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. Use the integrated marketing communications model to suggest a media strategy to attract female customers in the fast tracker and managing on her own segments described in the article by Silverstein and Sayre.

Social media and digital marketing has become efficient and effective for companies to attract customers, in particular women. Female customers in the fast tracker segment are seeking adventure and learning experience. A great method for enticing these female customers would be video sharing, specifically YouTube. YouTube vloggers often share their experiences and recent adventures with followers; therefore, a fast tracker could follow these vloggers and learn about the places they visit or the things they do. Companies work out sponsorships with the vloggers to promote adventurous destinations or activities and followers trust vlogger opinions and recommendations. On the other hand, female customers in the managing on her own segment would benefit from social networking or blogs. Facebook has many pages and support type groups that would be a great fit for a widower or divorcee. This would allow the customer to feel connected and engage in networked conversations. Blogs also open the opportunity for the female to bond with other people in a time of need. Social media has become a powerful threshold for marketing communications.

2. The article called, “Customer Value Propositions in Business Markets” presents three methods of communicating value propositions to business buyers. Let's say Facebook is looking into buying business phones for all their developers so that they were all working on the same platform. If you were representing Apple and selling the Apple iPhone 10 to Facebook, what point of parity and what two points of difference might you focus on in your presentation to Facebook?

Point of Parity: Using the Apple iPhone 10, employees can communicate and securely share sensitive data, as well as, operate faster and smoother than other phones, like android.

Point of Difference: This phone meets all the security needs for large and fast paced companies like Facebook. The iPhone X runs iOS 11, the most secure mobile operating system existing. This will give Facebook the ability to share financial or private customer information securely without the fear of corruption. This phone was created with business use in mind and ensures the most dependable and confidential operating system on the market.  

Point of Difference: With this phone, you can download apps that change the way employees operate. In addition to Microsoft and Google, apps are built for business specifications and make work tasks easier. This lets employees collaborate easily with clients or colleagues from anywhere. Using our iPhone 10 to run your business assures efficient and effective work. Apple's iPhone X gives you the ability to do things you have never been able to do before.

3. If you learn anything from this course, it should be that companies have to place the customer at the center of how they are organized to do business and that marketing alone cannot do that. The customer centric focus has to be a business strategy. That said, might different promotional vehicles be used to reach brand communities? Use the New Orleans Saints as your example. Remember to use the information in “Getting Brand Communities Right.”

The New Orleans Saints are well known, especially in the south. The Saints have captured many members in the brand community and created a large following. Conflict is a key point among sports fans. There always seems to be some type of disagreement when it comes to football, but members of the Saints community will stick together and stand up for one another. This community feels connected even though they might not know one another; there is an unspoken bond because of who they root for on the field. Football is a sport that brings people together. When the team is winning members will celebrate, cheer, and shout with the brand community but when they lose members will be upset or angry together. Members can interact with the players before or after the games which makes them feel valued and appreciated. The Saints have an existing community online that support the team and value social interaction. The Saints have a brand community that excludes no one. A lover of the Saints will be welcomed to the community. Public relations has excelled in creating a positive image of the team and generating awareness. This allows fans to connect emotionally with the team and grow a strong brand community.

4. Is there a product category you use a lot of? Maybe you have two kids under 3 and use a lot of diapers or maybe you play golf and use a lot of golf balls. Maybe you are in the medical profession and have to buy your own scrubs. There is probably something you buy often. Go to (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and fill out the acid test for loyalty for one of the companies that makes the products you buy often. Get one other person to take it too, for the same company and product. Compare your total scores on question 5 of the survey. On which specific questions that you differ from the other person? What does this say about the company you chose?

For the product category I chose the dog food brand Science Diet because this is something we buy often in our household. The statement “Company really cares about building a relationship with me” was the first differing response on the acid test. I put 5-neutral and my fiancé answered 8. I believe the company could put more effort into their customers loyalty by providing coupons and rewards for purchases. There is some disconnect in how the company makes customers feel appreciated and valued. Along with the previous statement, the next differing question was “Customer loyalty is appropriately valued and rewarded at Company”. I also chose 5 and he selected 8. Science Diet does offer coupons in their dog food bags but I would more appreciated and valued if there was a reward program in place through the company. This shows the company does care for their customers but there is room to grow loyalty through making customers feel valued.

5. Why do we care if marketing and sales work together? Give some specific marketing examples to illustrate your answer. Think IMC. Remember to include reference to the article by Kotler, Rackham and Krishnaswamy.

When marketing and sales work together, the company can generate more business and growth. Opening communication and improving relationships will not only benefit the company and employees, but it will help improve customer relationships and product building. Marketing and sales complement each other and when they can work together the result will be much stronger. The key to success in sales and marketing is balance. For example, an alliance between marketing and sales ensures that the messages stay constant from start to finish. A study by SalesForce (2017) found that “it takes six to eight touches for a prospect to be converted to a sale — primarily because that's how many times a prospect needs to hear a message before it sinks in”. It is crucial for the two teams to be on the same page and remain consistent to close the deal. Also, when the marketing department hands off suitable, sales-ready leads to the sales department, sales closes more deals in less time. (SalesForce 2017) The partnership between marketing and sales benefits business growth and more closed deals.

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