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.) In the Women's Sports Foundation website, there is research to be analyzed. There are many reports and articles on Elite Athletes, Girls & Women of color, Health, Leadership, and etc. This is absolutely considered a market segment as women in sports are without a doubt a minority. Even smaller is the percentage of women in leadership roles. Women are often looked down upon in sports and it is a segment of the market that is rapidly growing.

4.) When searching “Sport Market Research” there were many segments regarding it. With further research, I was able to define a few sub-categories; Sports by region, gender, consumer trends, product popularity, and sponsorships. I believe it is important to do sport market research to truly know their fan base and what their views are regarding sports. What motivates them? What do they dislike?


1.) The main insight stemming from John Lombardo's article NBA “Clubs See New Opening to Market Globally” implies that the NBA club owners are nowadays focused on creating their own international branding programs to enlarge the audience of fans by means of marketing. The examples of Miami Heat and Spurs' international branding campaigns may serve as showcases demonstrating the way globalization defines the sports marketing trends.

In “NASCAR Tries Growing Beyond Its White Roots”, Viv Bernstein tells the story of an African-American NASCAR driver Shanta Rhodes who is struggling against the largely dominating stereotypes concerning racing as a sport dominated by whites. Rhodes has initiated a fundraising campaign to support the minority NASCAR drivers. The success of the campaign uncovers a substantial public request for the racially equal representation in sports. The success of sports marketing strategies is, therefore, dependent on the stakeholders' ability to comply with the trend.  

The main point of Thomas George's “Arena Football's Fan-Friendly Style Is Ringing True” is that Arena Football League, as an unconventional organization, is constantly gaining more popularity among the US citizens. The League offers an indoor alternative to the National Football League matches and attracts the audience by means of innovative marketing tools. The latter include, for example, an openness of the League and players, so the children can go onto the field freely after the game to receive autographs and talk to the team members.

In “Data Mining Offers Mother Lode of Information”, Tom Hicks provides exceptionally insightful observations in regard to new ways of building effective customer relationships in marketing. Hicks argues that data mining becomes the most powerful and promising marketing tool (Hicks). It helps not only to uncover the recently dominating purchasing habits of the customers but also helps to predict accurately the changing patterns of consumer behavior. Subsequently, data mining is likely to become also a trend-setting instrument in sports marketing.

2.) Sports Marketing Research Outline

I. Introduction

Presenting the topic of the research - 'Universal Trends and Distinctive Features of the US Sports Marketing Segment'. Outlining the structure, methods, major resources, and objectives of the study. Specifying the geographical area and timeframe of the materials used for the research.

II. Main Body

Studying various aspects underlying the history and recent developments underlying the international sports marketing segment with a special emphasis on the US teams' experience. Providing the overall context to specify and understand comprehensively the global sports marketing trends and specific national features characterizing the segment development in the US. Potential issue-related aspects to be covered in the main body:

1. The overview of the sports marketing segment development since the second half of the twentieth century.

2. The specific features marking a difference between sports marketing in the US and other parts of the world.

3. Going global: the international and domestic representations as two sides of the sports marketing.

4. Sports Marketing in NFL, NHL, AFL, NBA, and NBL: the differences and similarities.

5. Research of the major features underlying the most successful marketing strategies applied by the US famous sports brands.

6. Interrelations between the national political, as well as social agenda, and the sports marketing trends.

III. Conclusion

Summarizing the points specified in the main body. Drawing conclusions in regard to global and specifically-US sports marketing trends. Making a forecast for the most possible further developments within the industry on both domestic and international level.  

3.) may serve as an example of a well-tailored fan website of a professional basketball team Miami Heat. The website offers a wide range of content that would satisfy the most sophisticated requests of Miami Heat admirers. The segmentation strategy is traditionally applied by the administrators of official, commercial, and fan-managed sports websites. In this regard, is not an exception.  

The starting interface of the website offers a range of detailed commentaries on the most recent developments involving the team's top players. The commentaries including, for example, an article on the prospects of Hassan Whiteside as Heat's playmaker, are targeting primarily the long-standing fans having a substantial background in the Heat-related issues and who look for profound analytics related to the team's recent performance. The website is also available via a special mobile application reinforcing an involvement of the young audience.

In other words, the choice of the commentaries offered at the fan-managed targets primarily the narrow group of the most devoted fans. The focus on devoted fans is also becoming obvious through an analysis of the site navigation tools available at Namely, these include the schedule and constantly updated statistics on the team's performance. At the same time, there is no explicit link on merchandise shops. The reason stems from the fact that most of the fans buy the merchandise via the official website of Miami Heat. This notion marks the difference between the official and fan sides of the professional teams. To put it simply, the marketing tools aimed at direct capitalization are most commonly used by official websites.

The website is platform offering tickets to various events, including the matches of the major sports leagues in the US. The website sections dedicated to the NBA tickets sales may serve as an example of the way segmentation strategy is used by the marketing specialists to make their product more convenient in use and, therefore, more attractive for the users. The tailored approach to marketing makes one of the most popular websites used by basketball fans to buy the tickets.

To understand the way marketing practical tools were used to customize, the categories of tickets offered at the starting page are worth being accessed primarily. In the upper part of the NBA Basketball Tickets page, the four most popular categories of tickets are placed. These include the tickets on the matches of Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, and New York Knicks. The marketing decision to place these tickets first targets the large group of consumers who have not yet decided which match to attend, yet are interested in the top-ranked teams.

Above the tickets on the top teams' matches, the tickets are grouped into three major categories. These include Eastern Conference matches, Western Conference matches, and Additional Events category offering tickets on the NBA Christmas Day and NBA All-Star Game. The first two categories are targeting the fans based on their location while the latter category offers the tickets on unique special events. Finally, the list of all NBA teams is available targeting those users interested in the games of a particular team. The effective categorization is the major marketing instrument reinforcing the business efficiency of

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