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Why you need to delegate tasks and hire employees

The type A personality that needs to be involved in every decision, that needs to solve every problem, even when that means work until you drop.  That's what most business owners are like, and that's definitely how I used to be.  Being a cosmetic dentist, I definitely have that type A personality that pays attention to all the details, so I wanted to always make sure I was involved in everything. Until I realized that my need to actually do everything in my business was hurting my business.

There's a lot of moving parts in every business. For my business alone there's an office manager, treatment coordinator, assistant, hygienists, marketing, an IT guy, a website developer, and so much more.  It was hard to get all the right people in place because in the beginning when I was hiring, I would hire anybody that said they could do the job.  But I found myself working with people that weren't doing their jobs properly.  I had to constantly micromanage them, check everything they were doing, and I wasn't able to put 100% of my effort into being a dentist and caring for patients because I was too busy trying to do everything myself in my business.

My need to be involved in everything was keeping me from growing.  I was my biggest road block. Things needed to change.  I realized my job as the business owner was to hire a team, inspire people to do their jobs properly and with great care, and to spend more time caring for my patients rather than doing the busy work. So, I decided to hire the right people for each position in my office. I realized that if I hired the right people in my business, I wouldn't have to micromanage so much.  I had to change my mindset of how I was hiring people.

So let's talk about how to hire the right people.

You need to decide what the purpose is for why you are hiring for each specific position.  And then decide if you're looking for somebody to fill that position who will take your ideas to the next level.  

As I've progressed through my business, I've learned that it's more important to hire “experts;” those people that understand how to take the ideas and tasks you give them, and take them to the next level.  Although the vision of the business is yours, you want to work with people who have experience and can help take your ideas to the next level, without you overworking yourself.  Give those experts the freedom to put their own creative spin on things to create magnificent results because the results will be far greater than you could ever dream.  This doesn't meant that you shouldn't give opinions and direction, this simply means that you should express what you want, but let your experts be able to take your vision and run with it.  The best business owners hire capable people who can make smart decisions and flourish on their own. So make sure to hire experts that you trust will meet your goals and will be able to manage things on their own. Otherwise, you will end up working with mediocre people that you can micromanage and tell them exactly what to do, which means you will be the one that's overworked, while your business stays stagnant.

Once you hire those experts and bring them onto your team, you need to create a plan.  You need to sit with your team and give a long-term plan, but create little mini goals on how you plan to get there. Make your team commit to this plan and hold them accountable.

Once you have your long-term plan that you and your team have committed to in place, you need to stay on top of it.  There's a difference between micromanaging your team of experts and being involved.  Don't micromanage; don't waste time looking at every detail.  Instead, create weekly meetings to keep your team accountable and to make sure that everything is moving along according to the plan. These meetings can be in person, they can be over the phone, they can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.  Personally, in my practice, I like to have weekly meetings. I feel it keeps everyone on track, and since there are so many moving parts to owning and running a successful dental practice, weekly meetings help us make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

At the end of the day, when you have a team that you can trust, a team that is strong and efficient on their own, without you looking over their shoulder and breathing down their neck, there's a certain balance and positivity that is created in the work space.  You will see the efforts of your team members creating growth and progress in your business. You will also feel a sense of freedom, because you're not weighed down by the busy work you were once doing.  The space you will have from this busy work will allow your mind to explore more opportunities for growth.  So hire your experts, and give your mind a rest.  Your business will thank you!

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