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1. The company that I decided to pick was Gatorade Corporation. Their market segment is huge. Gatorade is one of the top sports drinks in America and also around the world. If you go to any sporting event the main drink for athletes there is Gatorade or water. Not only is the marketing segment for athletes but for kids and adults across America and around the world. Gatorade is advertised in commercials for sporting events all the time. The target audience is somebody who is 18-25 and active. People who are wanting the drink are athletes who need to rehydrate and kids who see an athlete they like on TV drinking it. If a kid or even an adult sees one of the athletes who he or she likes drinking Gatorade or even just being in a commercial with it the chances of them buying Gatorade increases. The basic needs that this product satisfies would be that it helps increases endurance, helps sustain energy and helps quench your thirst.

2. Gatorade has different bundles that you can purchase. There are four different bundles right now. There is the Super Bowl sideline bundle which includes a Super Bowl LII towel, a small classic cooler, a squeeze bottle, and two different kinds of Gatorade powders. The Sports Fuel Complete Pack, which comes with a bottle, Whey protein powder, thirst quencher powder, 2 different flavors of energy chews, a recover whey protein bar, and 2 different flavors of fuel bars. Bars Sampler Pack, includes a prime fuel bar and 2 different flavors of protein bars. Sports Fuel Sample Pack includes thirst quencher powder, a recover Whey protein bar, and prime energy chews. They sell sports drinks, protein powders and shakes, bars and chews, endurance, equipment. Each Pack that you purchase includes nutrition facts on the items in the pack. This is especially helpful for athletes or people who are trying to watch how many calories they eat.

3. Two of the service performances are statistical sampling and purchases of goods. Statistical sampling allows the company to be able to tell whether or not a specific product is selling. By sampling, the company is able to indicate which product or even which things about the product people like the most. Sampling allows the company to see how they are doing sales wise but also profit and or loss wise. Purchase of goods just allows the company to be able to see how many sells they are making for that specific product and which item or items are selling the best. There is a lot of different variables that come into play when trying to determine the potential failure points with statistical sampling. The number of people in the sample could be one issue and the people who are actually selected could be another. For instance, if you are conducting a poll to see which flavor of ice cream people like the best and you picked 10 people for it and 7 out of the 10 people like the same kind of ice cream then with that you could conclude that 70 percent of people out of your sample like that kind of ice cream. There are two problems with that, the first one is that you could accidentally pick people who all happen to like the same kind of ice cream and that would not give you accurate results and the second problem with that is the number of people. If you have more people in the sample then you would be able to tell how many people actually like or dislike a product more accurately compared to if you only had 10 people. Purchase of goods allows the company to see how many items of each product were sold. A company is able to tell which products they are making a profit on and which ones they are making a loss on. With statistical sampling it would be hard to failsafe because with statistics it is a toss of the coin really most of the time. Statistics in general can be complicated. If I flipped a coin 10 times and 8 out of those times it landed on heads and the other 2 times it landed on tails well on the 11th time when I flipped the coin it would not matter how many times it had previously landed on heads or tails it would just be a 50/50 chance the next time I flipped it. My whole point with that was that when it comes to statistics there is no way to failsafe that. Purchase of goods would be a little bit easier to try and failsafe but it depends on the different variables. It could depend on what is in demand at the time or if it is a different season or holiday because some things would be in demand more than others during those times of the year.

4. There are numerous different ways to come up with a brand name. You could use the founder or inventor’s name for instance like the software company Hewlett-Packard, otherwise known as HP. You could describe what it is that your company does, Southwest airlines puts what they are in their name, Southwest Airlines. You could describe an experience or an image, the phone company Sprint does a good job at this one. You could take a word out of context for instance like the company Apple, the word apple is such a random name for a computer and phone company other than the fact that it is the brands logo. You could make up a word like google, making up words that sound cool and most people have not heard of is pretty cool. The brand name Gatorade has a unique name. It falls into the category with making up a word like google. I think that the brand has a good name and is a good brand overall. It is a very well known sports drink among athletes and has multiple commercials about it. It is the most known brand for sports drinks and dominates the market.

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