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My ad seeks to convince people to get to vote for Juan Orlando Hernandez for president of Honduras – an attempt to link my dean's date assignment to my revision on the Honduran Presidential Elections. In order to create an effective ad, I did research on the use of color, font, messages and images, in advertising and the science behind these decisions.

The main color used in my ad is blue. Blue, a cool color, makes people feel at ease. In turn, it induces feelings of trust, stability, quality and dependability, all qualities that voters look for or want to feel towards candidates (Carson, 2017). As my ad wants to convince people to vote for a presidential candidate, blue is a smart choice as by including it in the ad, it transmits the feelings that the color induces towards Juan Orlando Hernandez. Blue is used for the background as well because although the color itself does not draw attention, it emphasizes the things around it. Often, different shades of blue are used in ads because in combination they “are associated with dynamism (“The Impact of Colour in Advertising, Marketing, and Design - Maistro PLC,” 2014).” Blue is a good color for government ads because of the feelings of trust and stability that it incites.

Another prevalent color in my poster is white, a color that the brain relates to purity. As can be observed, against a colored background, white appears very bright, bringing attention to the text in this color (Carson, 2017). I decided to make Hernandez's name white not only to highlight it, but also in order to get the audience to associate purity with Hernandez. The role's name is also in white so that the office of president is also associated with the same idea of purity. I wanted to make this connection because Hernandez and in general, the office of president of Honduras have experienced multiple corruption scandals. Using white is my attempt at getting the audience to disassociate Hernandez from corruption and get those who believe he is corrupt to trust him. It is a good decision to make the color of the text white to gain attention and also to relate the candidate to purity.

The last color that I use is red, and only for the text that reads vote. Red has to be used carefully as it raises human's heart rate and blood pressure, as it is often related to feelings of anger and danger (Carson, 2017). The warmth and brightness of the shade of red bring a lot of attention to the text in the color, which is why I wanted the main message of the ad, the action that the ad seeks in response to be in red, so that it is the center of attention. Using the color red for vote, it brings attention to the action that you want as a result of the add.

The use of font is also an important component of the ad I have designed. Hyunjin Song and Norbert Schwarz from the University of Michigan conducted an experiment to show the effects of simple and complex fonts on consumption (Song & Schwarz, 2008). Using a font that is easy to read is most effective used to write simple tasks that you want your audience to partake in. This is why the word “vote” is in all capital letters, spaced out and written with a clear font, in order to ensure that the audience reads it and in efforts to try and get them to act and vote. In contrast, the names of the National Party and Hernandez are in cursive font because complex fonts are easier to remember (Dube, 2017). The ad wants to convince its audience to vote for Hernandez and in turn the National Party, having these two stand out from the rest of the text in the ad, voters will remember these words, words that they will see in the ballot and hopefully, think back to the ad that they saw.

James Breeze conducted an experiment during which he tracked his subject's eye movements and for how long their eyes stayed at different spots on baby ads. From this study he concluded that, “in advertising we will look at what the person we see in an ad is looking at. If they are looking out at us we will simply look back at them and not really anywhere else (“Child Labor,” 2009).” Addressing his findings, I included a picture of Hernandez facing sideways to make it appear as if he was looking at the text in the ad. This way, when the audience of the ad stare at the add, they will focus on the text that incites them to vote for Hernandez. I chose to include a picture of Hernandez in which he is smiling because they have been shown to “humanize” the ad, the closer that the audience will feel towards Hernandez and relate to him, the more likely it is that they vote for him (Dube, 2017).

Through the use of color, different fonts and images, an audience can be manipulated into acting in a certain manner. In this case, the use of the colors red, blue and white, as well as both cursive and simple texts and images seek to manipulate the ad's audience in order to persuade voters to elect Hernandez as president.

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