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What is startup? “Startup is a company that is in the first stage of its operations.” (Investopedia , 2018). Some people have some concepts and they want to launch and run it. More specifically, the model of startup's business is that searching a developmental, persistent and scalable business model. A startup is a pristine business company to figure out the existing problems or react the need of marketplace. Also the goal of startup's should be try their business model as soon as possible in the marketplace.

Since Internet Explosion period, technology develops rapidly in following years. It's a well-change for human to get source and information easier in this crucial period. In addition, human's education level average is also higher than before. Many people come up with plenty of ideas based on those factors and background. Nowadays, more and more startup appears that is symbol the new revolution is coming.Startup is an important role not only in economic system but also in human's life . As we can see those extremely successful “big monsters”, like Facebook , Google and Amazon. They were startup before.  They generate massive employment opportunities and lead the economic development increase. On the other hand , Such Airbnb and Uber bring the significant influence to their each traditional industry. Moreover, they duo to their unique ideas to make a different to human's behavior.

As the majority of entrepreneurs thought that beginning a business is easy but they didn't consider how to make the business preservation. Although startup numbers are raising, there still have lots of failure of startup that nobody know. Because startup's business will encounter many difficulties when they grow beyond. The startups often get fail because they lack of capital, talents and method of development and so on. If they don't have great performance, investors will not support them anymore. However, the most important part to startups is their business strategy and decision making. Certainly, those two things related with many others factors, like finance, industry experience, management, etc. (Lussier,R.N ,1996). Therefore, this paper attempts to analyze entrepreneurial business in terms of successful strategies and the  kinds of business strategies that can can contribute to the development of entrepreneurships rapidly.

Understanding of Market Position

The market position is one of important things to let business grow more smoothly in the process. But, some entrepreneurs didn't locate their business orientation. They didn't understand what kinds of items they had better  locate so they implemented  the wrong strategies and decisions. It would be letting business have devastation and get ruined. Whereas, position of business in marketplace is crucial to later strategies. We should analyse position of the basic items are company , consumers and competitors. Many experts recommend some methods that can help the founders to plan the business strategy, such as SWOT (Strength,Weakness, Opportunity, Threat), 4P (Product ,Price ,Place ,Promotion ) , Business Model Canvas..etc …Citation …….

Company positioning

Why is essential to decide the company positioning in marketplace? The funders and teams had better have the perspective from the company. It means the founders think more specific and comprehensive when planning the strategy. And the strategy has been not only capable to get rid of the existing issues but also figure out the hypothetical results. Kenichi Ohmae, the famous management consultant, also mention an example to express the important of the comprehensive thinking is that a Japanese air conditioner company that has the great reputation make a decision to produce high-quality, high-priced home air conditioners to threaten their competitors. However, the business got fail rapidly. Not the problem of quality and price. It just  heavy that distributors didn't want to promote and install it (Ohmae, 1983).

In addition, giving an achievement is also important. To establish a goal that what kinds of direction the company wants to forward. Certainly, this would be associated with the founders who conduct this company and lead this business. If the company has a excellent position determent, it would be easier to make company to raise up. It will have a obvious path to go and also can find a precise case study to learn or the advisors can give the business correct advices.


If company has a well consumer positioning, it will easy to  know how to establish products marketing strategy. A company should decide to focus on one subset or segment of customers and don't try to satisfy all level of market. This opinion will let you know and understand your consumers what they want (Ohmae, K. ,1983). Selecting the target market,deciding the product positioning and involving the market mix elements in product position are the key factors for thinking consumers marketing (Peter, 1999). Consumer positioning also affects the marketing strategy like, promotion, commercial, selling place etc.

On the one hand, the regular human purchase decision process has the following steps: problem generation from consumers, comparing, estimating and selection, determine and purchase. In this purchase process which step the company has opportunity to attract the people immediately. On the other hand,  each level of consumers has their own perspective for products ,such as brand, price, style. For example for clothes, the target market of company is young generation. It will produce  more fashion clothes for young people. Besides, the company will have totally different marketing strategy with the older, especially, the advertising and  store location.


The First, understanding who are competitors in same area. It's important to analysis the competitors that knowing what advantages the company have and using it to beat the competitors.Seek areas where the competitive situation allows you to develop a clear edge (Ohmae, 1983). Second, learning experience and interacting with the competitors. According to Nirnaya Tripathi (2017), the startup interacts with the potential competitors may encourage more great ideas to establish the new strategy, improve the current problems and integrate competitors excellent elements to generate the new products. At last not the least, preventing competitors to replicate the business model that the startups must create a unique business model. It means that the business model is inimitable or by being difficult to competitors to replicate. Because if competitors replicate the business model, it would break or disturb the relationship of current customers, providers and partners. Also, it will lead the business lost it value.

 Marketing strategy introduction

A successful marketing strategy will brings the positive effects. These positive effects are (1)increasing numbers of customers, (2)raising brand reputation, (3)beating the competitors marketing, and (4)boosting the frequency of purchase (Fornell and Wernerfelt, 1987). Nowaday, it's a international marketplace that we are facing. There have numerous transform each single today. If the company didn't notice the market trend, it would cause other competitors have more dominance in marketplace. The company had better come up with more innovative thinking way to do marketing strategy in online and offline marketing way.

Online marketing

Online market that also named electronic commerce. People accustom to use online-shop, Gra It conclude all shape of business transaction, like people purchase goods from phone, computers and the internet. And also mention some reasons that people will concern about online-shop, including Credit Source, Security of Information, Privacy, Service levels and problem of deception (U.S. Department of Commerce, 1997).

The internet is a majority factor to connect the consumers, today. Startup should rely the internet to extend their business. It will help the business spread out their reputation and growth faster. Gay and Charlesworth(2007)suggest that establishing the Internet marketing plan had better take following four factors into account ,(1)positioning, (2)permission, (3)Partnership, and(4)performance.  This also is a first step that the startup to start their business intelligence and analytics. According the superior internet technology and Big data analysis method, the company can collect the data from website. And then, Analysing those data that the company may get some information of customer behavior. (Chen and  Chiang, 2012).

Offine marketing

What's offline marketing? Obvious meaning is like word. Offline marketing is a traditional channel way that without the Internet. It's a word that been seperated with online and offline, practical and virtual. Like practical stores we usually shop in shopping mall. The consumers can realize and feel, such clothes in stores. The consumers can't touch and try on online, so they didn't know the the texture or feeling and so on. Traditional marketing has essential transcend about showing the product physical information, better products and great delivery service (Ahn, T and Ryu, S.2004)

Offline marketing is more close people than online. For example, the offline transactions is faster than online. And offline transactions basic on the condition of face to face, so it also more reliance and lower risk  (Grewal and Janakiraman, 2010).  Mustafi and  Jost (2011) recommend that using SWOT method to analysis the marketing situation and also consider some elements, like product, price, place and promotion to the use of marketing strategy.


Even online shop is convinvent, it also hardly get rid of some issues. Both of them have each different feature. So, how to combine these features and finding the relation between online and offline is a topic for the startups. “Both offline and online marketing are parts of an overall marketing framework which should be analysed as a mix of these two forms of marketing.”(Mustafi and Jost, 2011). Integrated marketing show that “In today's shifting advertising and marketing world, integrated marketing should be on the agenda for companies who:(1)Advertise across multiple media, (2)Target specific audiences, (3)Care about the data and accountability behind their marketing campaigns, (4)Advertise to consumers or to other businesses.” The marketing plan must think comprehensive and make the best of the analysis method and data.

 Business environment analysing

Business enviroment analysing is a critical part when making business or marketing strategy. Startups find the ways to survive, expansion, improving, and sucessful. In order to reach such achievement, exact decision making, comprehensive planning claim business operation and understanding the information of industry environment. “By monitoring the business environment it is possible to gain a view of the market and competitive position of the business”. Therefore, knowing the analysis method is important. The SWOT is one of business analysis method which was proposed to put into textbook by business experts and schools. (Pickton and  Wright, 1998).

SWOT analysis introduction

The SWOT (Strength,Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) of principal object is that recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the company and the opportunities and threats in surrounding. To point out the both the strengths and weaknesses of  internal and external . For estimating the strengths and weaknesses in factors of internal, like personnel, facilities, location, products and services. On the other hand, for estimating the strengths and weaknesses in factors of external, such the political, economic, social trend, technology and competitive environment (Dyson,2004). Analysing and identify those factors will help the startups have more clear way to look forward and to reach what they want to proof.

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