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In the case study of the Taco Bell launch in India, there exist seven criteria, which, when successfully implemented, will ensure efficiency in the Quick Service Restaurant business of the Taco Bell in India. The criteria include; variety, vegetarian, value, product, price, location and promotion. These criteria are significant to ensure the success of the Taco Bell businesses in India as explained in the succeeding paragraphs.

According to the case study, the KFC and the McDonald's, which slowly gained fame among the Indians, were recognized by offering a variety. The variety must be incorporated in the Taco Bell products to ensure that the consumers are faced with more than one option to select from; and also to enhance the competitive advantage in the Quick Service Restaurant business; as its potential competitors in the market in India, KFC and McDonald's were making a variety of products to attract the consumers (Ferrell, 2016).

Similarly, Value is significant among the Indian consumers, according to the case study. Consumers are more than willing to consume products of which to experience the utility of their money. For Taco Bell to thrive in the quick service restaurant business, it must ensure the value of their products satisfies the consumers' needs and demands. The contemporary consumers in the Indian market prefer value of the product consumed to nothing less; an equal measure of the value of the product and its monetary value is a strategy that makes the consumers to believe that the products are worth consuming at their present prices. Additionally, the consumers also develop the feeling that the business is not exploiting them, nor are they underpaying for the services, therefore, there will exist a mutual relationship between the business and the customers.

Likewise, as recorded in the case study, that a good number of the Indian population prefers vegetables to flesh. It will be much in order for the Taco Bell to ensure the vegetables are incorporated as one of the basic ingredients of making their products. This will ensure that Taco Bell gather a broad customer base.

According to the case study, the Indians liked flat breads (chapatti) and rice prepared separately. There are some products which are not appealing to the consumers in the Indian, such as, chicken and beans slathered. Therefore, Taco Bell is supposed to ensure that their production line marches with the taste and preference of the targeted market, that is, the Indian consumers. However, the Taco bell should not drift from the novelty value to produce products similar to those of its competitors; its products should be distinguished from those of their competitors for it to earn a competitive advantage.

Pricing also was a main factor in the marketing of the Taco Bell, as indicated in the case study. This was advocated for by the Yum, as the minimum priced international food chain in India. This criterion of implementing competitive pricing is fundamental for the success of the Taco bell in India.

 According to the case study, the location was also regarded as a key factor in the success of the quick service restaurant business. Therefore, the location of the business of the Taco Bell needs to be in a place with a sizable population, as they are the potential consumers of the Taco Bell products. In addition, the location of the business needs to be positioned in a busy shopping centers or malls with the records of the inhabitants and the tourists having an interest in the international food brands. The presence of the mixed population in the premise of the business will ensure it serves a larger market (Ferrell, 2016).

Also, promotion of the Taco Bell brands was a significant criterion to be implemented to ensure that the consumers' awareness of the brand is established. In India, the majority of the consumers had the anxiety to explore the up-to-date provisions in the town, and Taco Bell brands need to be advertised in the social media and websites, as an online marketing strategy to acquire many customers to purchase the brand (Ferrell, 2016).

In conclusion, the criteria that the Taco Bell needs to implement for its success in the quick service restaurant business in India include; variety, vegetarian, value, product, price, location and promotion. These criteria when appropriately implemented will ensure that the Taco Bell business thrives in Indian.

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