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pple is one of the best Companies that form a perfect description for a product's life cycle. This is because Apple has been able to come up with more than four different product lines all that undergo product life cycle. Apple associates have been able to engage in production of new products into the market through product differentiation. Product differentiation is important for any business organization that produces products especially in a stiff industrial environment. Product differentiation is quite beneficial to any business organization in many ways. The most common usage of product differentiation is by inclusion of different product lines from the same business organization. This way the organization is at a position to develop perceived value of their products and pass them to the potential customers. This concept allows the production of products in large quantities and therefore stands a chance of minimizing cost effect but maximizing on returns. There is another concept that allows the business organizations to compete without including price as a factor of competence. The differentiation strategy that is used and implemented in this context is embraced mainly to minimize cost. Besides, other small scale business can use product differentiation as a factor of improving product value and quality. This explains the success of many small scale businesses that face competition from large-scale businesses.

Apple engages in differentiation competitive strategy. This strategy bases a Company to be different from the others in the same industry. This is achieved through an element of uniqueness that the Company will greatly indulge in as its ‘weapon'. This involves one or two attributes that the consumers perceive as important that the Company uniquely position itself in through innovation and inventions. This is exactly what Apple is applying to overcome the competitive industry. Since all the other Companies are involved in the process of developing PCs and software applications, Apple developed mobile devices (iPads, iPods, and iPhones) that the consumers love to use with the designed application software. Besides, they have also developed an online site where consumers would download music and Applications that are developed by Apple Company. This competition Strategy has made Apple make several steps ahead of its competitors and become one of the World's leading marketing value holders with the largest proportion of customer loyalty.

Through product differentiation, organizations are able to control the behaviour of their customers that much need the freedom of choice and preferences. Through the implementation of this strategy, such organizations are able to develop brand loyalty amongst their potential customers. The understanding of this concept is understood by the fact that customers get a sense of boredom when they keep purchasing a single brand from the same Company. Besides, product differentiation and introduction of varying brands enhances the perception that the newly introduce brand has undergone improvement of the initial brand which leads to an increased sales – this keeps the customers buying different brands but from the same organization. It is therefore possible for the market itself to work out the amount of product differentiation through time. This is due to variation in customer's taste and preference. Apple has a variety of product lines that include Mac Laptops, iPad, iPhones, iTunes, etcetera, iOS, and iCloud (Staisch, et al, pg.9).

Considering iPad as one of the most popular Apple brand, there is an experience of product lifecycle after a five year launch period. During the launching of iPad back in 2010 the technical ideology behind it all was based upon Steve Jobs creativity just before his passing the same year. Its launch was done within the corporation that involved AT&T Inc. The merge of the two organizations helped in provision of a new product (iPad) and internet connection ability (4G). Since the launch of iPad, the market has not been stable enough like it was when iPhone was launched. During the stage of introduction, iPad had a surprisingly high sales volume of over 3 million devices in just only two months after its launch. This is because then, there were no close competitors that Apple faced.

At the growth stage there has been little to pass through. The rise of iPad was short lived as several things happened a year after its launch. First competitors began bolding up into the Industry. Among others were Samsung with Galaxy SII and HP. Another tragedy that hit Apple was the death of its founder Steve Jobs. This came as a suprise to the potential customers of Apple and questions were raised as to whether the new management will be able to keep the high level of quality and innovation as Job did. This led to a drastic shift of interest and the fall of customer loyalty to the other new devices in the market. This resulted to a faster reach to maturity for iPad and eventually hit the decline mark just three two years after its launch. There has been a struggle to try and bring back the ordeal of sales volume by trying to bring back the magic of innovation like Jobs liked but the latest version (iPad 5) has raised a lot of questions of whether Apple is losing creativity.

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