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An online product catalog is a catalog that uses modern ways to effectively showcase business products or services in a way that will grab a customer's attention.  

Benefits include:

An online product catalog is in digital form which allows users to perform regular updates quickly and at no cost. Any changes and improvements to products are immediately available to customers for buyers to see and purchase. Due to high competitiveness, this ability to provide updated products to customers quickly may lead to increased sales and market opportunities for the organization.

Online catalogs allow buyers to perform more efficient inquiries by providing easy access to the catalogs through the internet. Once buyers have accessed the internet they consult on latest data on specific product information such as descriptions, prices and product images which provide detailed information with relevant images and technical specifications enabling customers to make an easy purchasing decision.

It helps create a wider client base without increasing printing and distribution costs. You can localize online catalogs with languages and images specifically for different geographical markets and make them available to dealers and clients online from anywhere with the internet. This enables an organization to expand to new, remote customers that were previously out of reach.

An online product catalog can help track your catalog shopper's movement through the pages by use of SEO trends which can then identify factors causing abandonment of your products by customers thus enabling you to continually test and improve your online catalog and products.

Electronic catalogs enable flexibility in that you can correct mistakes, add or remove products, update features change graphics all without reprinting. The organization can then share their latest products and services with as many retailers as they wish.

Online product catalogs facilitate a direct relationship between the company and its clients. This enables faster decision making and improved responsiveness to market demands. It allows both small and medium-sized companies enjoy benefits like worldwide client base and distribution which were previously enjoyed by larger companies. Customers are regularly updated on changes and improvements which make them feel involved and enlightened thus creating loyalty.

One can use links to specific products or pages in your online public relations efforts such as press releases, articles in online trade publications and customer emails to access product descriptions prices and images that are uploaded instantly so that customers are always seeing current images and prices. Products on special offers and new arrivals should be highlighted which leads to more potential and returning customers. This also supports the industry's reputation and drives sales at the same time.

Online product catalogs lead to better customer engagement and satisfaction which encourages them to continue buying from you. With detailed information pages on their fingertips sales reps can locate an item that a customer is interested in and reply to questions within seconds. Related PDFs and marketing documents can be accessed, including brochures, specs, care and assembly instructions, consumer reports and warranties. Videos can also be incorporated to showcase a product's features and benefits, providing a memorable customer experience.

It enables one to put products in multiple categories which increase the chances of a customer clicking on and purchasing that item. Products can be sorted by price to increase margin, by inventory level to optimize stock and by previous sales to customers to facilitate reordering. This is selling smarter which increases the sales volume.

An online catalog enables the product to be marketed through social media and email campaigns. Customers are always responsive to special offers in a product catalog, with a digital version, when social media sites are used sales can be generated much more quickly through the use of a computer or a mobile phone especially when links to buy are added.

An online catalog can become a search friendly shopping cart system where customers browse products and place orders day and night with no efforts from your sales force which is made easier by integrating your online catalog with order database.

An online catalog helps to reach new customers by improving sites performance in the search engine. When your entire product catalog is added to your website using a search engine friendly format, the search engine spiders will detect increased relevant content and give your site more relevance importance in searches online. A significant online presence can improve your company reputation as an industry leader.

Electronic catalog grabs the attention of the customer and converts inquiries into orders. They can be sent as email attachments at very low costs. No postage costs are incurred which leads to huge costs savings.

It enables one to keep track and optimize sales. This enables adjustments to inventory accordingly to reduce backorder and overstocking scenarios that threaten the profit margin and drive up the warehousing costs.

They are eco-friendly since there is no use of paper or similar materials that would cause consumption of trees. This reduces the effects of global warming and creates a more conducive environment to live in.

An online product catalog is a perfect platform for an organization to sell itself. An organization should focus on brand attributes and product benefits that the client looks for. Thorough explanations of each product that the organization offers, creates a descriptive desire for the product which will attract many potential clients.


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