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arketing is known to have started from civilization era in order  to exchange  goods in a form of trade, however marketing has developed to a digital era with the help of technology and scientific innovations. For instance in 1450's  businesses use brochures to inform customers about their products and 2003 when social media was invented, marketing evolved with reaching more customers by just one click. According to America marketing association “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” In simpler terms marketing is a way in which companies promote their product so they can attract customers. Marketing has made it easier to do online transactions for example air bnb is an online application that has made traveling easier in respect to accommodations. They created a marketing strategy for travelers and host, they use social media to market their  products and to attract customers. This essay will discuss  on how marketing started by producers only producing what people can buy because they could not promote their products to how it grows to digital method involving technology, it will continue to discuss the future of marketing and conclude the essay


This part of the essay will focus on how the idea of marketing started to how it was developed to focus on consumer needs. The whole idea of marketing started from the industrial revolution, when scientist bought up new innovation to limit people making goods for themselves.  During the industial period selling goods in bulk was a priority to producers as long as people were able to afford to purchase them ,because they were unable to attract a lot of customers that is were the idea of marketing came along when industries were thinking of ways to get the products to consumers. For example producer reduce their distribution cost and offer products at a low price. However this method was not entirely effective so producers therefore tried various method to attract customers for example, they used print advertising in 1450's to reach more people and when magazine became available in Philadelphia in 1730, producers used magazine as a medium to attract more customers. In 1839 posters became available on private property but this was however banned in London, when billboards were available to rent, producers also used this medium to attract their customers. This medium were not affordable and they could not if the products is reaching the right customers.

Businesses became more competitive in 1920 to 1949 because more scientific innovation were forming and at this time business had to brand their product by giving it a name because more than one industry can produce the same products. This period was called the sales era because it was important for business to keep their customers, therefore salesmen was invented, a salesman is suppose to convince the customers to buy a the company product than the other  product, they are also suppose to convince customers to buy their product even if they did not need them. With this era companies were able to sell their products directly to their target market and this era helped companies to grow their market share for example coca-cola and pepsi-cola sell the same products but with the help of sales men they were able to get people to buy their products which increase their market share. Due to the increase in competition companies had o advertise their products to inform customers about their products therefore they use medium such as radio and television adverts were available.For example the first commercial for bulova clocks reached about 4000 people.

Businesses started to build a better reputation for themselves by 1950, they did this by trying to put the customer needs first and conducting interviews and researching what they customers really need in a products than forcing people to buy things they do not need. Businesses try to do this by building organization structure to allocate needs of consumers. This era is called the marketing era, during this era business considered what to produce, where to produce, how much to produce and how to produce it; when they placed this question in production, they focused on producing high quality product for consumers. During this era television advertising was a main medium of advertising surpassing magazine, radio and sales by 9%.

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