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Vision and Opportunity

My personal vision statement is to help people know more about my major and how IT security is important in today's life. I'll protect people from dangers of cyberattacks and cyberbullying. I'll also use my innovative thinking in teaching people and spreading awareness in the UAE. My personal mission is to be an independent woman, who balances between her family and work. I want to gain as much knowledge as I can in things that interest me. Also, I want to achieve all my goals, I'll search for a good career that suits my major which is IT security and I want to be financially stable. Besides, my personal values which I will follow in my career are creativity, professionalism, and hard work. Being creative by coming up with new ideas, and developing new technology and software's, since IT security is practical. Professionalism is an important value to me because I would be in a workplace that requires a professional way in speaking and appearance. Since my work will be all about IT security which is important, I should be working hard to make people be aware about all the dangers about cyberattacks. Furthermore, I want to make my community proud by working very hard and doing my best.

After graduating from Zayed University, my first goal is to get an internship and gain experience about my work. I'm doing this to know more about my work. Secondly, another goal I will aim to achieve is studying for my masters. I'll get my masters in Arizona State University, in USA. I'll be taking Masters' of Science in Information Technology. The reason for this is to improve my knowledge in my major and it is the step forward to my Ph.D. degree. Thirdly, I will be having a PhD degree, a Ph.D. is a degree awarded to people who have done advanced research into a particular subject. Ph.D. is an abbreviation for 'Doctor of Philosophy' (Definition of 'PhD', n.d.). I'll study my Ph.D. degree in Walden University in USA. I am doing this because I want to discover, learn something new and to improve my life at work. Finally, after graduating with Bachelor of Science in Information Technology concentration in Security and Network Technologies, I would apply for a job at Signals Intelligence Agency (SIA). The reason behind the Agency is to make a safe computerized condition to anchor the step of advancement in the UAE. Besides, the Agency is ordered to protect the country's basic framework against all digital dangers, through the reception of the most recent advancements. Moreover, the Signals Intelligence Agency has built up another methodology that centers around mindfulness and expectation against digital dangers, alongside building national capacities by advancing examination and advancement.

Whenever I decide to make a choice, I'll refer to these questions:

1. Who am I doing this for?

2. What can I do to make my country proud?

3. Does this help me reach my goal?

These questions will be my guide in making choices in my work and life. The first question will help me stay motivated as I'm doing this for myself to be successful. The second question will help me do my best to make my country and community proud, not only my family. The third question helps me make sure that every step I take has a purpose, and to be concentrated about every step I take to make sure I reach my goal.

Nowadays, Information Technology is very important, therefore IT graduate students will find many available jobs. These jobs require a bachelor's degree in computer science as well as experience. Some job options are the following:

The first job option is to be an Information Security Analyst. This job involves creating plans, protecting sensitive information, applying strategies for preventing attacks, and policies to protect attacks (How to Land, 2018). In this job, they provide help, protect people and spread awareness in the country, as well as they stay up to date to know more about new technologies. This job requires a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Assurance, and Programming (CollegeGrad, n.d.).

The second job option is to be a Security Architect.  They are in charge of dissecting security dangers and prescribing answers for ensure data and information. They also may contribute in the advancement of security equipment and programming, manage and instruct staff on security arrangements, plan security models and introduce VPNs, firewalls, and other (How to Land, 2018).  In this job, they'll make sure to make a very protective security, so hackers could not hack the company's computer system. This job requires a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Cyber Security. It also requires a master's degree in IT security (How to Become, n.d.).

The third job option is to be an Information Security Crime Investigator/Forensics Expert. A criminology master is a digital wrongdoing battling Sherlock Holmes who researches digital assaults and endeavors to distinguish blemishes in the framework that take into account an assault alongside pieces of information left by the aggressors. This job requires a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Engineering that focuses in Security or Digital Forensics. It also requires a master's degree in Computer Forensics (How to Become, n.d.).

Marketing and Implementation Strategy

My positioning statement is that I'm dedicated to serve my community and country by working hard, being productive and innovative as I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology specialized in Security and Network Technologies.

I definitely trust that I would be beneficial to the work environment, and that I have several skills to offer that would be extremely useful to the company. Part of my skills is communication, I'm good at communicating with people as it helps me in gaining knowledge and information from others. Teamwork is another skill I acquire, I work well and fairly in a group. Another skill I obtain is hard work, I'm a hard worker because I know that working hard would result in better outcomes.

What makes me differ from the other UAE students is that I have many skills and qualifications, some of my skills is that I have work ethics, which means arriving to work on time, do what I'm employed to do, meet my goals, concentrate on due dates and work to the best of my qualifications. Though I'm an Information Technology graduate, I also have some general IT skills such as, computer literacy, coding, and Microsoft office, these skills would help me a lot at work as an employer. Moreover, I enjoy learning new things and developing my knowledge, it makes me feel energized and enthusiastic. Though, my second language is English, however I can balance between both English and my original language which is Arabic, and I can also manage to advance my writing skills in both Arabic and English. Additionally, I'm well organized, I can manage my time and arrange it very well.

Risks and Mitigation

To me, success is not just achieving my goals, but it is also defined as realizing that what I'm doing is helping me and others lead a superior, more joyful, more beneficial life. I would measure success by achieving my goals, which is acquiring the degrees I focus to win. Also, appreciating my job and being intense is important. Nevertheless, also in my personal life, I would feel successful when I'll balance between work and family and being financially stable.

There are many external risks that I might face during this process, the first risk factor is not finding a job in an information technology workplace. I will intern at firms to gain more experience in the field. I'll also apply to several work places to have more job options. The second risk factor is to build a family. Building a family might affect in not having time for my job or not having time to spend with my family. To overcome this risk, I would try to balance between my work and personal life. The final risk is not being accepted for a scholarship to study abroad, I should understand the requirements of the board of the scholarship and try my best to reach these requirements.  

My first experience of failure when I was applying for universities. Before I apply for Zayed University, I wanted to apply in Higher Colleges of Technology (Men's Campus) to study Civil Engineering. My failure was that I couldn't achieve one of my goals due to cultural factors, as my parents wanted me to apply to a female-only university. But then I decided to apply for Zayed University and get bachelor's degree in Information Technology specialized in Security. I learned from this failure is that when a door closes another open

and I can always adapt and make changes to my short-term goals, in this way I would be able to reach my goals. Also, in the future if I couldn't achieve my goals or I don't get what I expected I should always adapt and never give up.


As an Information Technology graduate specialized in Security, there are many ethical issues that I might face such as, software piracy, blackmailing, hacking, and cybercrimes which is widespread. To avoid these issues, I'll apply some ethical principles, which are honesty and loyalty. Being honest is very important as it makes me feel happy and satisfied with myself as well as others. Also, being honest will make people rely on me in many things, in both my personal and work life. Furthermore, loyalty is also another important principle, as it will help me in achieving my goals faster and easier. However, I'll use my knowledge and all I know about security to protect people and not use it against them.  I will use my degree in an honest way that reflect my values. With my degree, I can protect a lot of people and help them protect themselves from cyberbullies, blackmailer, or hackers.

I have chosen two mentors; the first mentor is my uncle. I chose him because he's an Information Technology graduate as well as me, he is very interested in IT, networks and computers. I always keep asking him about his major and job to get to know more about it, which helped me stay motivated and insisted on getting a bachelor's degree in IT. My second mentor is my mother, although she's not interested in IT and she had a bachelor's degree in psychology. But still I choose her as mentor, because she's my role model and she's the one who helps me whenever I need any help. Also, she taught me how to be patient about everything in life.

My 6-word memoir is “Hard work always results in success.”

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