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Advertising is an action done in businesses in order to persuade the people to buy their products. Through this, the number of customers will proliferate thus, improving the performance of the business. Different types of businesses according to activities which include service, merchandising, and manufacturing employ two types of advertising which are the direct and telemarketing.

Holy Angel University is known to be a populated school in Central Luzon where most of the students here usually spend their money on fast food restaurants mainly because their locations are near the school making it more convenient for students which makes up the reason why the researchers chose to conduct their study in Holy Angel University Grade 12 Accountancy, Business and Management students.

According to Roberts (2017), direct marketing is a sales technique involving unsolicited contact with potential customers from companies trying to sell products. A direct marketing campaign typically includes certain components, such as addressing potential customers and asking those potential customers to take immediate action, including calling or visiting a website. Common forms of direct marketing include email, online advertisements, promotional letters, catalogue distribution and mobile messaging.

Telemarketing, on the other hand, is a form of marketing in which sales associates place unsolicited calls to gain new customers retain current customers and grow the business by selling new products and services. It refers to face-to-face contact, such as a door-to-door salesman (Roberts, 2017).

The study focuses on the service type of businesses particularly, restaurants or fast food chains and the type of advertisement they use. Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM) students often go to this type of restaurants to enjoy the services they provide. Since their strand is focused on businesses, they are more knowledgeable of how the processes of businesses are done which makes up the reason why they can be able to decide which restaurant employs a good type of advertisements that will capture their attention in relation to their preferences.

As stated by BBC (2016), one in six young people whose age ranges from 16 to 20 eat fast food at least twice a day. Fast food restaurants often offer an affordable price that is suitable to the daily allowance of senior high school students. These restaurants are also one of the places where students spend time with their friends when their classes end.

At present, the researchers, as  Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM) students, also go to fast food restaurants with the same purpose which is the reason why determining the influences of advertisements to the preference on restaurants of Grade 12 Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM) students is what the researchers aim to do.

Generally, the purpose of this study is to let the businesses know what type of advertisement that the students usually prefer and determine a change of action, which will help them improve their performance on their sales.

Review of Related Literature

According to Feldman (2015), restaurants play an essential role in the business, social, intellectual and artistic life of a thriving society. Beyond the basic purpose of restaurants to provide food and drink, restaurants have, historically, fulfilled a human need for connection and shaped social relations. And in this 21st century, the population of restaurants has increased due to the Urbanization, Digitization and Globalization that is taking place.

Based on a research conducted in America, most of the people consider the quality of food at first while the price comes second in choosing a restaurant (Lo, 2017).

An advertisement gives the consumers reason to switch brands if that's the goal. It is also a powerful way of creating a strong, favorable and unique brand association and eliciting positive judgments and feelings (Roopa, 2014). On the other hand, Boykin (2017) said that the primary function of advertising is to persuade people to buy something. Consequently, understanding how advertising influences people is an exercise in understanding how persuasion techniques are used in advertising to trigger buying decisions.

Great advertising is inspired by insights about brands and consumer or how they interact with one another. How the brand fits into the lives of its audience must be prioritized and understood. Creative expressing of ideas that will fit the target audience must be considered to attract and persuade customers (Drewhiany and Jewler, 2008).

An advertisement must possess uniqueness and creativity. It must focus on getting the attention of the people while promoting the product or service (Shubham et al., 2009). According to the study of Berman, Tzempelikos and Wilson (2014) relevance is important in making the design that is appropriate and appealing to the audience.

Verlegh, Fransen, and Kirmani (2015) said that advertising wins the hearts and minds of the consumers, swaying or solidifying preferences and producing a solid return on investment if the advertisement is well created.

Based on the study of Atarah and Peprah (2014) that aims to find out if advertising had an influence on students' enrolment decision in private tertiary institutions, results show that advertising in addition to serving as a source of information to students has influenced the enrolment decision of some students.

Advertising influences people through education, persuasion and reassurance. It also influences the shopping experience, by making shopping simpler and helping to moderate the prices of advertised products. In terms of education, advertising is an effective means of communicating information about products and services to a large number of consumers at once. For persuasion, advertising can persuade people that one product will be better than another in improving their lives or delivering benefits they seek. And as for reassurance, advertising can help confirm that the consumer is getting what she wants (Handlin, 2017).

According to Kalyani (2012), human beings, in general, have become specific towards their needs. People do not only depend on others' suggestions for advertising is enough to affect our decision process.

A study of Wisniewski (2017) that seeks to determine the influence of alcoholic beverage advertisements to college students states that because advertisements play a large role in influencing college students' decisions, drinking advertisements make consuming an excessive amount of alcohol look normal. It is portrayed as normal behavior during a college career. However, if advertisements focus on consuming a moderate amount of alcohol, moderate drinking will be viewed as a normal behavior, rather than excessively drinking.

According to the research of Dehghani, et. al (2016), advertisements present in YouTube show entertainment, informativeness and customization as the strongest positive drivers that affects both brand awareness and purchase intention of consumers accordingly. On one hand, Facebook advertising has a favorable effect on the awareness and knowledge towards the brand (Duffett, 2015).

As stated in the study conducted by Chong (2014), banner, billboard, flyer and newspaper advertisements have positive relationship with purchase intention. The relationship between age and advertising exposure is also found positive. Other than that, the relationship of age with purchase intention is also positively related. In relation to this, Online Social Advertisements or advertisements that can be seen and accessed with the use of Internet have a positive impact on perceived advertisement value (Soares and Pinho, 2014). Internet advertising has a positive effect as well in the perceived value and perceived risk in online buying (Lim, 2015)

Based on the study of Joo, Wilbur, and Zhu (2016), TV advertising or advertisements seen on televisions have an makes the audience curious about the product which leads to the tendency of searching branded keywords rather than generic category-related keywords.

Lin and Chen (2015) stated that mobile marketing or advertisements done through digital phones have a positive significant effect on consumer attitudes, whereas irritation has a negative significant effect on consumer attitudes.

The primary function of advertising is to provide information. Advertisements must be informative to ensure that the potential customers know exactly what the product is and how to purchase it. The informational part of the advertising message must form the foundation of your entire presentation (Johnston, 2017)

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