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Fancy Coach (the “Website") is owned and operated by Fancy Coach ("Fancy Coach," "we," "our," "us" “company”).

This privacy policy sets out policies relating to the collection and use of your Personal Information while you use the Website and Fancy Coach's related Services.

Fancy Coach is concerned with protecting user privacy. We realize that visitors and users of the Website are also concerned about privacy, confidentiality, and security of any Personal Information that they submit.


The policy explained below is bound according to the English and US Laws and including that which is a compulsory prerequisite for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In compliance with the requirements of the law, we educate you on your rights and our obligations when it concerns the use and control of User's data.

We do not divulge, share or sell any information collected through our Site to a third party except as specified in this Privacy Policy.

In compliance with GDPR guidelines, Fancy Couch is a “data processor,” and our Users are “data controllers.” Our Users are responsible for accepting gathering requirements and meeting up with other privacy requirements for each User.

We have built our Services in a manner that safeguard the privacy of our respected Users regarding their personal information. We respect and values our User's right to privacy.


The Company reserves the right, interest, and title, in the Service and the Website and the resultant intellectual property rights and reserves all rights not unequivocally granted.

Copyright in the Service and the Website (including text, graphics, logos, icons, sound recordings, and software) is owned or licensed by the Company.

You are not allowed to do the following:

(a) adapt, distribute, print, perform, reproduce, store, display, publish or create derivative works from any part of the Service or the Website; or

(b) Commercialize any data, products or services obtained from any part of the Service or the Website without prior written permission from us.


No data communicated over the internet can be guaranteed as secure. While we strive to safeguard such information, we cannot ensure and do not warrant the security of any data which you transmit to us. Consequently, any information which you communicate to us is disclosed at your own risk. Nevertheless, we will take reasonable steps to preserve the security of such information.


The categories of information we collect include:

I. Information You Submit: When you register, subscribe or use any of our Services or participate in any features of the Services that is interactive (such as ordering, shopping features or other services), we may collect a range of data, including:

• Contact Information such as your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address (“Contact Information”); and

II. Information Automatically Collected: When you access or use our Service using a mobile device, we may collect or receive identification numbers connected with your device, phone number, email address, mobile carrier, device type, model and manufacturer, mobile device operating system, brand and model, other Websites that you downloaded. If you have enabled features and functions of the Services that use your device's location, your geographical location data (including GPS). We may also collect data about your usage, and activity on our Service.

III. Cookies and Similar Technologies. Fancy Coach and its third party partners may use cookies and similar technologies, to collect, analyze and store information, to provide customized advertising on our Website to deliver and improve the Service or other products or services that we offer and to prevent and identify fraudulent activities.

IV. Third-Party Social Networking Websites. We may enable the use of our Service through a third-party social networking or similar Website or link our Services to a Social Networking Website, such as Facebook, you permit FANCY COACH to access and use specific information about you that is made available to us through or from that Social Networking Website.


I. We only collect Personal Information that is rationally necessary for:

(a) aiding us to process your application for membership and allowing us to provide services to you (including customizing the design of your profile, and in respect of Personal Information other than your full name, email address, residential address and phone number, enabling you to enjoy the full benefits of membership and allowing other members to view your profile).

(b) statistical purposes and internal research (including market segmentation and customer value analysis).

(c) aiding us to forward to you other material or information which we consider to be of interest to you; and

(d) facilitating the payment processor to process the payment of subscription fees (the “Primary Purpose”).

Use and Disclosure Of Personal Information

Our Services allow you to share your data with other individuals and companies, including potential users and other users of the Website or other products or services that we or third-party Social Networking Websites offer. Be thoughtful of your privacy and personal safety before sharing your information with anyone, including information on your profile, as profiles include necessary information that you provided at registration, information provided through a Social Networking Website and may include other information that you or your friends add (for example, your ethnicity, physical characteristics, and religion,), as well as information about your use of the Service (for example, whether you were recently logged in to FANCY COACH).

The information on your profile is accessible by other users or visitors to our Services, and may also be visible through public search or on third-party Websites that you use. Please be informed that we do not control who reads the information that you share or what others may do with this data, so we advise you to use discretion and be cautionary concerning your personal information. Also, when sharing information about others, please consider their safety and privacy and get their consent before you share.

Furthermore, we may share data with third parties as underlined:

a. With third-party consultants, advertising partners, vendors, and other platforms that perform services which includes but is not limited to, classifying and aiding directed advertisements, processing payments, providing chargeback representation services, providing fraud detection services, and providing attribution or analytics services.

b. With your consent (for example, if you consent to share your information with a third party for the third party's independent and direct marketing commitments subject to the third party's privacy policy);

c. In association with any of our transactions, such as the sale of assets a merger, or with our business partners with whom we offer you interactive services.

d. Shares, financing, change of control, reorganization, or acquisition a portion or of all of our business by third party or another company or in the occurrence of dissolution, divestiture, bankruptcy, or related or similar proceedings; and

e. in our discretion, to (i) satisfy any relevant law, regulation, subpoena/court order, legal process or other government request. (ii) put into effect our Terms and Conditions, including the investigation of potential violations thereof. (iii) investigate and protect ourselves against any third-party claims or allegations, (iv) protect against any harm to the rights, safety, and property of FANCY COACH, users or the public as necessary or permitted by law and (v) prevent, detect, or otherwise address criminal issues including stalking or fraud, and security or technical issues.


Our Website is a general audience Website, but we prohibit the use of our Services by individuals who are not 13 years old and above. We do not deliberately collect or maintain personal data from children under the age of 13. Please contact us immediately if you notice that personal information about a person under 13 has been submitted to us.


We reserve the sole right to alter this Policy from time to time. If we make alterations to this Policy, we will change the "Last Revision" date below and will post the updated version of the Policy on this page. We may notify you or request your consent depending on the circumstances.

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