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Every organization needs a competitive advantage to be different to be special from their competitors. There are different ways to get a competitive advantage. When the company start to develop its competitive advantage that means that the company's name become known in the market. In this case study the organization choose to convert their employees to the competitive advantage. As far as we go in the case we will realize how Tarmac become the leader in their filed and how they treated their employee to gain the competitive advantage.

Tarmac mission is "To be the first choice for building material and service that meet the essential needs for the development of the world in which we live."

Tarmac ideas are to give the customers high-quality product and service completely with mission statement by having the right person with high skills in the right position which will lead the company to success.

In Tarmac, they focus more on three area which is:

- Human resource management: the most important thing in Tarmac is improving the employees' skills.

- Finance manages

- Strategy, Marketing, and Technical

In those areas, there are three main levels of staff

1. Managers

2. Supervisor

3. Operator

Tarmac believes in "Bringing out the best in all our people, allowing them to realize their full potential". So Tarmac inspires their employees to learn new skills and improve their current skills through the development team within the company. This allowed them to achieve their personal goals and at the same time contribute to achieving the organization mission and vision.

The operations function

In the operation, they produce products that the customer need by taking the raw material and mix it together under certain process. On the other hand, Tarmac engages their staff in improving the processes and achieving cost saving. The advantages are boundless, for example, expanded productivity and more compelling administration of wellbeing and security and condition issues.

In the total product department, the new employee who has just graduated he/she become a plant manager after 18 months he/she can assume to be zone manager who's responsible about a certain area.

A Zone manager's activity is overseeing operational execution around there to meet or enhance focuses on cost, quality, conveyance, and wellbeing and business uprightness. The long-term aim is to grow elite groups who work inside a culture of value and consistent change. Zone managers have a set of agreed key performance indicators (KPIs).

Tarmac employees have the chance to contribute their thoughts on the method they use to accomplish the result. This encourages induvial to pick up a more prominent comprehension of the business. They are more persuaded on the grounds that they feel a piece of the entire structure.

The Financial function

All the areas of the business need progressive data about its money related wellbeing. Tarmac has distinctive courses for individuals to join the organization, at both graduate level and through apprenticeship plans. Graduate learners enter this helped work at administrator level.

Standards reporting and accounting should be the same over all parts of the association to give an unmistakable and precise photo of the execution additionally it permitted the operator, supervisors, managers and the financial controller to take similar practices.

The human resource function

HRM is an important asset to any business, it provides experts in all the things that related to the employees like hiring, plan for training and ensure that the employees have been developed, Pensions and benefits and communicate with the employees in cases is something happened.

Tarmac intend to assemble the limit and ability of its people to accomplish their maximum capacity.

An HR manager's roles are to guarantee that business manager applies HR strategies and techniques. This creates association crosswise over various groups, which support corporate aims and objectives.

The market is changeable so every organization has to be ready for this change to stay competing and to grow. In order to achieve that Tarmac has been placed a program of Change Management to react to the change in the market and to Upgrading the level of performance and persuade staff. This program is to train the employees to be depended they use up-to-down approach so they convert the managers from autocratic to a coaching style of management.

• Autocratic manager teaches the employees how the works are done.

• Coaching manager focuses on making the employees depended rather than looking after every task.


Tarmac is a multinational company that serves a different type of clients over its business activities. Tarmac needs exceptionally talented staff to keep its competitive advance. To help this, it gives professional advancement over a wide assortment of the job role.

Tarmac changes the administration program to guarantee that management program nearly to build up their staff. The staff advantage from building up their abilities and potential through Tarmac's positive commitment to progression.

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