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es! Its hard to ignore the internet. In fact, its impossible to ignore the internet. See for yourself, even if a certain thought comes to your mind or you need to know anything at all, first thing that we all do is reach out for our phones. If not the phones, then definitely laptops. While you all are working, I bet you there will be at least one tab open that is telling you some information that you would not know. Without the internet we feel like we are digitally stunted. When a common person like us feels out of the world without the internet, imagine what someone becoming an author might feel? Even if he just wants to write a certain character how many times should he be browsing the net? His first thought, his development of the traits for the character, the scenarios necessary for the story, small details like the places and culture of his protagonist all need to come in total unison. After so much details put in as a single piece, now, the story is ready to be fed into the google search engines; not as a some rejected article but as an original piece of content which every author or someone becoming an author will need some day.

Digital publishing as many have misunderstood isn't just Kindle or Nook or some other app. Digital Publishing a fair new business or to be more precise, a new branch of publishing industry. Almost every year in India, around 90,000 books are published. Translation work, original work, educational publishing all mark a proportion of around 20.4% of Indian book market. In India, there are 19,000 publishers who are changing the face of publishing industry day in and day out.

As opposed to these, there are freelance authors, bloggers who are publishing themselves digitally. There are quite a few who have taken up digital publishing as a platform to gather a new fan base, so when the author tries to enter the traditional publishing market, his/her book has a hope to be enlisted as the best seller. When an author or a writer chooses to share his work through ways of social media or digital writing platform, he in fact partially is publishing digitally. The difference is just that he may or may not choose to market it. With facebook, twitter and many blogging sites constantly upgrading themselves, authors have found new ways to publish themselves digitally with authenticity and gathering true responses from their readers. Today many writers have made digital publishing as a micro marketing tool for their work.

Earlier, the publishing process was simple and quaint. Write a manuscript, approach a publisher, hire an editor and cover designer and get your book published. But, the real charm came in publicizing the book. This is where, we fairly appreciate the publisher entourage. But, with google bringing world closer browser by browser, the era of self-publishing has emerged rapidly. However, the main challenges faced by self publishers still remains. And that's where digital publishing platform is truly on the rise. The first ever e-book published was in the year 1971. Where for a normal book to be published requires paper, printing, godown, sales pitch and much more inventory, digital publishing is an economical alternative that negates all these resources through its expanse. Just like publishing, digital publishing is ways and means to market a book; instead many have look at it as an alternative to traditional publishing. The question whether it is or it is not an alternative to traditional publishing will remain forever; but, true art lies when publishers look upon it as an opportunity to rise in this new era of paperless eco-system. Many well-known publishers have embraced this new branch of publishing and have tweaked their usual process when E-book Publishing is slowly emerging with 3% contribution to the publishing world every year.

Authors often shy away from traditional publishing understanding the struggles and challenges but embrace digital publishing like an alternative. What one does not understand is that digital publishing can work its way around by using itself for traditional publishing as well.

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