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Botox is known in the cosmetic world as a miracle worker and instant fix. The toxin works by smoothing out facial lines by lightly paralyzing the muscles to keep them from moving. A small amount of the toxin is administered into the patients for them to achieve their desired appearance. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), more than 1.6 million people received injection in 2001. In the year 2017, there were an estimated 15.7 million people who had Botox injected, this was 2% more than the amount of people in 2016.

  Doctor Manou Seyfzadeh viewed Botox as a short-term drug with almost no short- term harm [1].As far as long term effects go in using Botox over a number of years there has not been any signs or warnings that can cause damage. Botox can be seen like a drug to some patients, as it seems they try to find flaws to say consistent with the treatments. Doctor Manou Seyfzadeh expresses concern in how often clients should be touching up their Botox [2]. In a medical study conducted by Song, short term results of Botox was positive on frown lines, the clients left the clinics with more confidence in their appearance [3].The risks of Botox are present every time a client agrees to have the injection done. The clients are aware that they may have adverse reactions ranging from flu like symptoms to a droopy eye.

  In the cosmetic world there is concern with if Doctors' practice with morality. The Doctors pay average of $370 per small shipment of Botox, with the small shipment they make an average of $900 off of the product.  The procedure of Botox averages about 10 minutes and this is mostly the doctor or practitioner explaining what they will be doing. In some cases it is known that doctors don't always follow FDA approved sites of injection. The doctors will often listen to the patients requests. This practice is not safe and is frowned upon because there can be serious damage and lead to a law suit. According to the FDA, this "off-label" use has not been independently reviewed by the agency, and the safety and effectiveness of Botox injections into other regions of the face and neck, alone or in combination with the frown-lines region, have not been clinically evaluated [4].

  Pharmaceutical companies supply clinics with Botox and they are not intended to do so. Allergan is a company that is supposed to sell for medical reasons but leans more towards selling their inventory for aesthetic reasons. Companies such as Allergan not only seem to lean to the cosmetic franchise more but have been noted to supply and host Botox parties. Botox parties generally reduce the price of the units to attract costumers and get clients excited about the idea of a more affordable opportunity to remain youthful. The Doctors are able to purchase the botox in bulk and at discounted prices to tend to more patients. Doctor Julianne Clifford, of the FDA's Division of Vaccines and Related Products Applications, explains that "Botox is licensed for marketing and distribution as single-use vials. This means that as packaged, each vial is intended to be used for a single patient in a single treatment session." [5].  There is medical concern on using expired Botox. When the Botox is opened it must be used within a few hours, the Doctors seem to take advantage of this and treat multiple clients within a time frame. The Botox parties normally attract crowds of clients and Doctors have the opportunity to finish the vials quickly and they don't sit open too long for them to cause harm.  Although Botox parties can be controversial they actually use the most amount of product and are not waisted. The clinics benefit more from the parties and this allows for more vials to be completely finished as oppose to an average day where the vials may sit out.

  The topic of Botox has always been rather sensitive; as for some religious reasons people should not alter their bodies. There is the belief that some should leave the world the same way they entered. There is also the idea that aging should be natural and untouched. Some people have boycotted the idea of Botox for cosmetic purposes and requested the FDA remove the product from the market. The idea over all is that those who wish to slightly alter their appearance have the freedom to do so. Botox is not covered under cosmetic purposes by insurance, the product is paid out of pocket and for pleasure. If Botox is removed from the market then clients may turn to illegal and unsafe practices. Since the product is a safe toxin under the FDA, it safe and under the proper administration is a practical practice even for atheistic pleasure.

  The world today is and always has been based on appearances, some are comfortable in the natural looks given while others seek enhancement. There will always be a look that society is looking to achieve. The trend of 2018, is the big lips and porcelain skin. The trend of time has never been to enhance wrinkles and fine lines but to hide them.  Some clients find that Botox gives confidence and control of their appearance. Some clients aim to achieve the most natural results while others want a more obvious approach that they have had enhancement. The idea of freezing up muscles in the face and being in an unnatural state is solely up to the clients. Botox, as stated before is a luxury and if clients can afford the cost of the enhancement they will not be stopped. Based on the ethical analysis, Botox parties can be categorized as ethical. All that could be done to change the parties is to practice safety and worry more about the quality of the treatment rather than the number of people entering the clinic. The Doctors and nurses could perhaps review the side effects more deeply so clients can see that this medical treatment is not just a fad but to be taken seriously.

  Looking at society as a whole, not everyone can afford Botox treatment for wrinkles and still live comfortable. The price of Botox is definitely only for a targeted population and it is consider a privilege to be able to afford it. There is the idea that the rich, higher class people of America are the population that is targeted and privileged to afford the treatment. As oppose to those who are not financially stable enough to have work done. Botox prices in the United States can range from $10- $20 a unit and are usually sold in med spas for a minimum of 20 units. The range in prices can make it more appealing to lower class clients to find alternative payments to appear younger for a longer amount of time. There have even been forms of payment for advanced treatments such as Botox to be paid for. One of the few that works as a credit card in medical spas is Care Credit. The Care Credit allows people of all social classes to pay for treatments such as Botox and make payments as they would on credit cards. Care Credit also works in Physicians' offices to pay for expenses not covered by insurance.

  The mild toxin, Botox is not a permanent fix to wrinkles and fines and clients are informed from the beginning that the treatment requires upkeep. Some clients are unaware that they are restricted on their facial expressions after they receive Botox. The exchange for losing wrinkles, they compromise the ability to do small things such as raise their eyebrows. The benefits of Botox are much greater in the opinion of the patients that they quickly get over the trouble of sharing facial expression.

  There is forever the idea that cosmetic enhancements influence the minds of younger generations negatively. However there will always be some form of enhancement on the market. Botox is one of the few treatments clients turn to when they want to appear more youthful. People have the right to do what they want to their bodies as long as it is legal and they are not harming others. The idea of growing old but not being able to physically tell will forever attract women. Botox is the “fountain of youth” to many. All that can be done in the medical world is that Doctors provide adequate information on the care, skin risks and other adverse reactions.

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