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1. Provide a link to each commercial.

2. What product/service is offered in the commercial?

Coca Cola/ paid tribute to “Tagahatid Pasko”

Coca Cola/ a drink which brings us together

3. What message does the commercial send to the audience?

That we need to appreciate the work of those people who work during the holidays, and we have to be grateful even for little things.

That no matter where people come from all other the world, we are all a big family of each other, with diversity.

4. How would you describe the general target market for the company? Be sure to include the following as you describe the target market:

Age range



Life goals

The general target market is young adults and teenager older than 12 who understands the conditions of working. The video highlights that we need the appreciate everyone' work especially during the holiday season when we spend most of time with our family. The life goal is to live a happy life and spend time with our loved ones. Coca Cola helped the people in the video to have a happier holiday and brought joy in their life by tribute.

The target market is not specified, the audience is both children and adults. It would appeal to anyone who understand ethnicity and diversity, and also to travelers, immigrants or those with strong devotion to diversity or equality interests. The goal of this ad is to accept each other no matter where do we come from or which language is our mother tongue. America is a diverse open air market place where you don't know anyone else or where they're from or what they're saying even. Coca Cola brings us together.

5. How would you describe the specific market segment that the commercial is designed to reach? Be sure to include the following as you describe the market segment:

Age range



Life goals

This commercial tries to reach out young adults and teens. The ad shows that there are many teenagers who needs to work to have a better life, because not everyone's life is easy. This commercial did advertise people laughing, having fun, while other people works 24/7. The goal is to have a happy life where people can celebrate along with one another, and where their work is appreciated. By Coca- Cola's generosity, this could happen.

The commercial tries to reach out all genders. It advertises people from all over the world who are immigrants, but enjoys life no matter where they come from. I like how commercial shows a lot of happiness in the people's eyes, by people of different races and religions coming together as one. The goal in life is to live a happy life. The commercial sends a message that if you buy a Coca Cola, you will have a happy life.

6. What is the connection between the commercial's message and the specific market segment?

The connection between the commercial's message and the specific market segment is holidays are also valuable for young adults they work hard and deserve to be with their families. Coca Cola is company that brings people together while having a coke, which they also advertise in many commercial as “Open happiness”, which they've shown in this ad too.

The connection between the message and the market segment is that they both talk straightforwardly to individuals from everywhere throughout the world, not just about a sort of race or religion. Promoting indicates distinctive races and religions in different situations while drinking Coca-Cola lastly says “together is beautiful”. Market segment uses this to build better customer relationship.

7. Prior to producing the commercial, how would utilizing a marketing research method(s) contribute to reaching the intended audience?

For this commercial I would use observation marketing research, to reach out their particular target. This commercial is trying to reach out working young adults and teens so the business has to observe their feelings and their type of life. If the commercial shows activities that there's always a way to find happiness. They will be more attracted to the commercial since Coca Cola showed the way for this joy at Christmas.

For this particular commercial, I would use interviews and focus group to reach out the audience, because here we are talking about a large group of different races and religions. It would be easier to ask one-on-one from a group, rather than collect for example surveys from every single people from the group where they belong.

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