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How To Convert Print Marketing to Sales

David you ever wonder why the most established and well-known brands keep spending huge sums of money on advertisement. They know that keeping themselves in the faces of their customers is directly synonymous with sales and huge revenue, and you also can try to emulate them. To keep themselves ahead of their competitors, they know that marketing and advertisement is very imperative.

While digital marketing is the in-thing right now, traditional or conventional methods of marketing are still very key on connecting to your target audience. However, many small businesses find out that spending big on marketing doesn't necessarily translate to increased revenue. The big companies have learnt these tricks and have executed it to perfection.

Print is still one of the most effective channels to engage consumers and drive sales and increased profits. Here are 5 ways to ensure that your print marketing ads convert to getting better results in terms of revenue and profits.

• Be benefit-oriented

People don't have time for long text. Time is very important and for the few seconds that you have to catch the attention of people, ensure that your headlines grab the attention of the reader. You can't make people read content if your headline isn't attractive.

Most businesses make the mistakes of telling customers about what they are offering, but fail to highlight why their product is better than that of their rivals. Before thinking of doing prints think about why must they use your products or why they must patronize you? These are the questions that people need answers to.

• Keep your text short and concise

Long text has been proven to turn people off, so try to minimize the content you write. Ensure that people don't have to read lots of text before they see something interesting. You are advertising, not writing a novel or editorial. Use bullet points to highlight important featured and benefits and also write in a easy-to-digest manner that everyone can understand without taking their brain.

• Never forget your Call to Action

After reading your ad, what next? What are you doing to drive response and engagement? People like things expressly stated. Ensure that you put in a Call to Action that is in sync with what you are trying to achieve. Tell them what to do next in a very friendly manner, but convincing enough to ensure that they go ahead to do it.

Do you want them to fill a form, call a number or check out a website for further details? CTAs must have a sense or urgency but don't sound desperate. For instance, you could say, “40% discount ends in 48 hours. Call 0810******* to get started”. It would surely drive engagement.

• Make options available

Never assume that people have the same way of doing things. That is a very wrong assessment of people and it has cost firms valuable money. Studies and research have shown that the most mundane of things repel people from brands, therefore market research of how to appeal to a wide range of people will do your business a lot of good. Offer different options and alternatives in doing the same thing, as people achieve things in different ways.  For instance, phone numbers and email address, also all media platforms must be revealed.

• Be consistent

You must be consistent with your ads, and that is the secret of the multinational companies. You must keep pushing ads, as customers build a level of trust with a brand they keep seeing on different platforms. Your colors, font style and formatting for different print ads should be consistent. It doesn't make business sense to push the same content with different looking ads as it doesn't portray a truly professional page.

Don't overstretch your limit, but constantly being in the spotlight will ensure you keep getting good sales. Promotions, new products launch, and others tend to keep customers with your brand.


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