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In the year of 1848, James Marshall discovered the very precious rock “gold” but this spark ignited when a storekeeper discovered gold dust in a bottle and they knew it came from the American River. The California Gold Rush was a world changer that had effects in government, agriculture, and the culture of the people of California. They wanted gold to get rich and they said, “Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!” Many people from the Gold Rush thought they were going to get a lot of gold; instead, a lot received a new home instead! The California Gold Rush in the year of 1849, had a number of social, political, economic, and cultural effects on the history of California. People came to California with dreams of becoming rich overnight.

The California Gold Rush had social effects in the history of California. Economies grew and due to the flood of people that fled to the West, the diversity of California became a hot spot. Many different cultures decided to head West and around the globe came to the goldfields of California. The Chinese, Mexicans, English, Eastern Europeans, South Americans and Hawaiians. New cultures were easily accepted, “All classes, freed in a great measure from conventional restriction appear in their true garbs.” By the year of 1849, over 25,000 immigrants had migrated to California hoping they would gain sudden wealth. The population of California was booming and this growth ensured California's admittance in becoming a state. The state government assured that nations across the world were arriving at California for gold and said this, “It seems as though every nation on the face of the earth has sent a representative to this place.” They were saying nations just wanted to get gold, get rich/powerful and not care on the social effects this would have in California.

The California Gold Rush had economic effects in the history of California. Miners decided to make cities they can develop to mine for gold and have enough for their needs. Entrepreneurs opened businesses that catered to their miners needs. Others knew gold was limited, they knew once they found it that happiness would face, so they decided to find success alternately. However, due to the inflation of mining gold; towns and cities with flourishing economies were created and also Exorbitant prices led to inflation. Economic boom was possible because men left their families, homes, and their jobs for a chance to get wealth easily and in their own terms. Even hired army soldiers quit their jobs to get wealth the easy and they knew what they had to do.  “...and there, a soldier who will give his captain the slip at first chance don't blame the fellow a whit; seven dollars a month, while others are making two or

three hundred a day!” The exorbitant prices, business openings, and economic boom all led to the economic disadvantage of the California Gold Rush.

The California Gold Rush had political effects in the history of California. Soon after people headed to California, the gold rush fever affected the world known industries and businesses progress. The population skyrocketed on previously unknown amounts and the population of California. The question that was truly answered was to let California into the US as a new state. The other question was whether to let California be a free state with rights or a slave state and who would make that determination. Soon after, California had a solution for that debate, the Civil War sparked. The advantage of the Gold Rush is that California was irresistible to the U.S. government because of the growth of population, and the inflation of wealth and therefore; California became the 31st state in 1850. The government and miners described the Gold rush as, “the finest opportunity that, has ever been offered on any mining frontier." The Gold Rush is famous also for encouraging the construction of wagon roads and railroads west. Another development was the great success of farmers, merchants, and others who sold goods and services to the gold-seekers.

The California Gold Rush had cultural effects in the history of California. Their was intensification in marketing and this created a large body of dissatisfied workers and they wanted to escape the low life and have changed that they didn't want to have wage labor. During the effects of the gold rush, the evolution of the penny press between the 1930's and 1940's created a media accessible to the majority of the American population. The penny press was able to mobilize a huge amount of mass of people, the penny press would take information that was used to communicate with networks in California. The miners found themselves in a awkward situation where they're were created their own traditions. The culture of the gold rush was revolutionized with the creation of the penny press, change of wage labor, and the difference in traditions and customs.

Though there were many effects on the history of California, there was social, political, economic, and cultural effects and those were causes because of the gold rush in the year of 1849. People came to California with dreams of becoming rich overnight. Due to economic booms, dissatisfied workers, and growth population the effects of the California gold rush affected the history of California. Comparing the gold rush to Modern day there is a major difference because during the California gold rush everything was more expensive. Eggs were equivalent to 90 dollars and an average price for a property was 1 million double of what it is today. Back in 1849, the prices of tech and properties were way higher than California in the modern ages which was insane. This being said the gold rush had many advantages and disadvantages, but it also helped increase population and the penny press helped mobilize.

"California presented to people a new model for the American dream—one where the emphasis was on the ability to take risks, the willingness to gamble on the future."

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