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To begin with, the outlet name is Donuts and Coffee , Jco Donuts & Coffee, better known as JCO, is one of the subsidiaries of Johnny Andrean Group engaged in the food & beverage, founded by Johnny Andrean, on June 26, 2005, centered on Jalan Meruya Selatan 68, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta.

JCO was inspired from USA donuts. He who often travels business to the USA, gets the opportunity to enjoy various types of donuts with different flavors and uniqueness. At first, he wanted to buy a franchise network for donut marketing in the USA, but he had several limitations on his product. These limitations are in raw materials and weaknesses in quality control.

Thus Johnny Andrean decided to develop his own donut production without having to buy a francise donut from the USA. He chose to produce the perfect donut shape and taste as he had tried in the USA, focusing specifically on the quality of raw materials and the production process.

On June 26, 2005, JCO began operating for the first time in Supermal Karawaci, Tangerang and then opened as many outlets as possible. Within a year, JCO had 16 outlets with 450 employees for outlets. Seven outlets are in Jakarta and the rest are in Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar and Pekanbaru.

Similarly, the number of employees working at PT. At the beginning of Jco Donuts & Coffee there were 10 people, at the end of 2010 more than 5,000 employees were employed, and the latest developments informed that by mid-2011 more than 7,000 people were working for the company. Although countless beginner Jco companies have been in great demand by the public, when viewed from the customer queue at every Jco store.

From year to year the company continues to grow to become one of the leading food & beverage companies in Indonesia. Although there are countless new companies, many developments have occurred in this company from its inception until now. In early 2011 Jco expanded its overseas companies, namely Malaysia and Singapore, as well as in China in the beginning of 2010. Initially the company had only one store, namely in Supermall Karawaci, Tangerang or called KCI, entering the sixth year of its establishment has 103 stores spread across Indonesia and abroad, including: 83 stores in Indonesia, 18 shops in Malaysia, 3 shops in Singapore and 1 shop in China.

Each donut is named creatively based on toppings and flavors. This creates a unique and easy to remember, for example, Chees Me Up is the name for donuts with melted

cheese in the upper layer. Tira Miss U is the name for donuts with tiramisu topping.

Organizational Strucutral

In the distribution of J.CO Donuts Karaci working hours using a system of 3 (three) shifts, namely:

Opening: 06: 00-14: 00

Closing: 14.00-22.00

Night: 22.00-06.00, valid only on weekends

Division of shifts

Manager on duty is the shift opening

Cashier leader, operational leader, and production leader are shift opening and closing

Crew and front liners are shift opening, closing, and weekend nights

1. Manager in duty

• Responsible for all the problem in store and have to report it to the headquarter.

• Hold meeting to monitor reports that occur everyday.

• The manager motivated his co-worker to work efficiently and serve the customer with smile.

• Increase sales in every store

2. Cashier leader

• Check all the transaction report everyday

• Monitoring all the worker in store and make a bookkeeping to report it to the headquarter

3. Operational leader

• Monitoring all business in every store, which concerns the facilities and infrastructure in the store.

4. Production manager

• Regulate all the problems related to production in donuts.

5. Crew

• Crew is the servants who are in charge in serving customers and who help customer's needs.

6. Frontliner

• Frontliner is who in the charge of offering products from J.CO to customers outside for free, and attracting customers by communicating politely.

Business model

J.CO Donuts and Coffee is an independent commercial outlet, the owner of this brand use his own knowledge to ran his company. He led his company with his style, which we called as “cooperative leadership”. To have such a big company he spent 3 years to Three years are used to prepare production standards and procedures, selection of raw materials, improve the quality and process of product production, and business operations.

Target customer

J.CO target is to the people who are in the middle to upper class with modern and dynamic life style. The target market of J.CO focused on student, university/college students and workers. These three targets are the consumer with high level of consumption compared to the eldery people. The marketing area of J.CO Donuts & Coffee is currently not only in Indonesia, but also extends to other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Australia.

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