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If you are born poor it's not your mistake. But if you die poor it's your mistake (Bill Gates).  Similarly, a country's growth is a government's responsibility. As a developing country tourism may be one of the activities that may bring growth. Tourism can be defined as an activity created to accentuate and increase people's awareness of local scenic sites. Tourism is also one of the world's top income earners for a country. It helps developing businesses, and also provide jobs. Some countries spend too much money on creating better tourism facilities for tourist yet, they do not pay better attention on their local instalments. Countries have been tempted to focus on developing tourism more than centering on their own needs. Therefore, nowadays this topic is highly debatable, stating that countries that have a high state of poverty should not build and develop it's nation by developing better tourism sites. This essay will explore the benefits and loss from tourism development. It will focus on the unfulfilled needs of the citizens, balance of service towards the citizens of the nation.

First of all, tourism is all about management, training, and professionalism for the system in its office and also the way it runs and also work. The system of a tourism company is based on a management which is the base or the foundation of a strong tourism site and resort, a fully developed tourism site has to have a well-trained staff or human resources, human resources in this type of companies needs more than one hundred. It may use up to thousands to cover all the jobs that are scattered all around field. Therefore, by seeing this gap of human resources the country's government may call up all its citizens to be trained and positioned to the vacant workplace to them by doing this act the percentage of poverty in the country and its citizens may be lessened. The number of students in a country that has the urge to study abroad on some major's that its country has never has the availability or vacancies for such work-field, with tourism most of the time those work-fields may be opened, for instance engineering, baristas, landscape architect, and also interior designing. There's no limit to the fact that there are students that studying those majors or even just simply bar the skills to apply this work although not having the work vacancies that they need in their own country and they end up working in other countries and supporting the other country's human resources needs with a higher pay rate. This fact stated with the country's move of developing tourism they may have a chance to bring back the   Stating this matter, we may see that tourism also has an aspect where it may not be effective to the economic aspects due to the amount of foreign ownership in more poor countries that owns rich landscapes, with this fact a country may not only lose its natural resource but also credit towards the ownership of the site

Secondly, tourism opens the door to the unknown knowledge towards the people that haven't been, curios, or studying about the place or nature's wonders.  Due to the skillful marketing teams out there, Stonehenge is known buy the whole world and Niagara Falls is also not something impossible to be sited and enjoyed by everyone all around the world. Since the market may spread the word far and wide there will be people coming to this place. This can open opportunities for the countries to open doors for investors that that be interested to invest in the country. Investments in a country gives a large cause towards the country's economy healing. As neighborhood experience of the travel industry extends, there are often expanded open doors for the improvement of new privately claimed ventures giving aggressive and reciprocal great and administrations; this pursues inclines in created nation goals and can be bolstered by government strategy and SMME development methodologies.

 Lastly, it's has been said that in this world there is no government that can be very stable or balance in handling issues and developments mostly complex ones such as tourism. Since tourism is a complex project to conquer and due to the high expectations of tourists nowadays, most of the time government has ignored the causes of the environments around the sites itself which may happen to be the place where the nations' citizens home environment is located. In Bintan Island 60% of the island is covered with tourism sites and resorts, yet the environment around the resorts are not as highly maintained and paid attention on. The income earner of Bintan is not mainly through tourism although the lion's mouth of the income graph is from tourism. Although, the service for the citizens or so may be called as locals should be more paid attention on due to the fact known that the most human resource used in the resorts around their home environments are their own. Furthermore, the damage of a space of land is the same thing to damaging a part of a bigger eco-system which may endanger loads of species and also may affect the other parts of the country that may be one of the scenic sites placed in market to be visited. Once the eco-system is damaged it may pull the tourist and the investors because the nature is too damaged to be developed. Thus, as a government of a country this must be consistently be worked on.  

In conclusion, problems with a country's balance of tourism and citizen service cannot be definitively solved at any point of time. Due to changing conditions and most importantly fluctuations in economies, countries would not be able to maintain their current state. Tourism is all about management and professionality a well-equipped human resource is always needed thus with this fact stated it provides job vacancy to the citizens of the country. The essay only covered three factors, there are more variables and unexpected benefits that can be discussed. Tourism may also be a problem due to the waste of land space because of deal cancelation. For instance, in Bintan Island there are more than 40% of damaged land that are not even being considered to be taken care of. If this system continues there may be a full island of incompletely constructed abandoned land that may occur in countries and cause higher rates of poverty.

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