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An Analysis of a Media Campaign Proposal


The objective of this project is to reflect on an individual's work through the time of the group work campaign proposal. This report will reflect on the actions taken throughout in order to produce a successful outcome for the client. This report will show a reflection on how the group worked together, how the media campaign proposal began and how the roles assigned to myself were undertaken and how they affected the campaign proposal. This report will also detail what I learnt and how I applied combined both practical and theoretical practice to build on my knowledge.

Table of Contents

1.0 The Client

1.1 Issues

1.2 Objectives

2.0 Group Work

2.1 Working Together

2.2 Strengths and Weaknesses

3.0 Project Plan

3.1 The Proposal

3.2 Mission, Vision and Goals

4.0 Personal Reflection

4.1 Aims and Objectives

4.2 Feelings and Opinions

4.3 Group Feelings and Opinions

5.0 Conclusion

5.1 The Outcome

5.2 Personal Strengths

5.3 Personal Weaknesses

5.4 What Could Be Done Differently



The client is Naz Hussain, the founder and owner of 'Breakneck Comedy Club'. Breakneck Comedy Club opened as the first dedicated club to Comedy in early 2017. It still continues to be the one and only comedy club located within the North East of Scotland. The client detailed in the brief that they wanted to enhance their public profile in Aberdeen by raising awareness about upcoming events to their desired target audience.

The aim is to help the clients vision become a reality.


The client wants help in creating a successful multi-media campaign in order to reach a wide target audience and to generate a new target market. After a meeting, with the owner, it was decided to aim the media project towards students. The desire is to create a large social media presence and target students of all ages to create a new market for Breakneck Comedy Club to conquer. The main goal is to bring comedy to the North East of Scotland for all ages and all humours.



Each individual in the group project was able to bring alternative solutions and points of view to a problem. Everyone engaged in each topic and learnt something knew or were able to develop a further understanding to a specific skill. This allowed each student to teach each other new knowledge. Working in a group benefitted each person by allowing them to build on their confidence within communication through the use of presentations and group meetings.


Working as part of a team challenged everyones strengths and weaknesses. By determining everyones strengths and weaknesses from the beginning, we were able to assign everyone a major role within the proposal and report. The group consisted of 6 individuals who each undertook a role including: Consultancy; This was created to gain knowledge on the specific business, Budget Planning; This was designed using a timetable in order to establish the amount of money that was being generated to create the proposal, Stakeholders; This was done to identify the businesses main group who may be affected/may affect the campaigns outcome or decision, Videography; This included directing and producing a visual aspect of the campaign for promotional use, Media; This was used to define the correct usage of advertising strategies and techniques to get the best possible outcome. Sponsorship; This was a role that included a group member connecting businesses/organisations together that relate both to the target audience and Breakneck Comedy Club. Working in a team showed what everyone was capable of as individuals.



After meeting with the client, the action undertaken after learning the client's needs and wants was to conduct market research in order to determine what approach to take in terms of creating a successful outcome. The group decided as a whole to take on a new target market by selecting students as Breakneck Comedy Clubs new and main focus. After doing some research into the club, it was discovered there was a lack of students who attended the club's events. This fact helped challenge each individuals' original ideas - into a group proposal. Targeting students became the main focus very quickly, as we are students ourselves and found that we didn't know as much as we would have liked to know about 'Breakneck Comedy Club'. The idea is to create a monthly event, which would be held every Thursday at the Breakneck Comedy Club located on King Street. This would be aimed at students of all ages and gender. However, although this is targeted at students anyone could access the event, if they weren't a student - they would have to pay entry as opposed to a student who would be exempt from paying due to their student status. We chose to work on both digital marketing and traditional marketing to correctly advertise. We found a lack of consistency within the business's social media platforms. This factor helped decide on how this could be more involving and how we could build on other big social media platforms.



Working in a group benefitted by helping communication skills. This skill was developed further and became a stronger skill, that will prove useful in future projects. Being able to communicate effectively helped break complex tasks into parts and steps and allowed each individual to be delegated roles and responsibilities. This project encouraged each member to find effective approaches to resolve differences and allowed each group member to support one another.



 To improve time management

 To continue working in a well-organized and competent headspace towards tasks

 To improve and expand on using theoretical knowledge in practical use


 To create a schedule or diary in order to arrange meetings to make better use of time

 By working in a group this allows me to overcome adversity and helps me become more resilient

 I can improve theoretical knowledge by continuing to work on my growth mindset


Working in a group helped me understand how to work effectively with other people. Prior to working in this specific group, I found that I only had bad experiences to go by. This made me dread working in any form of group work due to my previous teamwork assigned projects. I personally found working in this group worked terrifically well. Together we made the best of the time we had to create a structed and strategic campaign that follows the client brief. I found that I worked very proactively by designating my personal time to the project to create diary entries of what was being discussed. This was helpful due to it being something resourceful that would could use for reflection towards our group report and individual reflective reports. Alongside creating the diary entries, I was able to show my theoretical knowledge that I was taught via reading lists and lectures. I was able to create a GANTT Chart and Budget Plan through the use of Microsoft Excel. A GANTT chart was generated in order to allow us to understand what took up more time and what didn't need as much time allocated. This was useful as it determined when each section of the coursework was to be completed by. This will be beneficial to use in other group projects and individual projects in the future. The Budget Plan was designed to create a budget proposal specific to the campaign proposal for Breakneck Comedy Club. Two budgets were used as there were two different ideas for the campaign proposal. In order to work out which one created the most profit and loss, I created a £2,000 budget and a £1,000 budget. Both of these budgets proved to have a successful profit rate, that would be used to give the campaign proposal it's break.


As a group I found that we all had similar views on to who was showing growth teamwork wise and personal growth. Each person supported one another and helped out each other at every moment. Having not followed our assigned roles that our lecturer gave us, showed that we were capable of more. Some members of the group didn't understand certain things whereas others did have a more in-depth knowledge of a field. One primary objective we had in our groupwork was to learn through each other, and this was an objective that was successfully accomplished. This allowed each student to share themselves and transfer knowledge and skills through each other.



In conclusion, the outcome of this project proved to be meaningful as it allowed everyone to develop their own voice and their own perspective within a teamwork assignment. Having not had the best experiences with groupwork in the past, this team has worked significantly well and created a new appreciation of ‘teamwork' for myself and other members of the group. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller.


Communication is considered one strength due to consistent communication within the group and in presentations. Communication is key in understanding messages when delivering both verbal and written theories. Another strength we all had as a group was how to manage our stress effectively. Following a meeting a week was not overpowering and allowed each individual to work around other commitments outside university coursework. Having a group chat active on a social media platform (Facebook) limited stress as we were able to communicate without meeting on matters that needed attention.


I think one weakness we had too much patience. This is referred back to working alongside our client who failed to keep in contact with us consistently. I think if we did not have so much patience with the client and notified them more over the course of the campaign, we would have maybe had better feedback. In my opinion, this could have easily been avoided if the client happened to get back to us the first time. Although I enjoyed working as part of a group, our team leader, who was too much of a perfectionist spent too many hours on certain tasks. I found that by assigning us more work to do for the presentation, it halted our group report by not having enough fields to report about. I think this could have been avoided if we had spent more time on other research, rather than tasks that did not need so much attention.


I think our group project worked well and efficiently by making the most of what there was to offer. I do think our client could have been more involved and gave us a clearer and more concise pathway to follow in reference to the client brief. There was a lack of responsibility held on his account, by providing more information and by being honest, I think this could have been more successful. One good experience that I have taken from working on this project is my new perception of groupwork and how “A team ensures that its attention is focused on results by making results clear and rewarding only those behaviours and actions that contribute to those results.” (Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable). Overall, the group worked changed my personal participation and awareness of collaboratively working with others and helped me expand my field in Finance and Charts, as this was something, I was completely unable to decipher.


Team Member: Charlie Lee Hutchison

Communication 1 2 3

Commitment 1 2 3

Initiative 1 2 3

Reliability 1 2 3

Flexibility 1 2 3 Total (out of 15) 8


 I think I exceeded in the communication field due to not being that confident prior to doing groupwork.

 My reliability could have improved significantly. However, I found this was difficult to do due to our team leader choosing to arrange last minute meetings (Such as when other members had lectures or work commitments).

Team member: Dara Isles

Communication 1 2 3

Commitment 1 2 3

Initiative 1 2 3

Reliability 1 2 3

Flexibility 1 2 3 Total (out of 15) 10


 Dara made good use of the groupwork project by expanding on current ideas.

 Dara developed a better understanding of creating business strategies and learned more about stakeholders and their position in a business.

Team member: Ryan Dow

Communication 1 2 3

Commitment 1 2 3

Initiative 1 2 3

Reliability 1 2 3

Flexibility 1 2 3 Total (out of 15) 10


 Ryan lacked in commitment due to work arrangements. However, I think this could have been avoided if our team leader used more scheduling to avoid this.

 Ryan showed great flexibility and was happy with everyones input. He worked well alongside Dara on their joined work for the report and this showed effective.

Team member: Yolina Boyanova

Communication 1 2 3

Commitment 1 2 3

Initiative 1 2 3

Reliability 1 2 3

Flexibility 1 2 3 Total (out of 15) 8


 Yolina lacked in flexibility. As a team leader it was expected of her to allow other persons ideas. However, I found this was not the case and if Yolina had an idea - it was hers that was used, and only her idea.

 Yolina had great commitment to the project and showed this through her work ethic and knowledge on Breakneck Comedy Club from past projects. 

Team member: Monica Gudzhisis

Communication 1 2 3

Commitment 1 2 3

Initiative 1 2 3

Reliability 1 2 3

Flexibility 1 2 3 Total (out of 15) 6


 I found that Monica lacked in attending meetings – this is my reasoning for the lower scores on reliability and initiative. I found this could have been avoided if Monica had communicated a bit better, rather than none at all.

 One thing that Monica showed was commitment. Although, Monica lacked in flexibility and initiative, she was able to produce the work asked of her and was committed to doing so.

Team member: Chelsea Brown

Communication 1 2 3

Commitment 1 2 3

Initiative 1 2 3

Reliability 1 2 3

Flexibility 1 2 3 Total (out of 15) 9


 Chelsea lacked in reliability with attending meetings and giving last minute notice. However, again I felt this could have been avoided by our team leader taking more efficient actions towards scheduling and arrangements.

 Chelsea showed great flexibility and was happy with everyone inputting new ideas. She showed her own originality when creating a teaser video and Chelsea's talents were easily detectable through the use of videography.


Lash, J. (1980). On the Vaudeville Circuit. In: Lash, J. Helen and Teacher: The Strong of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy. New York: Merloyd Lawrence. 487-489.

Lencioni,P (2002). The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. 218.

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