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Assessment for Management (B7MN100) title “Management Function in Action” consist of four persons in our group.  We were required to interviewed a company, so we choose to interviewed Meditop Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd. We set the date on 23rd February 2018 for the interview session with Mr. Azizan. In this report, we define management function in the role of managers in a business environment. The four components of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. First is planning, it is for a business decides their business goals and recognize a method to achieve their goals. Next is organizing, a company need to determine the function of people and resources in one organization and control all the workers assigned to the task that given to them. Moreover, the management function is leading, it is a step to achieve their goals by communicating, motivating, inspiring, and encouraging employees towards excellent level of productivity. Lastly is controlling, when company has setup a plan for their company, it has been carried out then they evaluate the result against the goals.  

2.0 Introduction

2.1 Company's Background

TOP Corporation was established in 1940 to manufacture and distribute glass syringes and disposable medical equipment. They exist as a comprehensive medical product because they have been supplying a variety of products to medical facilities. The headquarters is located at Tokyo, Japan and they have two affiliated companies in Japan and three companies in overseas which is in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. In 1990, one of the overseas company is Meditop Corporation Sdn Bhd in Malaysia were established and they have 1800 workers in Malaysia.

Meditop Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd is located at Lot 3, Persiaran Usahawan, Taman IKS, Seksyen 9, 43650, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor (Plant 2) and Lot 1, Jalan P/1B, Kawasan Perindustrian Bangi, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor (Plant 1). We conduct our interview at Seksyen 9, Bandar Baru Bangi. Meditop products are produced under strict quality control because they produce a medical equipment. Moreover, Meditop has received ISO 13485 certification, which assures that our company has a quality management system of international calibre. Meditop Corporation Sdn Bhd principles is they will contribute to human health and welfare through the creation of better products. They strive to secure appropriate profits so that all the people engaged in Meditop Corporation can lead an affluent and happy life throughout their career.

2.2 Manager's Background

Mr. Nor Azizan Sulaiman a 49 years old man work as Manager Human Resource Department has assist us on the day of the interview. He is from Muar, Johor and worked at Meditop Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd more than ten years. Mr. Azizan has graduated in Bachelor in Mass communication at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and finish his Master in Business Administration (MBA) at Universiti Utara Malaysia. Meditop Corporation Sdn Bhd is the fifth company he is worked.

3.0 Principle of Management Function

3.1 Planning

In straightforward words planning is choosing ahead of time what can anyone does, where, how and by whom it is to be finished. It includes the selection of objectives, policies and procedures from various alternatives. A planning is a predetermined course of action to achieve a specified goal. It is an intellectual process characterized by thinking before doing. Planning is the primary function of management without planning everything is miserable. According to Theo Haimann, “Planning is deciding in advance what is to be done. At the point when the Human Resources and managers design the planning, he anticipates a strategy for additionally determine to accomplish a predictable co-ordinate structure of tasks went for the coveted outcomes. Another definition of planning by Koontz and O' Donnell, “Planning is an intellectual process, conscious determination of course of action, the basing of decision on purpose, facts and considered estimates.”

We do our research on MEDITOP Corporation (M) SDN. BHD, they manufacture and distribute glass syringes, provide comprehensive medical device manufacturer and supplied variety of products to medical facilities. MEDITOP is a company was located at Tokyo, Japan. Their factory was located at Bandar Baru Bangi Malaysia they establish MEDITOP Corporation (M) SDN. BHD. in Malaysia at year 1990. Meditop Corporation are planning to build another factory in Sendayan, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. We already made an interview with MEDITOP Human Resources manager regarding this company about and their management. We also prepared some question and being verify by our lecture before we make the interview with the MEDITOP manager the question we prepared divide into 4 parts first is planning, second leading, third organizing and fourth is controlling. We manage to collect some data and information regarding management of MEDITOP company, during the interview this a several questions that been asked by our group members to the manager of the company. First is question regarding management planning in the company is what the mission and vision of the company is. We also asked what is the main source of information that your manager use in planning. Other than we also asked about how MEDITOP differentiate itself. Does company tax reduce your profit? How the planning flow in the company. Is there any weakness seriously threaten the MEDITOP business? What are the obstacles does this company facing?

Planning is the systematic process need to be establishing and working out the best way to meet the need of the customer and the market, within a strategic framework it will enable to make the identify priorities and determines the important, it also can determine the advantages and disadvantages of the planning and can make the precaution for the planning that already made. Planning means thinking about the future so that you can do something about it now. This doesn't necessarily mean that everything will go according to plan. It probably won't. It utilizes with maximum efficiency by the production and available time and resources.

Our interview is going very well because etiquette that applied by MEDITOP Corporation. They are very professional and represent the Japan culture which very high discipline are made as the rule. The company basic principal is to serve and will contribute to human health and welfare through the creation of better product. MEDITOP believe that medical equipment that protects people's lives and health should not adversely affect the global environment or the human body, and we are keeping in mind the contribution to the environment in addition to health and welfare. The manager said that the vision and mission of the MEDITOP is wide from their view because the company is the multinational company and international company, their mission is to striving to manufacture product that highest quality and make sure the product that been provide is comfort and safety. We are proud that our products protect your precious lives and health and offer you reliable quality and safety. For the vision is we create "forward-looking products" and making continuous efforts to improve "quality.

For the next question is how the company would ensure their plan is follow the schedule being set by their management. He answers that In anticipation of becoming a successful century-old company, MEDITOP Corporation and all their employees will work hard together to steadily move up to the next stage. We will continue to strive for further growth with a strong sense of advancement and morals. For question how the MEDITOP differentiate itself, the manager said their field they not faced any competition from other their competitor because their company produce production for medical equipment and their market is worldwide around the world, for this time their export product around 98% just only focused to the japan, although the production at Malaysia. What are obstacles the company faced in their market. The manager stated since the MEDITOP was established in Malaysia at year 1990 they not faced any problem but when the tsunami hit the Japan at year 2011 the company had to stop the production because the limitation of the raw material and cannot export the product. After that the company make the preparation if they faced once again the lack of the raw material. (Jenny, 2009)

Does company tax reduce MEDITOP profit, the management of the MEDITOP is a good and well manage, they reduce the amount of tax by use the technique open the new investment when reached 5 years. The Malaysia law stated that when the company made new investment they are entitled for tax exemption. These tax incentives will low the tax charge by the government to the company, such as extra allowances on capital expenditure incurred, special deduction of expenses, exemption on income, preferential tax treatments for promoted sectors, double deduction of expenses exemption of import duty and excise duty, etc. Despite the fact that Malaysia is neither an expense shelter nor a low assessment purview, for organizations which are qualified for the tax incentive, the successful duty rates might be altogether beneath the normal corporate tax rate of 24%. For example, an assembling organization with a pioneer status tax incentive pays a powerful expense at the rate of 7.2% as just 30% of its benefits are liable to charge. Some of the major tax incentives available in Malaysia are the Pioneer Status (PS), Investment Tax Allowance (ITA) and Reinvestment Allowance (RA). (Chen, 2017)

Next question is in the planning of MEDITOP are they applied SWOT analysis technique. The manager stated that there are lot of other technique they use, SWOT analysis also one of the technique because to ensure their planning is covered by all aspect, SWOT analysis is where the administration group recognizes the inward and outside elements that will influence the organization's future performance, opportunities and threats deal factors external to the organization and environmental factors. What will be your most effective marketing and promotional strategies in planning? The manager stated that their company are the provider of medical equipment, when people get sick then they need the medical equipment. The MIDETOP is provider direct to the hospitality and other medical institution.

What is the main source of information that MEDITOP manager use in planning. The source of information used by the manager are directly from the HQ at Japan, every decision regarding management of the company is depend by the HQ of MEDITOP at Japan. But for decision such as the selection of the workers is depending on the branch itself. Because the MEDITOP is a company that produce the medical equipment they need to ensure the process of the production their product is no being effect by the bacteria, when their workers sick they are given direct leaves for a week to ensure that their other workers and product free from bacteria. Could any of the weakness seriously threaten MEDITOP business. The manager answers the question asked by our very polite, there are no weakness can threaten their company. The Planning in management is the way toward surveying an organization's targets and making a practical plan of activity for meeting those objectives. The initial step of this planning procedure is to recognize a particular organization objective and with this can avoid the weakness that can threaten the business and the company can take a prevention.

For the conclusion an association without arranging the future plan is plan to fail. Without arranging, association, are liable to the breezes of organizational change. Planning is one of the most important and crucial functions of management. According to Koontz and O'Donnell, “Without planning, business will becomes easily make mistake and there will be many unexpected problems will occur the decisions become meaningless when decision made after the problem happen. According to Geroge R. Terry, “Planning is the foundation of most successful actions of any enterprise.”, An important advantage of planning is to make sure that the plan will effective and proper. Also ensure the available resources and can makes optimum use of these resources by their budget that already been prepared. With a proper planning the company will had set their goals and working towards those goals not by the randomly target and goals.

3.2 Organizing

The definitions of organizational structure are to helps a company assign a hierarchy that defines roles, responsibility, and supervision the definitions of organizational structure are to helps a company assign a hierarchy that defines roles, responsibility, and supervision. It's the plan that outlines who reports to whom and who is responsible for what. In organizational chart it is consists job titles and the reporting structure that usually recorded and shared. In organizational structure there is two approaches that will be used. First, it is a centralized structure gives most of the authority and decision-making power to the team at the top. Second, it is a decentralized structure that allocates authority and decision-making at lower levels which is consists of departments, grouping or units.

A company can be organized in a number of ways. It might be built around divisions, functions, geography, or with a matrix approach. It is organized around divisions or business units that are self-contained entities with their own functional departments, this is called as divisional structure, to illustrate as human resources departments, finance departments and others. A functional structure is based on job functions often labelled as departments of finance, purchasing. A geographical structure is often used when a company has multiple locations. Each location operates independently.  A matrix structure the company is organized around teams assembled for specific tasks. Team members usually report to more than one person such as the team leader, and the supervisor for the team member's functional area.

Based on our company that we choose is Meditop Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd, which is they emphasize safety and effectiveness of medical devices is largely determined by the materials of which they made. So, the process takes in organisation for this company is their identification and counting of activities. First, manager identity and determines all the activities that are need to be performed in achieving company goals in the stage of organising process. To illustrate, this company producing a medical product, this company do not have target production for medical devices because the demand for medical devices is always high, and they have to perform large number of activities related to production, distribution, finance and others.

Next, this process is to be divided into different department known as jobs and tasks. All company have a process of identifying and grouping of activities to be performed and dividing them among the individuals and creating authority and responsibility relationship among them for the accomplishment of organisational activities. Once the activities had been divided into department, these can be easily put into various groups on the basis of their relationship and similarities. To give an example, Meditop company each job and task related to production is to be grouped up into production department, activities that are related to finance they have own department and all the tasks or activities are to be grouped up in the respective departments. And these are to be assigned to a various department created for purpose and ensured that has required competence and resources for performing tasks.

In addition, to make them can perform assigned work in satisfactory manner is followed by giving them adequate rights in order to do task of group among various departments. The rights are granted thought process of delegation. In this process higher level manager gives away some of his right in favour of other who becomes his subordinate and it continues till the last level of management. To illustrate, in Meditop company, the organisation process or any changes that is the managers plans, but the control activities or tasks is comes from his subordinates or workers such as assistant or supervisor. This is finally to coordinate functioning of various departments towards the achievement of goals.

The organisational design is a step by using methodology which is to identifies unfunctional aspects of working flow, procedures, structures and systems, realigns them to fit current business goals then develops plan to implement the new changes. This process focuses on improving both the technical and people side of business.

For Meditop company, if there is any changes in their organisation they will give information directly to their workers so that they do not have misunderstanding and know the purposes. All the managers and head of department will explain the reason of changes in their organisation. Before they implement the changes in Malaysia branch they will ask permission for the changes and will discuss with the head office in Japan, after they give the permission, head of departments in Malaysia will implement the changes followed by the law in Malaysia. Next, Meditop company also use the direct communication with workers if there is any problem, because the manager believe that direct communication will more efficient than third party communication. This will lead to understanding between manager and worker about the problem occur. And will lead to good relationship between manager and workers. And Meditop also ask for the opinion from workers about the changes happen, and do not ignore their opinion.

In addition, the task is to make the design works. Worker are organized into work groups which receive training in the new design, team skills and team building. New work roles are learned and new relationship within or without the equipment are established. All the strategies, equipment, and facilities also effected and rearranged when there is changes in organisation. But there is reward systems, performance, information sharing, decision-making and management systems are changed and adjusted. Some of this can be successful quickly from time to time. Some may require more detail and can be implemented over a longer period of time.

The organising process results in the creation of an organisation structure. An organisation structure is the framework of all position in a set up.  Each position has a set of tasks, responsibilities, and authority. There are several types of organizational structures but three of this structure stand out it is functional structure, project-based structure and matrix structures.

First, the functional organizational structure is employees in an area need to report to many directors. For example, a human resources manager may call upon marketing department employee to handle a matter related to this area, as well as IT and others.

Second, project-based structure is highly dynamic and creative companies such as architecture company use this structure. A series of specialized employees, ready to compose a work team as needed characterize this structure. To illustrate, each project the collaborators report to a different leader. Once they complete the project, a manager assigns them a new project and a new leader.

Thirdly, matrix structure is widely used both by companies that are constantly launching new equipment. For example, companies that have project-based structures, but also believe that functional supervision is necessary and important.

In Meditop company, their using different structure in different departments. As a result of their business is based on family structure or culture. So, in family culture or structure the are using so many organization structures. Each department using a different structure that appropriate to that department. To illustrate, one of their department appears with hierarchy structure because it looks organized. But, this company is based in Japan, so they need to follow their culture but still they implement Malaysia culture in certain situation. They need to adapt in different cultures or structure, even it is hard to adapt because Japan culture is not open minded, while in Malaysia our culture is very open minded. If they dealing with local, so they will follow Malaysia structure but if they dealing with Japan they need to adapt with their structure. Because Meditop do not have fix organization structure.

Organisation structure is to achieve goals and objectives of a company. The objectives of different company tend to be different, they cannot afford to adopt one organisation structure only and think that it works efficiently. Thus, structure of an organisation need to used more than one structure that is suited to that company.

Organisation structure to be used for company that is give direct result to achieved the objectives. Hight growth company usually have a smaller organizational structure so that they can react to the changes in the business environment. For small business their business strategy often delay in creates organizational structure. For Meditop company, they using a family structure, and they adapt in all organisation structure that is suitable with that department it is because they produce a medical equipment so they produce the same equipments but different in level of demand. For the sales and distributing, Head Office in Japan will manage that is why in Meditop they use different organisational structure.

Next, people-structure relationship is important. A good organisation structure provides people with the supportive structures to attain organisational and individual objectives. In Meditop company they have a strong relationship between workers. And there is a lot benefits that their worker got such as they have a fix bonus, allowance, medical benefits and trip company. So, this is will lead all workers can be hardworking and adapting in the structure that provides them a good organisation.

To be conclude, the structure of an organisation company depends on a lot of factors such as external environment in which the business operates as well as it is culture and the nature of work and activities undertakes. They have positive and negative impact on a business. In Meditop company their employees feel empowered and motivated the way the company have a good structure like family structure. This encourages them to a positively contribute an effective team working in positive environment.

3.3 Leading

The third element of management is leading and one of the management core functions. Leading is the process in which managers instruct, guide and oversee the performance of their workers to achieve performance goals. According to Faizul (2016), said that, inspiring, communicating, motivating and influencing employees are include in the leadership skills to obtain the efficient output. All managers are not leaders, but all leaders are managers. When the managers have legitimate powers, an employee will follow all the direction of the manager because they have to, but an employee voluntarily follows the direction of a leader because they have believed in him/her.

There are five types of leadership style in the work environments by Rose Johnson (2017). There are laissez-faire, autocratic, participative, transactional and transformational. The laissez-faire leader is lacks direct supervision of employees and fails to provide regular feedback to those under his supervision. Next, the autocratic style allows managers to make decision alone without the input of others. While participative known as democratic leadership style values the input of team members, but the responsibility of making the final decision rests with the participative leader. Under transactional leadership, managers receive certain tasks to perform and provide rewards or punishments to team members based on performance result. Lastly, transformational style depends on high levels of communication from management to meet goals.  

A little bit about background of the manager who is Mr Nor Azizan bin Sulaiman, worked as the Senior Human Resource Manager at company Meditop Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd. He had been 22 years served as the Human Resource Manager for almost five companies throughout his career and for Meditop Corporation, he had served for 10 years in this company. He started his career with his background education of Degree in Mass Communication (UKM) and Master in Business Admin (MBA). For his best achievements throughout his career, he got an award for the best employer in Selangor, in year 2017 by KWSP (Kumpulan Wang Bersepadu).

For Mr Azizan, the leadership style that we found is he implement more than one styles which are the autocratic leadership, participative leadership, transactional leadership and transformational leadership. He thought that all the styles must have in a management especially in Human Resource department. In dealing with people, sometimes you have to be serious, sometimes you can be friend, sometimes you can be a good listener, and sometimes you be stricter towards your employees in making decision. His likely love to use the style of MBWA which means manage by walking around. He manages his responsibility as a manager by walking around all the departments, asking their health condition, and be nice with them without different stages of rank. Treating his employees as a friend is more preferable for him as it can get close the relationship between employer and employees.

For the definition of participative leadership is leader values the input of team members, but the responsibility of making the final decision rests with the leader. According to Surendra Kumar Sahu (2015), teamwork is important in an organization because it provides employees with an opportunity to bond with each other, which improves relations among them. Improved employee relations also result from the fact to increase trust among them. Thus, Mr Azizan is conscious about the important of teamwork and practically practice it into his management. There are ways in building a strong teamwork which is firstly get to know your each of the group members.  This is to identify the sensitivity of an individual, the strengths and weakness of each members.

Secondly, delegates the task to each members of the group to have better understanding on the task given. For example, in a project that will be made require a great teamwork to have a great outcome. Thus, a leader needs to distribute and give a brief explanation about the task to each member. The guidance, discussion among group members and follow up from the leader also important in enhancing the value of team spirit. Mr. Azizan also preferred the method of two ways communication despite of their education background and how long they had been worked for in every discussion. This is because to give chance for the employees to give their opinion, ideas and exchange opinions. No matter what position you are, just be brave in voice out the ideas and opinions outwards. This is one of characteristics of a leader should have in their leadership like Mr. Azizan.

Besides, under transactional leadership, managers receive certain tasks to perform and provide rewards or punishments to team members based on performance result. Mr. Azizan also motivates his employees by giving a lot of rewards, allowance and incentive in ways of increasing the quality of their works. There a lot of allowance provided to all employees such as attendance allowance, transportation allowance and service allowance. Not to forget for those had been work for a long period at Meditop Corporation also get the old service allowance for maximum RM1500 per month. Then, the rewards also given to those who had achieved the achievement guided by the manager. For the best employee every month, they will get RM150 and RM1500 for the best employee of the year. The company also give them a trip for holiday every year for the best employees. Every month also they will hold sport activity with participation of all employees and held annual dinner to reduce the gap between employer and employees. Meditop also provides medical benefits to all the employees for their welfare working at the company.

Other than that, according to Zahra Sherzay (2015), it is important for your business to employ the right people in the organization. Thus, a good recruitment process is essential to attract the right kind of employees for the business needs. There are several kinds of methods in recruiting a new employee such as online Google form, interview, fill the form and others. For Mr. Azizan, he preferred to choose the methods of fill in the form and having an interview. Individual who had submitted their form to Human Resource Department will have to wait for the call for an interview. Both methods are essential for them as they need to recognize whether they have the qualification or not and checked their health condition. In Meditop Corporation which makes the medical devices products, it is essential for the operation manager position candidates to have a good health and did not have a sweaty hand. They very particular in recruiting an employee as the company is strict about the election.

Lastly, the leadership style of transformational is depends on high levels of communication from management to meet goals. According to Karen S. Johnson (2018), all the management functions-planning, organizing, leading and controlling required effective communication to achieve more efficient, productive and satisfying work environment. For Mr. Azizan, not only he as the manager must have the good communication towards his employees, but his employees also must good at it to obtain more dependable staffs. Thus, every month he will held an activity which his one staff needs to give a presentation in front of the others managers. He will give a certain topic about current issue to be present, but they can come and discussed it together about the topic. He really gives all his support and attention towards his staff until they can really able to speak in front of people confidently. Hence, if the staff first once felt anxious to do presentation, now they can speak confidently and improved their communication skills.

3.4 Controlling

Controlling was very important function in a management. According to Koontz And O'Donnell (2017), “Controlling shows the measurement of accomplishment against standard and the improvement of deviations to assure achievement of objective follows planning”. All types of management use this controlling function in their management. All managers in the company required to perform controlling.

A management controls their planning by controlling. Without controlling, the planning is useless because controlling and planning cannot be separated from each other. Controlling contains three controls steps which is establishing standards and methods for measuring performance, determining whether performance matches the standard and taking corrective action.

Controlling also contains three types of tools, first is feed-forward control, it is managers used this type to control their policies, procedure in their company. Its mean that the feed-forward control that takes place before work is performed. Second concurrent control, control that takes place when work is performed. Feedback control is when a management has performed their organizational performance.

Based on the person that we had interviewed, Mr. Azizan. He said most of the operation in Meditop is controls by their headquarters in Japan. In Bangi, the just produce the product and supply to their supplier to distribute to the hospital and clinic. Meditop Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd control their company and product astutely.

Measuring performance is the first controlling process of management. In Meditop, they have safety community meeting if there any problem occurs, every month also they have presentation with the management for the safety report. In the report, safety officer had to prepared the report of activities and satisfactions that has been made by the safety section. After the report has been prepared, the safety officer has to submit the report to the Malaysian Government. The safety officer has their own license, so they have to send the report to get the license. Other than that, Malaysian Government and Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) will audit the Meditop Corporation. There is a safety section before the staff can get into the production factory. There is a safety officer in the safety section that will check their suit every day whether it is follows the rules that disbursed by the government and by the company itself. The operation staff have to wear a jumpsuit that cover the whole body and face, they also cannot wear make-up or any others chemical that can cause bacteria. While they do their work, if there is an injury even just a small injury, they must inform to the management. They have to fill up the report form and inquiry form. Even if the operation staff had a fever, the management will ask them to go to the clinic and rest, this is because they frightened bacteria when they cough or flu can affect to the medical equipment.

The second process is comparing the actual performance whether it is against standard or not. In Meditop Corporation, they never through economy problem until now, this is because Meditop always have demand by consumers. But based on the Mr. Azizan even Meditop did not have losses but the company will always do cost saving. In the human resources department, they will cut the cost on their panel clinic, if the clinic gives too much medical leave, they will call the doctor and advice the doctor to control the medical leave unless the staff was really sick. The management will monitor a month before and after they meet the doctor. Management also will check on staff's record, if the staff was reach the limit for leave, they will appoint a warning letter for the staff to take care of their health. The management also will limit the panel clinic for the staffs unless there is an emergency or the panel clinic was closed. In that way, Meditop can reduce their expenses for medical almost RM100k in 2017. Manager in human resources will appoint each person in the production department to control at least two or three department processes to control staff's attendance, maintain the worker's welfare, so they will focus just on their department and it is easy to manage the department. At least once of fortnight the company will have meeting and discussion to share a problem that occur in their department. If there is no problem, they need to make presentation to share their knowledge with the other about the human resources.

The last step is taking corrective action. Most of the department in Meditop Corporation use the same method to solve their problems depends on the problem that occur in the company. First, the manager of the department has to identify the issue. Then if it is related to the staff, they will call the staff to ask whether the staff have problem or else. If there are discipline matters, they will depend on the report received by the manager. For the production of medical product, if there is too much rejection, they will check the materials of the product that have been used or the machine that they use might be have a problem or the staff problem itself. They also have to check the quality process of the product either can be relevant to produce the product or not. Meditop had lack of materials supplier when Tsunami happen in Japan, it is affected the factory in Japan. Another one when flash flood happens in Thailand, it is affect Meditop because most of the company materials supplier is come from the Thailand. They had to find another supplier and they realize it can give a big impact on the company.

Furthermore, Meditop Corporation also use controlling tools in their company. First is feedforward control, Meditop produce their product almost million and around 20 contenna every day in the Plant 1 and Plant 2 factory. This is because their medical product was very small size like tubes, needles, wings, nossels, caps and other. Meditop Corporation have their own controlling in each process, every process they have their quality assurance. They also must go through In Process Multi Control (IP2C). There is a person in charge who will check whether that materials to produce the product is can used and follow specifications.

Second is concurrent control, after the medical equipment have been process, there is a person in charge to check their quality and to make sure the product is follow specifications. Before the packing were made, there is a room for blow chemical to kill the bacteria for a few hours or it called as sterilization. The room was in hot temperature, so it can kill the bacteria in the medical equipment.

Lastly is feedback control. After packaging has been done, the product will distribute to distributors. The medical equipment was used for hospital and health purpose, so the company was very emphasized about the hygiene of the product as well. Meditop also controls their work system based on their schedule based on company's policies.

In Meditop Corporation there had a few races in the company, majority of the staff in the company is Malays. The Chinese in the company is not more than 20 persons, Indian around 5 persons and Japanese around 5 persons. The Japanese are from headquarters in Japan. Meditop also hire foreigner operation workers that are from Indonesia, Myanmar and Nepal but only a few persons. Almost company always have a person that always resentful or hostile towards their leader, in Meditop they handle the staff by admonishment their staff. If it did not affect their work, it did not become a problem towards company.

As conclusion, controlling was the important components in the management. Without the controlling process and controlling tools, the management components cannot be complete. There are three in the controlling process which is measuring, comparing actual performance whether against standard and taking corrective action. In controlling also have controlling tools, it is feedforward control, concurrent control and feedback control.

4.0 Conclusion

The 4 concepts of the management which assures that our company has a quality management system of international calibre. Production management is a part of general management and it performs planning, organizing, controlling and leading it cannot being separated if not they will be a weakness in the management. This will be no wastage of money and manpower. Next, with implementing these management functions, it will help an organization's business to run smoothly. With proper management, an organization can plan well they also can plan for the future and long-term plan and avoid the unnecessary or unexpected outcome so they can make early prevention from faced to losses. By doing this assignment regarding the management of the company by the 4 concept the understanding the good management company will ensure the success of the company.

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