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Task 1: Redefine broad topic (making the topic specific)

Task 1 Part 1 - Your area of study and chosen topic

I am enrolled in a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)

My chosen topic is Media influence on our body image/physical appearance

Task 1 Part 2 - Redefining the topic

QUESTION: Which aspect about media influence on our body image/physical appearance would you focus on?

ANSWER: How it influences a negative body image  

QUESTION: Will this focus on a certain age group?

ANSWER: This will look at adolescents


QUESTION: Would this be both male and female focused?

ANSWER: This will focus on both male and females


QUESTION: What media would be focused on?

ANSWER: Mass media – including television, movies, magazines, social media, world wide web


QUESTION: Is this specific to a country?

ANSWER: No, the focus will be based on studies found around the world


QUESTION: When is the final article due?

ANSWER: Thursday 7th June 2018


QUESTION: What is the format and length of the article?

ANSWER: This will be up to 750 words +/-10% provided in written format


QUESTION: Where do you think you'll find this information?

ANSWER: The Open Polytechnic Library, EBSCOhost databases, and the World Wide Web.


QUESTION: How will you search for the information?

ANSWER: I will search on the Open Polytechnic Library online, and EBSCOhost online


QUESTION: Who will this be written for?

ANSWER: Parents/carers for young adolescent children


Task 1 Part 3 - Redefined topic summary

I need to find information on mass media's influence on adolescents and negative body image. This is for parents/carers of adolescent children. This will be up to 750 words +/-10% provided in written format. This is due the 7th June 2018, and I will search on the Open Polytechnic Library, EBSCOhost databases and the World Wide Web.  


Task 2: Identify places or collections, and formats of information

Task 2 Part 1 - Places or collections

a) Open Polytechnic Library. Three reasons why I think it is a good library:

1.  It has access Books, videos, DVDs and journals

2.  It can find articles for the subject on the online databases

3.  Have additional help through Tom (course Librarian)


b) EBSCOhost database. Three reasons why I think this academic database is a good one to choose:

1.  Provider of research databases

2.  Access to e-journals and e-books

3.  Discovery service to libraries

c) Three reasons why I you think you will find useful information on my topic on the Web:

1.   When searching on Google Scholar they have related articles that will help on the topic

2. Good tool for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo

3. Has access to videos via YouTube and Vimeo

Task 2 Part 2 - Formats of information

a) Three other formats of information that are not books which you might find in the library could be:




b) Three strengths are book has:


No battery life

Can store in a library

Two weaknesses:


Can 'wear and tear' easily

c) Three different types of articles I will find in EBSCOhost:




I think the most useful will be the journals that I could access.

d) Three strengths that a journal has:

Very current material

Focus on a very narrow topic which could useful

Good way to find out about current trends and ideas when researching topic

Two weaknesses that a journal has:

Articles go out of date very quickly

Focus on a very narrow topic which could exclude your topic

e) Three different formats that you would find on the Web:

Business and government reports

Conference papers


I think that the articles would be most useful.

f) Three strengths of an article would be:

Sometimes free to access  

Well researched factual information that couldn't be found anywhere else

Good way to find out about current trends and ideas when researching topic

Two weaknesses of an article would be:

Goes out of date quite quickly

Might need to pay to access information

Task 3: Reflect on your experience of redefining a topic

a) My initial reaction to the process of using the Questions and Answers process was that it eliminated any broadness to the topic I was trying to focus on, and I also had to exclude questions that would make it too narrow and there wouldn't be much information that I could source. I found the process very useful as it narrowed down search criteria that I would be looking for online and on the World Wide Web. It wasn't too confusing, but it did take some time to narrow my focus and to make the refined topic specific but understandable to friends I would show. I had to try a few times to make the topic understandable to friends, but after a few attempts and revisions the topic made sense and was chosen. I haven't used this process consciously, but have used similar models to narrow down information in a business model. Similar methods are implied when briefs are created for marketing to design teams, they have to narrow the focus of information so as to allow design to use the specific information and produce without time wastage. I would definitely be using this model for assessments that would be coming up, plus for any research papers that I might need to do. And it's a good model to use when trying to get specific information from people in the business model.

b) I've had some background knowledge, but not specific knowledge similar to what I'll be doing within this assessment. I spent a bit of time looking on the Open Polytechnic Library, EBSCOhost and World Wide Web to see if I could find three or more information sources to use within the assignment. I went onto the Open Polytechnic Library, EBSCOhost and World Wide Web to see if there were enough information resources to validate starting the assessment with the redefined focus on the topic. This helped as it showed that there were relevant books, articles, journals and information to allow for the redefined focus of the topic. Once completing some background research to see if there was enough information to be used, and was not too specific to restrict any information to be sourced. It wasn't too difficult to choose the best places as I took the Open Polytechnic, EBSCOhost and World Wide Web as my initial information resources. I looked on to the American Psychological Association, but I was happy with the information that I sourced within the EBSCOhost portal.  

c) I did some background reading to define whether or not there was enough information to warrant the topic. I also discussed the topic with members of my family, and some people at work and refined the topic after some discussion.

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