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It is evident that throughout history women have been neglected as equal individuals.  Despite not being in this world for long, I have experienced the undeniable oppression targeted towards females from my fellow classmates, and my so-called friends. In my childhood, I had no restrictions being a girl; no one questioned my achievements.  Upon entering high school, many of the obstacles I faced were because of my gender. My high school experience started with involvement in extracurricular activities; I made incredible friends but also faced so much negativity. Although I expected my fellow schoolmates to be judgmental, I was surprised to see that the same held true for their parents. As a member of the schools engineering and robotics team, I fondly remember an adult mentor coming up to me and saying,

“Girls shouldn't be in engineering and building robots, they should be in marketing.”

Many people accused me of cheating and lying in order to obtain my achievements, being the first female to represent Canada in an engineering and robotic competition on a global scale.

Emotion management is a social process in which individuals are able to display appropriate emotions either on an interpersonal level or on a social level. The physiological response and initial emotion was to become distant, angry and passive-aggressive as the negative comments were being said in everyday interactions, as well as on social media (Brym and Lie, 2018). However, the cultural script is that yelling and becoming an aggressor is not always best, but in fact learning to ignore the negative comments and accepting that they are not true is much better. Through this situation and responding appropriately to this adult, the ability to modify the initial emotional response and ignoring all the criticism can be learnt. Although females are faced with negative criticism, their ability to achieve excellence is not hindered.  It is important for females and organizations to stand together in order to allow all women around the world to be given equal opportunities, and to emphasize awareness of the issues females face in society every day.

This emotional experience represents the sociological perspective and theories of conflict and feminism. The feminist sociological theory emphasizes and focuses on women's lack of power and harassment in all social levels, while the conflict theory focuses on inequality on a macro level structure. The feminist would analyze this situation by viewing features such as patriarchy, power and social conventions, micro-and macro-level focus, and gender inequality (Brym and Lie, 2018). In the experience above, the patriarchy demonstrated the male dominance that the adult is most likely accustomed to, and stated the opportunities in life they felt I merited. In this instant, the adult stated that engineering, a field typically known to have an abundance of male dominance, was something that a woman would not be capable of achieving in her lifetime. The power and social convention is why the adult felt accustomed to females being subordinate and incapable of being able to achieve a degree in engineering, as the power structure in the field, as stated above, is highly male predominant. In this micro-level communication, gender oppression is another factor that allowed the adult to express preeminence. This leads to the two theories of gender oppression which is based upon power, the psychoanalytic feminist and radical feminism.

Psychoanalytic feminist investigates Sigmund Freud's theories of subconscious and consciousness, as well as incorporating childhood, and emotions. This suggest that when the adult was a child, they were “brought up, find another word” with the intent that men had more power over women. This contrasts what the radical feminist states about the ability of power. They argue that women are powerful however due to the patriarchal structure that most countries are built upon is the reason women are oppressed. They suggest that this imbalance and abuse of power can be abolished if females rise to the occasion by supporting one another, regardless of ethnic background or sexual orientation, while fighting institutions that are well advanced within the social hierarchy.

The conflicts perspective would focus on the experience in a similar manner to the feminist analysis, focusing more on in inequality


Gender oppression further than gender difference and gender inequality

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