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Toyota is one of the top car brands in the UK. Market share of this company controlled a large portion in the market, ranging from 2.61% to 4.87%. In January 2018, Toyota's market share increased at 4,87% in the UK, recording highest in the history (Company Background, 2018).

The success of Toyota follows it's mission and vission, which highlight innovation and customer's satisfaction. While Toyota's mission indicates the firm's strategies and strategic objectives, the vision statement emphasizes the long-term goal of the company. The mission and vision statement play an essential role in directing company's objectives, strategies and actions.

Toyota Motor Corporation's vision is “Toyota will lead the way to the future of mobility, enriching lives around the world with the safest and most responsible ways of moving people. Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation and respect for the planet, we aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile. We will meet our challenging goals by engaging the talent and passion of people, who believe there is always a better way” (, 2018), which includes strategic goals of business leadership, product quality, human resources and social responsibility. These purposes in vision statement have coordinate connection with the focuses in Toyota's mission: “Create vehicles that are popular with consumers” (, 2018), which focuses more on products and maintains its commitment to technological innovation. As can be seen, Toyota put more emphasis on innovation and view it as an effective way to reach the company's goal in product quality, customer's satisfaction, and social enterprise responsibility.

Toyota's marketing strategy is shown in its marketing mix (4Ps) for its product, place/distribution, pricing and promotion. Toyota provides their customers with variety of products and they constantly change and launch new product lines. They have eight SUV car models which are divided into different groups such as Toyota 4Runner, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Toyota C-HR (Toyota UK, 2018). Toyota has always attempted to provide their customers with the most innovative car designs, reflecting the company's strategic goal which emphasizes technological innovation.

In terms of pricing, SUV cars range from £15,000 to £33,000 depending on models. Toyota focuses on mid – price market but committing good quality. They believe that providing high quality products witth affordable prices is the way to achieve customer's satisfaction.

The company always prioritizes its customers and knows the importance of making its product available to the target audience. They sell their vehicles through dealerships and sales are made by the selling staff. They are highly skilled with not only sales but also product information, data collection and finance insurance. In addition, the Toyota Great Britain's official website also provides detailed information on different types of vehicles, supporting buyers in choosing products.

Toyota's promotion strategy covers all the tactics of marketing communications. This part of Toyota's marketing mix indicates that the company has a comprehensive strategy for promoting its business and products. They use Personal selling, Advertising, Public relations, and Sponsorship.  Firstly, the company uses personal selling through dealerships' salesman.In addition, the firm promotes its products through public relations, such as the Toyota “Together Green” program that supports environmental initiatives, and the “Meal Per Hour” program that donates food to Food Bank. These public relations activities not only create a positive brand image but also commit Toyota's vision statement of corporate social responsibility. In summer 2017, Toyota sponsored the biggest sporting events in London and officially became partner of World Para Athletics Championships and IAAF World Championships with the aim of helping two competitions go “safer, greener and better”. Moreover, Toyota has also made a major investment in a multi-channel campaign. For example, to promote three Toyota's leading SUV models including the Land Cruiser, the Hilux, and RAV4 in January 2018, they launched a three-pronged campaign introducing three models with three diffrent messages: Because X. In terms of advertising, Toyota has used various media, such as TV, newspapers, and websites.

One of the biggest advertising campaigns Toyota has done is to launch SUV car C-HR across TV, cinema, social media and billboard in the UK in 2017. This campaign targeted at a new customer profile who are in twenties, thirties and want “individuality, and to be the first to try new experiences and products” (). The slogan they used in the TV commercial  “Reflections” was “Always a better way”, which commits providing consumers with innovative and high quality product, following Toyota's vision statement. The setting, tone and style used in this advertisement are colourful, fashionable in order to attract younger market's attention. “Reflections” commercial was on air on golden hour during “The Voice” program on ITV, as well as in cinemas. An out of home campaign  across 1,800 sites in the UK was also carried out including posters, billboards to engage people with a wide variety of content, building awareness of C-HR and interest in testing drive opportunities. After five weeks, the TV ad reached more than 2.3 million audience.

To sum up, in terms of promotion for SUV cars, Toyota has used various channels. However, in each channel, the messages are inconsistent and only served for short term goal in order to increase sales and raise awareness of the product.

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