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Victoria Slavin

“Information Systems are transforming Business Today”

Before addressing how Information Systems are transforming the business world today, we must address what an Information System is. There are two different definitions of what Information Systems are, one focuses on the pieces that make up a system and the function in everyday life. In short, Information systems or IS, are software, telecommunications systems, or hardware that people use to gather and organize, keep, and distribute information to correlate with making decisions, analyzing, and envisioning in an organization. (Bourgeois, 2014) Information systems were created to make the collection and distribution of data easier, and ever since their introduction that is what they have been doing.


In the beginning, the first ever massive sized computers were used in organizing and storing data for big businesses, large universities, and government agencies. These were the only corporations that could afford to have such advanced technology. (Bourgeois, 2014) From 1962 to 1987, the computer age seemed to take off. A more efficient way of handling business was becoming popular, and computers were getting smaller and quicker. During this 25-year span, earliest forms of spreadsheets came out (VisiCalc and Lotus 1-2-3), as well as Word. This progression in IS allowed for a more efficient and sophisticated way of analyzing data. By 1980, personal computers were becoming essential for larger businesses. The common man was able to learn how to use these advanced processes. At the beginning of the 1980s, they had created a total of about four hundred databases, of all kinds. (Gross, 2016) Before they created databases, they created the internet.


The use of Information Systems has only furthered the transformation of business analytics and data collection in recent years. Today, the internet is massively relevant. It was first introduced in 1969 and has since become the most popular way of communication, commerce, and education in the world. The more that companies decided to connect their information to the internet, the more issues arrived. In the early days of the internet, viruses and such were new, there wasn't a lot of ways to combat them. Today there are so many ways to combat them, that no one is worried about their information. All companies have some sort of aspect connected to the internet, and most households have computers. This creates an easy way for businesses to contact their customer base, and their employees. Communication has been a big factor in any successful business. That's why it was so important to come up with new ways to communicate. These information systems offered a new route of communication that was not accessible before. Allowing for an unprecedented amount of customer service and communication between employees and employer. The fact that now every business was connected to the internet created an urgency for many people to be connected as well.

Social media became a major part of our life in the last 10 to 15 years. It was a way to be as connected as possible, which it achieved. The creation of these information systems provided a way for those involved in research a way to track relationships. Therefore, making it easier to market and reach their client bases. The connection is like the beginning in which there was a link between many different databases, now there's also links between people within the databases. There's also a link between different countries. The idea of going ‘viral' is not only a way of becoming popular on social media, but also an extremely efficient way of spreading the word. (Oinas-Kukkonen, et. Al. 2010) Even if social media didn't exist in today's society, there

would still be the ‘cloud,' which is taking over and displaying data over the internet. Creating another more accessible hub of personal data.

Not only did these new advances further most businesses, but also the use of older database systems. Systems that aren't even truly thought of unless you are the one entering data into them. Databases such as, Excel, and Access. These provide an easy and less tedious way for businesses to analyze and organize data. It also allows them to customize what they're looking for without having to search the entirety of the database. When you have massive an ungodly number of customers relying on you to get things right, you need something that is reliable and safer than just the human mind looking at your data. It is also cost efficient, businesses no longer pay a team of workers salary to do the job of an information system. All of these systems update in real-time, giving you up-to-date and accurate information. (Migrator, 2018)

Overall, businesses would be losing money, and wasting time if it weren't for Information systems. They provide the tools that all companies need to run a successful business. They are accurate, quick, and updated every day. Giving corporations more time to focus on branding and marketing aspects of their company. Social media provides a platform of likes and dislikes of a wide range of consumers. This is helpful for the companies to research their customer base. Companies are also allowed to market on these social media platforms, giving them an extreme amount of exposure. Especially since there is such an enormous amount of the world's population connected through social media. In essence, without the use of information systems, businesses today would be down money, time, and customers.

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