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Danielle Badger

Red Zuma Project


Spring Term 2018

Professor Bateh

April 20, 2018

Part 1

1. The Red Zuma project is estimated to be completed after 230 days.

2. The critical path for the project is 2-3-5-8-9-11-12-13-15-16-17

3. The activity that has the greatest slack time is Activity 6 with a slack time of 149 days.

4. This network is quite sensitive because there are various activities that are changing with the duration on the higher side which needs to be controlled.

5. Two sensible milestones that stood out to me are Activity 3 and Activity 15. They are the most sensible milestones because if the duration of those activities in controlled the project duration can be reduced by 27 days.  Activity 3 reduces duration by 10 days and Activity 15 reduces duration by 17 days.

Gantt Chart

Network diagram highlighting the critical path

Schedule table reporting ES, LS, EF, LF, and slack for each activity

Part 2

Part A

1. Three resources are overallocated. Those three resources are Marketing Specialist, Design Engineer, and Industrial Engineer.

2. Assuming that the project is time constrained we can try and resolve overallocation problems by leveling within slack. By leveling within slack it is possible to eliminate the Marketing Specialist but if leveling only within slack it is not possible to eliminate the Design Engineer or the Industrial engineer problems. By eliminating the Marketing Specialist the Development Engineer is now overallocated. This also lead to the schedule for the Manufacturing Study, Detailed Marketing Plan, Manufacturing Process, and Lab Test Prototypes to be moved to later in the project.

3. By leveling within slack there is a dramatic increase on the sensitivity of the network. Instead of only having one critical path that contains 11 activities, there are. Now several interrelated critical paths now involving 14 activities. There is now less slack available to the noncritical activities because it has been reduced. This illustrates the concept that using slack to resolve overallocation problems can be successful but ultimately it increases the risk of the project and could cause it to ultimately be late in completion.

Gantt Chart with the schedule table after leveling within slack

4. Assuming the project is resource constrained and no additional personal are available, the project will take 295 days to complete given the resources assigned.

5. The new duration would take 46 days longer than the duration estimated in Part 1. This tells you that the availability of resources can have a quite large impact on a project's schedule and date of completion. A project does not have an official schedule until the resources have been assigned.

Part B

1. By introducing Start-to-Start lags to the schedule and budget it reduces the project duration and no additional cost. There is no additional cost because the duration of the activities has not changed. This is an example of why management uses this option when possible to keep the project on a fast track.

2. In order to complete the project before the January 17th deadline adding an additional Industrial Engineer would be the most beneficial for the project. This would be the only option for completion by this date because adding a Design Engineer or Development Engineer would only produce a completion date of February 19th which is not within the goal parameters. Also it is important to consider Industrial Engineers are paid less than Design Engineers and Development Engineers.

3. Although these changes are beneficial they to affect the sensitivity of the network and critical path. This must be determined by referencing the critical chain since Microsoft Project only identifies the critical activities based on technical dependencies which will not always provide the only answer. There is a difference between resource and task dependency which must be evaluated based off the information and previous critical paths.

Part 3

1. The project will cost $903,699.04 with the Detailed Product Design being the most expensive activity.

2. Each cash flow statement shows that the majority of the costs are assigned to the third quarter. The majority of the money is being used to begin the project and then throughout the construction of the scooter.

Part 4

Part A

Following is a status report to Robin Lane summarizing progress on the Red Zuma project. As of July 8, 2015, the milestone date for the completion of the Prototype, the project is progressing well in terms of cost and schedule. The current project process is 47% with the anticipated project completion date of January 25, 2016. The project is going as planned up to this point meaning all activities are going well. The forecasted cost at completion is still the same because the estimated completion date is still the same. Since the project is set by level of priority the activities are on pace and the project is looking successfully promising.

Part B

Once the revised estimates are calculated the estimated completion date is reduced by 6 days which is before the deadline and cost of the project does decrease by $1,666 from $973,246 to $971,580. Both of these things are huge successes within a project. I personally would not recommend authorizing the expenditure of $50,000 because that would not be a cost efficient decision. I would recommend spending only up to $25,000 to expedite the shipment of production parts in order to make a cost effective decision. Anything more than that would not be worth it because expediting components are not on the critical path and will not reduce project duration. I believe it is important to not always accept automatic scheduling because it must still be evaluated.

Although with the previous adjustments the project is now scheduled to be completed before  the deadline, I would still recommend to take additional precautions to prepare for possible delays to occur. In the event of possible delays my first suggestion would be to schedule overtime to try and still get the project completed before the deadline by accomplishing more work in the same amount of time. If possible additional resources could be added to reduce the duration of critical activities. Another option would be to postpone the celebration until after the Las Vegas show is completed but that could lead to possible loss if there was already deposits invested into the celebration. Regardless of the decisions made I would ensure that the safety nor the quality of the project was compromised in the process.

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