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The Inspiration and the story

The collection is inspired by heroines from mythology. It was created for women who are confident, determined and want to take over the world. The history of the collection is shown, among others, on instastories. Three representatives descend from Mount Olympus to earth in search of allies. Through the words "Join your heores" I want to convey that joining the team is tantamount to buying a product. The client can feel as a powerful, empowered woman.

2 in 1

Dresses which you can wear at the night and at the day. Two different ways to wear it, to be more useful. You can wear sexy lace dress in the night or just put a plain t-shirt on the bottom- more casual. Apart from that: bodysuit. It could be just a lingerie or the part of the whole outfit, which can be mixed with e.g. skirt. Skirt would be in this collection as well. Long, sheer and fine made from tulle and lace, and one short- more tailored, made from leather and black lace. Very soft, feminine, sexy and classy in one.


Everybody knows Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra, which become one of the largest draws to the annual VS Fashion Show.

Made from expensive jewels and obviously sparkly. In this collection would be something more than just a bra. It would be The Fantasy Set: bra, panties and bodysuit. Thanks to this collection- every woman can get fantasy bra, what was only in her dreams.


Wings are the most recognizable attributes of angels. Why not to wear them? This collection shows that fashion is not only for being useful, but also it is just fun.

Apart from the division into three categories, the collection will consist of three guiding colors: light pink, silver and black. Each color is presented by a different model.

bra - £35

knickers – £10

bustier- £40

dress - £30

bodysuit - £20

t-shirt - £15

short skirt- £20

tulle skirt- £100


bra - £1000

body- £700

knickers- £700

wings- £200

Prices depends on product range. In this collaboration price range is 10 pounds-1000 pounds

The statistic shows that the average price in the collection is 20 pounds. Up to 20 items have this price.

The influencers

Chiara Ferragni

Aimee song

Shay Mitchell

Kenza zouten

Julie Sj

Negin Micharelii

Why to collaborate with Victorias secret?

Victorias secret generates more than 4 bilion sales a year

Shopping in Victorias secret store is for many woman a luxurious experience that is unparalleled by other lingerie brands. VS Fashion Show is the most highly anticipated fashion show of the year.

Window display in every H&M store where th collection is available. The background is made of a light material that moves behind the model, thanks to the windmills installed in the floor. This gives lightness to the whole window display and draws people's attention.

Pop-up store in the collaboration colours, but with a screen where the story will be displayed and with the machine where you can enter your home address and subscribe the VSXHM magazine. Besides, you can provide your e-mail address for an online subscription. Another option is to go inside and take a selfie. But most important thing is the interactive mirror. New technology allows trying items from collection without taking off the clothes. Then you can purchase things you will like, and collect from the H&M store in the launch day.

It will be placed in...

in front of the :

-Duomo Catherdral, Milan

-Rockefeller Center, NY

-London Eye, London

-Eiffel Tower, Paris

-Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, Beijing

The magazine was a very familiar element of Victoria's Secret strategy, but it was abandoned over time. On the occasion of this collection, I want to restore the magazine to the delight of many people. It will give emotions to customers, introductions them slowly to the collection.

The first issue will be released 3 months before the launch. It will contain articles on the orgin of fabrics and the plans for the collection. Elsa Hosk on the cover.

The second issue of the magazine will be released two months before, and will include preparations for the VSxH&M show. On the cover Jasmine Tookes.

The third edition will appear one month before. Inside will be interview with angels, details about all campaign and list of the pop up store places. On the cover Josephine Skriver.

The main page of website shows the preview of the collection- a picture from the campaign with the logo and the start date.

I found out that the BalmainXH&M collection had problems with online purchasing because the page was crashing. To avoid this problem with my collaboration, I want to take steps to improve the efficiency of the online site and eliminate the interface errors to make it easier for customers to purchase.

The main point is possibility to purchase product in pop-up store interractive mirror, what will be possible 7 days before the launch.

Gift = crown. Influencers will show people that they joined #teamheroines themselves and will invite their followers.

Invitations were send to influencers with a special gift. These people will want to show it on their instagram and promote the collection.

The presentation of the collection will take place in an equally interesting way: the models will fly onto the catwalk suspended on the lines and with the wings, which will be a great spectacle (it reproduces a part of the story - the heroes descend to the earth from the top of the olimp, in search of allies).

Beyonce and Jay-Z will perform at the event.

The first three pictures are calling for joining #teamheroes. The next images shows the main characters, and at the end the date of the collection is displayed.

One of the most famous angels- Romee Strijd is running a youtube channel. On this channel, she will show the process of preparing for the show.

AR technology will made people believe that they are looking through the bus shelter glass wall, but they will seeing a live video-feed on a HD screen with 3D animations. The story will be displayed on Oxford Circus station. For 7 days, and it will start a week before launch.

Chinese Model Ming Xi is an exclusive Victoria's Secret angel. She is also the face of campaign of this collaboration in China as an brand ambassador in Asia.

WeChat is the most popular application for people in China. The advertisments from the collection will be displayed there. In addition to advertising on WeChat, collection takes advantage of the platform's other capabilities, such as commerce. It is possible to buy the product throught WeChat payments, an area that is becoming increasingly crucial as WeChat catches up to Chinese e-tailers.

The billboard shows the theme of the collection, but it is not the most important here! The main message is to show the meaning of H&M collaborations and to remind customers that the prices of collaboration will be much lower than they would be in the brand (Victoria's Secret). The falling number "two" is a type of guerrilla marketing.

Three boards at the bus station shows three colour parts of the collection. All advertisments will have a QR code which, after scanning, takes you to the video of the history of VSxH&M and then the list of products.

A gift card specifically for this collection is a great exclusive gift idea.

December 2018- the announcement of collaboration

early October 2019- offline advertisements and systematically instagram posts

August, September, October 2019- issues of the VSxH&M magazine

November 10, 2019- the event

November 11, 2019- let's go shopping!

-Potential customers are womens, so the target group is limited, but referring to the history of VS and the fact that the store was created for men, so that they don't feel embarrased  while buying underwear for their women- in this collection the customers can be the also men, doing presents to their partners.

-In the advertisments of the collection there are slim models and there are no plus size models . This can meet with the wave of hate.  However, in order to preserve the image of the brand I decided to stay with slim models, because in some ways they can motivate to the healthy lifestyle.

the goal not only to achieve record sales from all H&M collaborations, but also to make women aware of the importance of their self-confidence.

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