crustaceans, and crocodiles are being affected. Specifically, the gharial, an endangered crocodile species in Asian river systems, are more threatened than before due to exploitation of sand mining. In Kenya, sand extraction has been linked to damaged coral reefs as well. This sand crisis has also caused ‘sand mafias' to form. Sand mafias are able to illegally mine sand because of the poor governing and lack of consequences.

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