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Staples Inc. has been around for nearly 30 years (2). The company is the world's largest office products to businesses, serving mid to large businesses. Currently, Staples is operating in 25 countries delivering businesses office supplies and serving customers. The company's revenue for 2017 is $18.25 billion dollars where it shows how big this company is (4). Staples offers different kind of office supplies, from papers, folders to Printers.

Pricing Information

Staples inc. offer some bundle pricing to businesses. Depending on what item does the customer need, prices may vary. Offering AirMiles on all purchases could also benefit the buyer where they could use this points to get a discount in different places where it is applicable to use. The company has an option to use an electronic invoice for convenience of the buyer.

Industry Information

Retail businesses sell finished products to existing business or consumers. The industry could include grocery, drug, convenience, and department stores. Staples is in the retail industry which is one of the largest industry in North America where nearly made $367 Billion of sales in U.S alone (6). Staples could be a supplier to a business. Being in an industry like retail is a huge opportunity for every company to make sales.

Features/Facts of product/service: (Provide VALUE to B2B Buyer)

Feature of product/service Describe – Benefit

24 hour Technical and Customer service

Can call anytime within the day

New office Printing Machines with wireless capability

Convenient for anyone who will use the printer

With any purchase, could earn an AirMiles points for every dollar Anyone who earned a certain points could have a discounted amount of their purchase on selected stores.

Feature/Fact of Company (Provide VALUE to B2B Buyer)

Feature of Company Describe - Benefit

One of the largest office supplies company

We have the reputation of supplying a lot of businesses, from small to large businesses.


Name of Competitor How does your company differentiate themselves from this competitor?

1. Amazon Our Company has some actual stores across North America and Consumers can actually visit and see the products they desire.

2. Office Depot Office Depot doesn't have any store outside U.S.

Prospect Information: The Company you are selling to

Company Name: Seneca College


Seneca College is a post-secondary school where a lot of office supplies are needed. With a lot of campuses all over Greater Toronto Area and thousands of students go to this college every year, having this organization as a client can bump up the revenue for our company. Seneca College is also known as the largest college in Canada giving an extraordinary education to students. The revenue for Seneca College from 2017 is almost $16 million dollars, according to their revenue over expense (7).

Buyer's Name: Jerry Qui

Communication Style: Director Person

How will you as a seller need to adjust your natural style to communicate more effectively with the buyer?

I would be very careful about every word that I would say and to make sure to identify and solve his current problem.


Prospecting methods: What prospecting methods did you use to determine the ideal client you were going to sell to

Identify 2 Prospecting Methods

Why is it appropriate to your Target Market?

1. Referrals B2B referral programs can easily help business expend by building customer royalty. The customer will recommend products and services to other facility if they are satisfying.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is using materials to promote a brand, especially attract students and employees which is the most beneficiaries

Qualify your prospect: Why is your selected (to sell to) company above a qualified prospect.

1.Large quantity of office supply.

2.Easier to build a long-term partnership.

3. Benefit college and students which improve brand value and awareness.

In Professional Sales your focus is on helping the buyer to make a SMART purchasing decision. To do this it is critical to have an understanding of your prospect's needs. While much of this is learned and confirmed in the needs analysis step of the sales call it is critical for the well prepared sales person to research potential needs ahead of the call.

Potential Problems and Opportunities – NEEDS of Prospect Company

Problem/Opportunity Benefit Solution

Lower student cost Building supply chain to eliminate unnecessary cost

Offering continuality of office supply Free and fast delivery

Reduce accumulated depreciation Providing a renewal service for reasonable price

Report 2

Step 1 – The Approach

Seller: Hello sir, my name is ___ and I'm the sales representative of Staples office supplies company.

Buyer: Hi, I'm ___ and, please take a seat.

Seller: I would like to introduce to you our new laser printing machines that is the one of the best in the market right now with a reasonable price. I know that some of the existing printing machines here in school is getting old.

Buyer: Could you explain what are the differences between these new machines and our existing machines?

Seller: Our new business printing machine which is made by Brother, like other printing machines, it's a 4 in one machine, print, copy, fax, scan. What is different is anyone could print wirelessly through their smartphones or laptops by using Wi-fi direct that is already connected to the printer itself.

Buyer: How much is the operating cost and these machines.

Seller: Spend less time replacing cartridges because it comes with super high-yield 6,500 page replacement toner. For the price of these machines, we could talk about our bundle pricing.

Step 2 – Needs Assessment

List three potential needs (problems or opportunities) for your product that, based on your research, the buying company may have.

1) The average price of 200 pages notebooks in bookstore is around 4 dollars which is not including the tax, building relationship with us will significantly reduce the cost of notebooks for student and employees. (Follett Higher Education Group)

2) Students and employees are using printer almost every day, huge amount of printing inks will be used. We can help buyer reduce cost.

3) All office supply will be accumulated depreciation. We provide a renewal service every ten year to replace office equipment for reasonable money.

Explain why each of these is potentially important to the customer.

1) Eliminate study cost as many as possible for students which improve their study environment.

2) Making sure that printing inks will be continuality deliver to campus without delay.

3) Reduce huge amount of money for replace office equipment.

List two SITUATION Questions:

1) What equipment are you using now?

2) How many people use it?

List three PROBLEM Questions

1) Are you satisfied with your present equipment?

2) What reliability problems does your equipment have now?

3) How difficult is it to process orders with your present system?

List Three IMPLICATION Questions:

1) Does your overtime expense increase when your equipment goes down?

2) Has the number employees complaining about the old machine?

3) Are you experiencing increased training costs because of the difficulty that your employees are having in operating your equipment?

List three NEED-PAYOFF Questions:

1) Is there any other way that a system might help?

2) Would it help if a new system could reduce your expense?

3) How do you feel a faster deliver will help you?

How will you demonstrate active listening during the sales call?

1) Slow the conversation down

2) Listening closely and clarify

3) Try paraphrasing thoughts

4) Remember details

5) Never interrupt when clients are talking

Step 3 – Presenting Solutions

As the organization that we are selling to are in needs of office supplies, like papers, Ink cartilage for printers, or Printing machines, our company will recommend these products to supply them. We are also seeking a solution for the buyer's problem. For example: If the buyer needs some energy efficient printing machines, we could offer and supply the products of their needs. By creating trust and finding a solution to their problem with the buyer could bring a good reputation to our company.

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