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Eliezer Ludan

Mrs. Pfaff


24 March 2018


     Have you ever had a pair of shoes that had three stripes on them? Well, if you did those shoes are called Adidas, and today, I will be telling you about the brand Adidas. The topics I will be telling you about Adidas today are going to be the history of Adidas, fun facts about Adolf Dassler. The best types of Adidas, strength, and weaknesses of Adidas, and finally fun facts about Adidas. Adidas started small and now it is more than just a shoe.

The history of Adidas began in 1924 with the two brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. They started producing shoes in their mother's laundry room in a very small town named  Herzogenaurach, Germany. They desired to create sportswear shoes. From there, the brothers began the Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik which means Dassler brothers shoe factory. This was the birth of Adidas. ("History of Adolf Dassler")

 Next, I will be telling you some fun facts about Adolf Dassler. Some fun facts about Adolf Dassler are that he was part of the Nazi party and designed boots for the unified army in World War Two. Before Adolf was a shoe manufacturer, he was also a baker. They first made shoes specifically for tennis, and then they started making other sports shoes like cleats for soccer and football. He and his brother made enough money with the shoe selling company to start a factory. His son Horst Dassler was the founder of Arena ,a swimwear company. They also have a sculptor of him in Herzogenaurach, Germany created by the artist Josef Tabachnyk.  Dassler lived to 78 years old, he was born on November third, 1900 and died on September sixth, 1978. He also served in World War Two.("12 Sporty Facts About Adidas")

 Now, the top five best Adidas shoes. The fifth most best Adidas shoes are the Pharrell x Adidas. They became the fifth best when one guy raced in those shoes and won. The fourth best Adidas shoes are the Adidas Yeezy PowerPhase. They are excellent because they are leather and they have gold foil words on them. The third most excellent shoes are the Adidas Boost 350 v2. They have a really good color blend, and they are very durable. The second best Adidas are the Adidas Futurecraft 4d because they are made by a 3d printer. Finally, the first best Adidas are the Adidas Yeezys 700 Waverunner. They are such good running shoes that they are almost considered the best running shoes.("18 Unknown Facts About Adolf Dassler, The Man Who Built The Adidas Empire")

Fourth I will be telling you some strengths and weaknesses of Adidas. To start out with weaknesses here are some weaknesses of Adidas. The weaknesses of Adidas are the price rank. Adidas has a very high price rank that most customers can not afford their shoes. They have limited products. Their factories cause pollution. Competing with other brands better than there's, and poor customer service. Now over to the strengths of Adidas, the strengths of Adidas are, they get more money by sponsoring other sports organization such as NBA. They have good quality. There available worldwide. They have high value. Strong workforce, and they are also soft and comfortable.("SWOT analysis of Adidas - Adidas SWOT Analysis")

Finally, I will be telling you some fun facts about Adidas. Some fun facts about Adidas are that before Adidas made fame, Jesse Owens won four medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics with one of Adolf's shoes. He used scavenged materials such as used tires, old helmets, and rucksacks. Adolfs bother made Puma after Adolf made his brand. Adidas also owns the brand Reebok. They bought the brand for three point eight million dollars in 2005. Adidas was almost  called Addas. They sold their first pair of track shoes in 1967. Adidas also invented shower shoes, and three stripes were made for durability, not decoration.("12 Sporty Facts About Adidas")

In conclusion today I have told you about the history of Adidas. Fun facts about Adolf Dassler. The best type of Adidas, strengths, and weaknesses of Adidas, and fun facts.


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