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Company Profile is a company that located in Subang Jaya, SS15 Courtyard. It's a company that helps different restaurant and business to promote their best dishes towards potential customers specifically looking for a particular dish. They have a Facebook page to promote different restaurants and different dishes to people on social media, they have helped many restaurants in Malaysia to promote their services and also the most importantly their dishes. Normally they post food review, articles, photos and videos on their website and Facebook page.

Besides that, FoodAdvisor also has partnership with other sources of media and production house, to provide them services like video shooting, photography, social media managing services and etc. They also help different companies, institutions and restaurant to manage their social media such as Facebook pages, Instagram and etc, in order to promote new services, customer services, products and etc.

FoodAdvisor has partnership with different Restaurant such as SkyPalace Restaurant, Lankan Cafe Restaurant, Mishaltit Restaurant, Changman Restaurant, Changlai Restaurant, Copper Restaurant, Osman Restaurant, Library Cafe and more. We provide food review, videography and photography services for them. We will promote their restaurant on our Facebook Page and also FoodAdvisor Website ( We also manages facebook pages for SkyPalace, Changman, Changlai, Naza Banana Leaf Rice, Chilli Espresso, Copper and etc. We used it to connect with our customer and expose to more potential customer. Besides that, FoodAdvisor also worked with different companies such as EnerZ Extreme Park and Yoyo Box, we also provide social media managing, videography and photography services for them.

FoodAdvisor also has a closed partnership with FiveCat Production, which we provide videography, photography and social media managing services to their (FiveCat Production) client. FoodAdvisor and FiveCat Production has worked with different clients such as Curtin University, Setia Awan, EcoWorld, Global Oak Tree Scholar, DIKA College, Damansara City mall, Karcher Malaysia, Kia Malaysia and etc.

Organization Chart

The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Kenny Hew Kim Fei, he's the person who manages the businesses, finding clients, generating ideas and etc.

The main videographer of the team are Kay Kastum and Julian Teh Jun Kit, they're the main person who in charge of video shooting, editing and etc.

On the writing team, the main person who's in charge is Julian Teh, he's the one who's responsible for post review, article writing and social media post scheduling. Julian also the head to to manage the Facebook pages and Instagram of different client. Besides that, he is also the one who incharge for customer service message replies.

On the marketing team, there's Kenny, Jesvin and Raspal, who's in charge of getting clients, business deal and etc.

There's mainly 3 people in the office (Kay, Kenny and Julian), and normally they will be in the office to discuss about ideas. Besides that, Kay and Julian will be editing videos. The rest are all interns, there are interns from different Universities and Colleges such as UTAR, HELP, INTI, SAITO, IACT and more.

Job Scope

I was assigned as part of the production department of Food Advisor, which I mainly responsible for taking videos, photos, audio recording, storyboard planning, lighting set up, video editing, photo editing and etc. I mainly using a Sony A6000, Sony RX100 Mk V, Feiyu Stabilizer for video shooting, in some occasion we will be using GoPro for shooting as well. And as editing  part, I've used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom and etc for the work. I will be taking photos and videos of the food for food review, besides that I also take photos and videos for other clients (such as kindergarten, cinemagraph of clients and etc). Occasionally I will also be soundman if there's one needed. I've been using H1 recorder for the shoot, and also the Boya wireless mic.

There's 3 stages on every production, which are pre production, production and post production. Firstly on the pre production stage, we will be generating ideas with the writing and social media team to know how we can promote for their product/service. We will be searching for references from different advertisement, videos, poster and etc. After that, we will be doing storyboard, and then present the idea to clients. We will also getting info of our talents that our client provide to see how can we promote the products with their social media platform, in order to make it less "hard sale" for the audiences (Normally for products, not food review).After getting approval from clients, we will proceed to the production stage.

During the production stages, we will be head to the location to do the shooting. If we are shooting indoor, we will be setting up lighting equipment to make sure the object we shooting are clear and visible, we always bring studio lighting for the shoot in order to get good visual. Normally we will set up 3 point lighting for the shoot in order to get the key light, side light and fill light. If there's audio needed, we will be bringing H1 Recorder and also Boya Wireless Mic in order to get clear audio. And for the camera part, we will be bringing Sony RX100 mk V, Sony A6000 and also a Panasonic Lumix G7. If we are shooting outdoors, we will be bringing reflectors for better lighting. If we are doing photoshoot, we will be bringing extra lightbox if it's needed (like product shoot for Restaurant's menu). We will also be bringing Feiyu stabilizers and Apurture Screen Monitor for the shoot so we can have better videos, less shaky shots and more precise images.

And when reaching the post production stages, we will be editing all our photos and videos in the office. We will be using software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to edit our videos and photos. In some occasion, Adobe Audition was needed as well if the audio quality isn't good enough and need amendments and fine tuning. We will be merging the clips together, doing the color correction, animation, cinemagraph and others to finish our video. After finishing the video, we will be sending the videos to clients for feedback. After getting the feedback, we will do changes to the video in order to match what our clients needs. After finishing all the amendments, we will send the video to our clients for the final review before we schedule it for a social media post.

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