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The education industry is one of the most widespread industries in the world. The goal has always been the same: to provide aid in a way that will lead to progress and national growth on both an individual and national level. The cost of offering education services can be very high. As a result, the government continues to invest in education for its people. This investment spans from early childhood to graduate level education. There are various reasons as to why the government has ventured into the education industry. The main reasons for this include the potential return on investment in the field, and the need to ensure that the nation has a reliable and well-educated workforce that will provide the much-needed skills in getting to bring about development and services for the public and the nation at large.

In addition to this, there are various private companies that have ventured into the education industry. They enter for one of a couple of reasons: either to offer the same services being offered by the government due to the belief that they can offer those services at a higher quality or to take advantage of a rapidly growing market with a strong potential for profits. Businesses get to thrive in areas that have great potential, readily available resources and also a ready market for the goods and services being offered.

There are certain features that are necessary to analyze to compare the environments for a business to operate. One of the first steps in starting a business is researching the targeted industry. One has to consider the purpose of the business, which is done through having well- research policies and strategies on how to start and operate the business (Laura). In addition, one has to bring into perspective is the challenges that other players have experienced in the industry and how to survive in the market.

For one to have a well-outlined business plan it should be accurate and straight to the point as the issues outlined in the business will get to bring into perspective the factors that lead to the success or the failure of the business. The planning and strategizing of a business are very important and necessary for the success and progress of accompanying. The concise presentation in the planning to the investors and the authorities is also very important to ensure that their approval and also the laws and regulations that have been set in the industry have been planned and followed to the maximum.

In addition to having a well-outlined plan, it is important to have a well cut out plan for the services that will be offered and the education policies in place. The big picture must be identified through a research and development team, this has been outlined by Claritas to be a very effective and elaborate plan as they get to give departments comprehensive educational programs and also the finances in getting to establish the essentials of the industry in order to bring about development and also to ensure that the services being offered are relevant and practical to the education sector.

The thesis statement to the problem would be getting to identify out the issues that need to be addressed by the education sector and in particular those who are venturing into the market. This can be achieved through offering different services which are aimed at promoting the quality of education and also the services by the industry. Due to the competition and the mandates that are enshrined in the laws, it is necessary that the investors come up with a concrete plan on how to bring about growth and meet the market niche.

There are many education challenges that need to be addressed by the new players in the market. Firstly, the quality of education in the schools directly affects the growth and development of students in general. As a result of a low quality of education in many schools, the services that are offered in the education industry help supplement this lack of learning. It is also very essential to ensure that the standards of the education department as per the moment are outlined to have a starting point. Next, the terms of employment for the teachers and also the working condition that is accorded to them must be looked at. This is outlined in the labor laws and also the contracts that the education stakeholders get to approve, as they get their permits and also the approval to work on the education  projects in their institutions. Getting to have this terms of employment in the favor of teachers is likely to translate to better results by the students. Another challenge that needs to be addressed is dealing with the core subjects that have an impact on the education and the growth of the student, by analyzing the the national curriculum. The benefit is that it gets to maintain the national culture and at the same time ensure that the aim of teaching and learning is attained by all the learners. Learners get to understand better and perform better when dealing with fewer and more elaborate topics and issues unlike having a wide range of subjects to handle (Guyana). The fourth challenge is having a democratically elected standing committee that gets to oversee the education services and adherence to the policies and regulations that are set out by the committee and the education authorities. The law gives the authorities the mandate to enforce the law and also to punish those who violate the regulations. The cooperation between the two departments will get to improve the services and the quality of teaching by the different stakeholders in the education department and also the investors. Restoring assessment of the teaching and the learning in the schools and getting rid of the divisive and biased system of getting o deal with tables on the performance and output from the different institutions and departments (Peter). There are a number of solutions that can be devised in getting to come up with solutions that would solve the education problem. Though some of the solutions may be long-term in getting to have the effect felt, the aim of the investors is getting to make profit while at the same getting to deliver the services that they have promised and envisioned to deliver. It is important to ensure that the quality of services being offered in any industry or any business field are good and also to ensure that they get to retain their customers in the industry. The education industry is very competitive and also very sensitive, in the sense that there are very high standards and that the cost of providing educations is very high.

The industry players have to factor in the costs of operating the educational institutions and also the competition from the government institutions which get to enjoy the benefit of having unlimited funding and also subsidized services and costs of operations.

To have a high-quality education system and quality output from the learners, it is of the essence to understand that 85% of the core brain development happens at the tender age of 4 which gets to set the base and the foundation for the growth and development of a child and their future. Research has proved that children who get access to quality education have a very high probability of cognitive development and have better foundational skills which are essential life skills for one to have a healthy development and growth.

Also, early childhood can get to overcome the disadvantages which are related to poverty, this has been backed by research from the children’s department and early childhood education that 25% of children who had no access to education are more to likely to drop out of schools while 40% are likely to become teenage parents, while 0% are very likely not going to attend college, interestingly to note is that 70% are likely to get arrested for violent crime (Policies).These statistics get to show that it is very important to bring on board quality education at the very first stages of growth and development of a learner.

To get to benefit from the learning standards for the students and also the industry players, it is essential that there be consistent progress to the educational programs and the policies being advocated for by the department. An example would be aligning the pre-core standards with the pre-K standards with the common core regulations that are sought after in getting to bring about good education.

Getting to close the gaps in the universal development screening leads to assessment and effective intervention as this gets to bring about early detection of learning disabilities for the children. Also, identifying the challenges that the students get to face in their learning, boosts the quality of education in terms of the results and thus better output from the teaching fraternity.

UNICEF has identified quality education to a situation whereby learners can get to have a healthy and well-nourished learning environment that has the support of their families and also that gets to bring benefits to the community at large. The environment that the child is learning should be healthy and safe and more importantly gender sensitive with the needed resources. The reason as to why the UNICEF definition is widely accepted and referred to is because it is all-inclusive and also caters for the important needs for a healthy and secure environment for the learner (Sadig).

The importance of having well-qualified teachers who have the experience and also the expertise in their profession is that they get to offer quality education and also the results from the performance by the learners gets to reflect on the outcome of their input by the teachers. Despite the selection based on different criteria which leads to having different students who affect the outcome of the results due to their different abilities is necessary that the performance of the teacher is paramount in getting to ensure that they achieve the desired results.

It is of importance that the teaching profession gets to maintain high standards that investors should uphold. The low standards and the lack of experience by the teachers have high effects on the learners as this gets to translate in the outcome of the results that they get to portray in their performance.

Some of the solutions that can be brought forth in getting to deal with the poor standards of teaching that is being offered to the student. It is necessary that the teaching institutions get to improvise and come up with policies that ensure that the standards of teaching are not undermined at whatever costs and also to ensure that the terms of the contracts under which the teachers are offered are suitable to them and also to the employer. The effect that it gets to be a morale booster for the teaching profession, and also it brings about good tidings for the school.

The International Labor organization which has been given the mandate by the United Nations in getting to set up the regulations in monitoring and controlling the labor force in the world and ensuring that the laborers are not violated nor treated inhumanely (Organization).In conclusion, the thesis that was written and submitted by Ellen Theresa to George Town University on the quality of teachers and the impact they have on the performance and outcome of the child.

Dealing with core subjects gets to bring about the picture about the effectiveness of the learning system and also the challenges and probable solutions to the problem.The importance of getting to assess the outcome of the core subjects is that they bring about the understanding of the learners, and also they get to ensure that the student can benefit from the subjects taught for their benefit and skills in life. The core subjects are designed and programmed by the education department in conjunction with other stake holders as they get to form the right curriculum that would shape the education system.

It is necessary to understand that the challengers that the entrepreneurs in the education industry are that they face random and sudden changes in the program that are to be taught. Therefore it is of importance that investors get to form an organization that would give them bargaining power for them to have a say in the formulation of policies in the education department.

Having departments changing the curriculum has the challenge of getting to affect the investments that were made in the institution as they are rendered redundant and of no use. The core subjects give investors room to invest in the main units that are having an impact on the performance of the student and also on the national outcome regarding the labor force and also the standards of performance that is being offered to the masses.

The demand for services by the market for qualified and professional services gets to have an impact on the result of the services that are being offered and also employment opportunities. It is of essence that the core subjects are well outlined and defined for efficiency.

• Democratically elected committee on education

For there to be order and discipline, there has to be regulation and supervision of the performance and execution by the various commissions or committees that have been given the mandate by the law in getting to monitor the outcome of the various considerations and also the policies in the education industry. It is of importance the bodies that have been given the mandate of getting to monitor the performance of the education get to work hand in hand with the education investors.

However, in the case that the two sides do not comply and work in harmony, then the education industry becomes unattractive to investors due to the terms and conditions and also the treatment of the investors especially due to the high cost of investment that is brought forth in the education sector.

• Restoring assessment of teaching and learning in institutions.

The issue of getting to ascertain the quality of teaching in institutions is very important and fundamental in getting to maintain the quality and standards in the education sector. It is paramount that the departments get to bring about the quality and the standards that are needed in getting to bring about the standards of the market to get to reap the benefits of the investments.

The Industry

The industry has had so much impact and control in terms of getting to set standards and also the features which are deemed necessary in order to get to bring about growth and development in the sector. Through getting to establish the needs and the challenges in the market there gets to be better services that are offered and also improvements through getting to compare the performance in other countries.

The House Commons Education committee has the mandate of getting to monitor the performance and also the functions of the various education institutions. The Wellcome Trust maintains a close eye on the science department in the schools as this gets to bring about a strong scientific research base and also quality developments in terms of research.

Through having well developed and outlined systems and data about the development and growth on the school management brings about quality treatment about the system (Wellcome Trust)

On the other hand, the education ministry in New Zealand gets to bring about the needed regulations in order to ensure that there is control and development of the education system in country. This is achieved through having strategic leadership and proper use of the resources and the support from the community in order to benefit from the resources available.

The ministry of education in New Zealand has outlined a leadership model where-by they monitor the education and also the capability of having the education prosper. Through having to assess the resources and the opportunities in the community.

On the other hand the ministry of Guyana they have been able to maintain professional standards through getting to set the standards of the teaching profession. These get to ensure that the high standards of the teaching profession have been maintained. In addition to that, there is the education for sustainable development in order to ensure that there is development and growth in accordance to the standards of the community and the education sector in that state. Through having safe and secure education policies that get to have a well outlined strategy that will bring about good tidings in the industry. Importantly, through having the schools welfare officers, who have the duty of monitoring the conduct of the schools and also bringing about high standards of the education system (Guyana). This can get to bring about high standards with in the country in order to bring about high standards.

The Problems

1.  Quality of education has been deemed very essential in getting to bring about the issues affecting the education industry in investing the funds and the resources. Research did show that poor supervision and monitoring of kids does bring about a deficiency in growth in the personality of the student especially in their tender years.

2.  The terms of employment that get to be offered to the teachers have high effects on how they get to perform their duties and also the results of their output. It is therefore important that the terms of employment get to be in compliance with the International Labor Organization.

3.  Getting to bring about the core subjects in order to ensure that the value of education is not undermined. This can get to be upheld by the committees that get to monitor and supervise the conduct of the investors in the market.

4.  Through having democratically elected leaders to monitor the department and also the effects of supervision by the department as it gets to bring about efficiency and control.

5.  Restoring the assessment of teaching and learning in the institution, this was very necessary in order to get the attention of the investors as they had to get the assurance of the standards being offered.

The Solutions

1.  Setting standards for the education sector get to bring about the standards in terms of funding  and also the expectation while having to bring about control in the market and also to limit poor quality.

2.  The issue of getting to bring about high standards in order to bring about high standards and meet the deficiency from the national government.

3.  Setting the limit on the minimum on how to bring about control in the ,market in order to ensure that there was high standards and also the requirements for the different sets of marketing.

4.  Quality reading materials that get to bring about the right standards for the students in order to ensure there is quality in terms of the books.

5.  Supervision of the market by the department in order to bring about equality by all stakeholders

The Recommendation

1.  Constant supervision on the investors

2.  Quality teaching materials such as books.

3.  Assessing the performance of the education sector.

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