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Detailing on Demand Marketing Plan


Katherine Edmonds

Executive Summary

Detailing on Demand is a car cleaning/repair service powered by an app that allows customers to choose specific services and receive auto car from the convenience of their own home at the tap of a button. Detaining on Demand differs from traditional car maintenance services by  This company will be run by a small team consisting of  CEO, CTO, a support engineer, developers, a marketing and communications team, and freelance servicing employees.

Detailing on Demand sets itself apart from traditional car service companies by bringing the service to the customer on his/her time. Customers no longer have to drive to car service shops and endure long lines, inconsistent wait times, and vague pricing with untrustworthy workers.

Detailing on Demand extensively background checks all its employees and provides customers with profiles and reviews of each employee, ensuring customer safety and security. The customer is given options of the various services Detailing on Demand provides with clear descriptions, pricing, and times available.  With the ability of the customer to select the employee, location, time, date and service, the experience is entirely in the customer's hands.

This company places a large importance in customer relations, communications, experience and satisfaction, which is why this company's philosophy will be so successful. Customers will be encouraged to provide feedback so that the company and employees can continue to grow and improve to provide the best customer experience.

Competitive Analysis

With the constantly improving and evolving technology of today's society, the concept of an app-powered on demand car cleaning service will no longer be revolutionary. While this company's concept is unique and revolutionary, it is the dedication to customer relations that will continue to set Detailing on Demand apart from the competitors. This company was founded by a group of technically-savvy, innovative and creative people who will work hard to continue to improve and evolve this company as technology and society evolves. Detailing on Demand's key highest priority will always be its relationship with its customers.


• Big-chain auto-body shops

 Oil changes

 Air conditioning services

 Brake services, battery service

 Engine services

 Emission inspections

• Locally/family-owned auto body shops

 Collision repair

 Towing

 Auto glass repair

• Mobile car washes

 Basic washes

 Wheel wash and shine

 Waxing

 Free vacuums

• Freelance detail workers

 Washing, waxing, polishing, glazing, interior and exterior detailing, stain removal upholstery cleaning, etc.

Strengths and Core Competencies:

• Convenience

• Affordability

• Trustworthiness

• Customer relations

• Wide variety of  services offered

• Skilled workers

SWOT Analysis


1. Convenience

2. Affordability

3. Efficiency

4. Ease

5. Skilled workers


1. Unknown

2. Lacking funding

3. Not yet a trusted company

4. New/untested technology

5. Small employee team


1. Collaboration with others apps

2. Customer to company connection

3. Expanding marketing efforts

4. Improving app technology

5. Deals and promotions to drive traffic to app


1. Trusted local autobody shops

2. Emerging competitive apps

3. Big chain autobody shops

4. Independent mechanics

5. Mobile car washes

Target Market

This business will market mostly to people wanting basic car maintenance with convenience and ease. This might include busy college students, professionals, mothers, or people who are disabled or home-bound.

The target market of Detailing on Demand will consist mostly of people with busy or demanding schedules wanting basic car services at their own convenience. This might include but is not limited to:

1. Busy college students

2. Stay-at-home moms

3. Homebound/injured people

4. Self-employed people who work from home


Customers will have the ability to select the service he/she wants on the app and will be given a description of the service as well as the price prior to choosing. The app will also give the customer the ability to select from available times and dates for the mechanic to come to his/her home and an estimate of the time it will take for the service to be completed. The customer will be able to choose a list of available employees with a list of ratings/reviews. The services provided will include:

1. Car wash and detailing: This will include a complete cleaning of the interior and exterior of car, vacuuming, wax, polish, and protection. Price will vary depending on how many of these services customer chooses.

2. Dent/paint repairs: This includes repairs to have minor dents/scratches/paint wear. Price will vary depending on severity of repair.

3. Under body rust protection coating: Application of an underbody coating that protects the car and increases longevity.

4. General car wash: Complete cleaning of exterior of car—gloss, wheel cleaning, tire shine, grill and mud flap cleaning. Price will vary depending on size/type of vehicle.

After the customer's vehicle is finished with services, the customer will be encouraged to leave a rating and review of his/her mechanic in order to help the company and other customers in the future.

Detailing on Demand's service is unique because it eliminates the need for the customer to leave their home and deal with a physical shop to have his or her car serviced. The customers have full control and convenience at their hands, with the ability to select the location, time, date and service before their cars are worked on.

Service Warranty:

Customers will receive a 3 month warranty for services (repairs and rust protection—excludes cleaning services). Unsatisfied customers will receive 100% refund if their needs are not meant and there is valid proof of complaint.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Detailing on Demand has several competitive advantages over competitors, such as the  quality, convenience, efficiency, affordability of using this company. The company is  also at an advantage to competitors since it provides each customer the option to choose a specific employee to work on his/her car based on reviews left by other customers. Customer communication is a key part in the life and success of this company.

Since customer feedback and communication is so important in the vitality of Detailing on Demand, customers will be heavily encouraged to leave reviews about their experience with the specific employee that worked with them and their overall experience with the company. Customers will be given incentives such as free services, future discounts and 2-for-1 deals. This will ensure the flow of communication between customer and company so that other customers can be informed in future decisions and the company can continuously improve and grow.

There are a few disadvantages to Detailing on Demand's business philosophy.  A few markets will be hard to reach, including people who are longtime regulars at a trusted shop. Some people, especially in the older generation, may be very particular about their cars and may have been going to the same trusted shop for years. Detailing on Demand sets itself from other businesses not only in convenience, but also in the unique variety of services it provides. It combines services of both a car wash/detailer and an autobody shop, which only adds to the convenience of using the company. It will be very important to know the target market and to specifically target to them.

As for pricing, this company holds high importance in quality service at affordable prices. Since there will not be costs associated with running a physical operation, Detailing on Demand will be able to keep pricing very competitive.

Brand Philosophy

Detailing on Demand's philosophy in providing car services is to do so with 1. Quality, 2. Convenience and 3. Efficiency and 4. Affordability. Since Detailing on Demand's philosophy lies so heavily in quality, it also places high importance in letting the customers be heard. Each customer is encouraged to leave a rating and review of his/her experience using this company and with his/her specific mechanic in order to help future customers in making decisions and also to help the company improve and grow in quality. Another important factor is the wellbeing and safety of the customers since their vehicles are being serviced  at home. This is why each mechanic is thoroughly background checked and screened in order to ensure full safety and security of customers.

Social Media Marketing

Explain here how you will be either launching or maintaining social media channels. Include the strategies – how you will keep a consistent presence, build relationships, gain followers, get likes, etc. – and goals for each social media account, plus how you will keep your brand consistent across all accounts. Explain the role social will play in distributing content and bringing buyers back to the website.

Detailing on Demand will build a very strong social media presence. Our company will utilize various social media sites to engage with our consumers and target market—including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This will include deals, discounts, and other incentives to bring traffic to our sites. We will also strategically plan our timing of posts to catch consumers during their downtimes. From our research, we concluded that the best times to use our socials are:

• Twitter 1-3 p.m. weekdays

• Facebook 1-4 p.m. and 2-5 p.m. weekdays

• LinkedIn 7-8:30 a.m. and 5-6 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

• Instagram 5-6 p.m. weekdays and 8pm on Mondays with a sweetspot at 6 p.m.

We will be dedicated to keeping our socials updated and providing engaging content to connect with consumers, such as many picture posts with images. Here are some examples of posts that will be cross posted to our various socials:

Email Marketing

We will build a customer email base as we acquire app traffic and new customers. To sign in the Detailing on Demand app, users will need to provide an email address and signed up for the Detailing on Demand emailing list—with consent and an opt-out option given. We will utilize email to send out weekly newsletters, give updates, and offer specials and discounts. We will be sure not to over-send emails and keep our emails short and to-the-point, with quality content in order to keep our opt-out rate low. Here is an example of an email that might go to a Detailing on Demand email list recipient:

To: Client

From: Detailing on Demand

Subject: Ho Ho Holiday Savings

The best way to spread holiday cheer is giving deals ‘til the end of the year!

Our holiday deals are bringing to heat, so make sure to strike while the iron is hot:

20% all car cleaning services until December 31st

Buy one get one repairs

Free tire shine solution gift with purchase of wheel cleaning service

These deals won't last forever! Use code “NAUGHTYORNICE” on the app to redeem your holiday deals now!

Happy Holidays,

D.O.D. Family


Our marketing team will work hard to update and utilize our SEO. This will include our link strategy, content strategy, and keyword strategy. We will constantly analyze our metrics to make sure we are making the most of our content and online usage to build and strengthen our SEO strategy.

Goals and KPIs

Detailing on Demand will require funding to pay its employees to: run and maintain the app, promote and advertise the business, hire freelance employees and maintain customer communications. Since it is a startup company, it will require around $5,000 to employ its initial small team of employees.

Since Detailing on Demand is a startup company, it is estimated that revenue will start fairly small and increase by year as the business grows and marketing improves. As the business grows and revenue increases, so will the team of members and marketing efforts will be able to take off. In the first year, Detailing on Demand is estimated to have a revenue of $3000 with an increase of 50% per year for the first 5 years. See graph to demonstrate financial projection:

In order to ensure that we are meeting our goals, we will analyze our company's financial projections earnings monthly and yearly and compare them graphically to our projections in order to determine whether we are on track. With this information, we will be able to see where we can budget more, budget less, and review adjustments to be made in spending.

Marketing Strategy and Tactics

The marketing and communication team will be responsible for the advertising and promotion of Detailing on Demand. Since this is an app-powered company, the marketing will be solely digital/mobile. This will include Google AdWords, search engine optimization, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads, sponsored social media posts, and collaboration with other businesses in mobile marketing.

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