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Blackberry is a smartphone and tablet designer, headquartered in Canada. Blackberry has been performing poorly since 2011. Blackberry has shown a massive decrease in revenues and their worldwide offer and the U.S. market. When iPhone is launched to the market in 2007 , Blackberry was getting a charge out of a solid level of achievement in market.The number of people who use Blackberry in the U.S. have fell by the time goes, with the new advancement and configuration brought by iPhone, other businesses have attempted to keep up a solid a dependable balance in the market. Blackberry's worldwide shipment figures declined around the globe, income figures taken a make a plunge the previous years down from in excess of 19 billion of every 2011, to under 12 billion only two years after the fact. Comparing with 2011 figures, in 2012 and 2013 money related years Blackberry expanded their spendings on innovative work.

Reasons for the decline of Blackberry are given below:

1- iPhone became an example of competitor to Blackberry. iPhone is one of the greatest example in the phone industry. When iPhone first enter the market in 2007, has sold in excess of one billion units all around the world.  As far as units sold, Apple increased their sales from 1.39 million units in 2007 to around 216 million out of 2017, enlisting a top in the primary quarter of 2017 with in excess of 78 million iPhones sold around the world. iPhone is easier to use, many people adapted to use touchscreen. People started to think iPhone is cooler.

2- Blackberry was slow to catch the changes in the market, although they were the best with their keyboard because it was easy to text with Blackberry. After the iPhone people ended up OK with touchscreen and really favoured them for the bigger screens. They tried overcome this with BlackBerry 10 that enabled it to make full touchscreen phones with a more current look and feel but it was too late.

3- Greatest impact on BlackBerry originated from Google and the Android. Google's strategy of adequately giving without end Android to producers to introduce overwhelmed the market with new phones. The iPhone may have been excessively costly for a few but people can find alternative, Androids are cheaper than iPhone. It was an easy decision for some. A plastic, obsolete BlackBerry with physical keys and a little screen and scarcely any helpful applications, Android has an access to the Play Store's immense and quickly developing application inventory. BlackBerry completely missed its opportunity to react to this risk by presenting new telephones until the point that it was past the point of no return.


Political: Blackberry met with serious political issues, political headwinds and strains. Blackberry seen a critical political precariousness. Blackberry utilised industrial facilities in Mexico and Hungary for the most part, which did not have the consistency in quality items. Political weighted from nations like India, Dubai and South Korea where political condition is influenced by the constant changes. The unsteady overseeing structures influenced the portable organisation.

Economic: Blackberry faced massive fall in its supporters in the beginning of 2012 and profit fell  due to competitors, putting forth same highlights with lower cost. Cost was the main problem, people who had affording problems this lead iPhone to increase sales and decrease Blaackberry's sales like Blackberry Priv will be sufficient to save what's left of BlackBerry. Compare to Android in the same £600 value extend, there is no attractive point that people choose Blackberry instead of iPhone or Android. Physical console is decent, as far back as the presentation of the iPhone does not mean anything, charging more than it worths and leads fall in sales.

Social: Blackberry uses various social stages which incorporate Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter and Blackberry helps its users to deal with numerous issues. The accessibility on a social stage is more grounded than other companies. Still cannot reach adults as youthful grown-ups put more energy in the social stages.

Technological: Technology changes quickly. Companies try to be up to date with it and consumers look for does value of the product and price matches.

Legal:  Blackberry had to pay $147m due to losing their patent case. Administrative bodies in China and UAE are additionally considering forbidding the BlackBerry from their nations since they are a conceivable danger to their security. These to the organisation since the claims devour a considerable measure of assets before they get settled and lost a noteworthy market in China and UAE.

Environmental: Everyday ethical consumers increase so they produce environmentally friendly and care about workers, means that Blackberry care about their workers and wages and Greenpeace states that RIM does not have a spotless power design or an objective to expand utilisation of sustainable power source. Items are vitality wasteful, and it is an individual from an exchange affiliation that has assaulted stringent vitality productivity gauges.

These enabled organisation to made marketing strategy well and helped them to create better image but due to iPhone their sales went down sharply.

Micro: The reason why Blackberry failed is in terms of Micro factors. Managers made different choices to leave this situation and survive in the market. Issue wasn't that they didn't have thoughts; it was that they settled on the wrong decisions. They didn't neglect to adapt; they neglected to make the right adaptation.

Conclusion: It is clear that for Blackberry to be successful in the future as we look at the analysis above ( revenue chart, macro and micro analysis ). However, what I can recommend is to merge with other company to make people hear about Blackberry again. As long as they start to increase their revenues by merging with other company and then there is a possibility of being successful. The only step they can make is investing good amount of money and produce high technology phone which can be compatible with iPhone and other Androids, then they can be successful in future.

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