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The Organizational Review

The audit design currently focuses on a certain organization that has been chosen here for various purposes so that it could be explained here. It is important to mention that the organization that has been chosen here is Prophet that is a company that provides brand marketing and digital solutions. The main thing about this organization is that it has digital solutions for various types of things that are happening around us. It can be said about this company that it is playing a big role in offering its digital marketing solutions for the people in UAE (Audit Sampling, 2018).

The types of products and services that this company offer reflect its big role in offering the marketing plans and solutions that are greatly beneficial for various purposes. It is important to say that it offers deep and helpful solutions like digital marketing plans to build traffic on your website. One must ensure that he is provided with the certain level of services that help someone to grow or get great benefits. One needs to know that the people are these days wasting a lot of resources on earth. They are not finding some easy way through which they can get these maximum benefits in their life. One can only do this if he has got the right kind of things at his hand.

A Brand Review

It is important to mention that this organization is well-reputed and offers certain solutions that make one understand the significance of using alternative digital marketing solutions. The brand that has been chosen here for the review is its digital marketing plans which are chosen for their efficiency and the effectiveness that ensure that the person has got the facility of using these products. The people can see that these days, people are wasting money a lot on unhealthy solutions and there are many benefits that one can get through making use of such types of plans. It can be said about these plans with certainty that the people who are using them can contribute to the creation of a cool environment.

Prophet  is not only offering its customers digital marketing solutions, but it also is providing them the type of services and products that are convenient and cost-effective in use. They are able to see that these types of services and products have a great significance and they enable the person to get huge benefits.

A Design Review

The design and logo of this company can be measured to be assessing it on various criteria. It is important to mention that choosing a specific brand or logo cause one to get many benefits. The benefits are many and it is good in many different ways so it needs to be reviewed positively by others so that they can get benefit out of its products and services. The logo becomes the insignia of a company and helps to let other know what type of products and services can be expected out of them. It can be seen in the form of the image given below. (Audit Sampling, 2018).

A Client Review

It can be measured by the client review of this company that this company is getting a good review from its client who like to get its services again and again. The clients who are accessing their services make sure that they are satisfied with the offering of the products and services of the people. It is necessary for us to understand that this company has its projects ongoing that are about utilizing marketing plans. The company has been trying to build a sustainable environment that ensures that the people around it are capable of using these products in order to build themselves. It is important to understand that there are people who are relying on this company in order to avail of the chances in the form of the great benefits this company has for its customers (Audit Sampling, 2018).

The company also believes in the values of sustainability and causing the communities to help save themselves. It is important to mention that there are projects that focuses on helping the communities to save energy and make sure that they are causing a maximum advantage to their own community. They can try and ensure that the type of solutions they offer to their customers in the form of the renewable energy resources are able to help the country in general. The country is not able to otherwise retain most of its resources and the only way through which it can be done is only through using the alternative energy solutions that help the communities to get flexible energy solutions.

The people who are getting their services have given positive reviews about their services. They feel that they are able to get the best kind of services and products that enable them to ensure that they have got good company at their hand. What they can do in this case is to make sure that the people have got the company that will provide them the best ever energy solutions not to be found anywhere else on the internet.

Your Recommendations

The recommendations that can be given to the company can be mentioned below:

- The company needs to make sure that it increases it human resource capacity.

- The company must increase its workforce and hire more and more people in it.

- The company needs to increase its resources in order to ensure that it provides effective solutions and offerings to the people around it.

- It also needs to enhance its projects and must make the process faster and quicker in many different ways.

- It must increase the experts inside the company that could help this company to expand itself.

All these things can be achieved by this company after it is ensuring that it is giving its best it can to its customers and help these people to get maximum benefits out of this company in many different ways.

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