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  Throughout the years, technology has greatly influenced the way companies, the environment, and even people have functioned. While it is growing more and more each year, it is quickly beginning to take over things we once thought we knew. Things like businesses, labor industries, and even people are being influenced and developed in newer, more improved ways. While this generation is growing more and more, the past generations, unfortunately, are becoming somewhat left behind. They are seeing and becoming something they never thought was possible, while this generation is growing and developing into it rather than with it. It has become a part of them and is being used in new and extraordinary ways. It is being used in medical fields, major corporations, marketing, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, schools, and everyday lifestyles. Technology is constantly impacting every part of our lives, and how we live them every single day.

   Technology has drastically changed the way that we perceive and understand reality. In the business world, it has definitely changed for the better. We see companies that are able to start up extremely fast and skyrocket in terms of their growth based on the use of productivity and the profitability and efficiency that comes with using technology. One thing we tend to see is pretty much everyone is online now. Therefore, software companies and online companies begin to grow and grow. Whereas, less than 10 years ago it would be rare to see something like grocery stores or any form of a company like Costco or Sam's Club having an online domain. People are now, always one step ahead, in terms of making purchases online and using online resources for convenience.

One of the fastest growing industries, at the moment, is online software because it is low cost to start up and has countless benefits. One example that we can look to is Since the very beginning, they have been ahead of the curve when it comes to adapting to the future. And when they first started up in 1994, it was nothing more than a software company looking to sell books. Today we now know it as the largest form of retail that exists in the world today. Back in 2015, they overpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States. has expanded, invested, expanded again, adapted to change, invested again, and finally produced change. They have set the standard for what an online universe can look like. You can buy just about anything and everything on and they have over 40 different side services and business that they overlook ( Another great example of this kind of vision is Netflix, something that has completely change the way that we experience movies and TV shows. This company was ahead of its time in 1998 when it became the world's first online DVD rental store. We saw in 2005 how they became the largest movie rental source distributing a million copies every day. And unlike Blockbusters, they had even bigger plans. By 2010, they went from being the fastest growing customer for the United States Postal Service to the largest source of Internet streaming traffic in North America in the evening (Netflix). They first started streaming in 2007 which means that they were 3 years of being ahead of the curve, giving them ample opportunity to perfect their service. It is companies like these that saw the change coming 20 years ago; they are our basis today and will continue to be as we move forward. Looking outside the world of, the development of technology companies that will be our future leaders are seen in where we are heading, and a majority of them are seen beginning to develop artificial intelligence. In today's day and age, artificial intelligence allows us to have programs that have the potential to perform a majority of the work for us. This is something that we never had years ago. The business world has used this to their benefit. Look at the technology company IBM and other major corporations where they use data analysis. One of IBM's most well-known projects, that has been in development for a number of years, is their artificial intelligence called, Watson. It is considered to be one of the most adaptable and most efficient forms of artificial intelligence that have been developed. We are constantly seeing companies and corporations like IBM growing at tremendous rates, and even though they may be years ahead of their time, slowly as the future progresses, they will be the cornerstone for what is to come.

It is even seen in the medical world. It used to only use paper, however now it is using wireless technology and computers for all their notes and software. They use this to help diagnose the patient's needs and to keep track of all the records; it's a much cleaner system that can even allow people to access it from anywhere in the world. This system has helped other companies utilize technology to its full potential. Technology in the medical field has become a great tool this past decade and can be used almost anywhere you are with pretty much anything you are doing. Even just outside the world of computers, we can look at 3D printing and mechanical engineering and all the good that is coming from that. Now within hours, someone can have a prosthesis or a part made for a specialized splint, or even in the engineering fields the efforts to make prosthesis' functional is becoming more and more life-like as time goes on. It seems that anywhere you look in the business world you see remarkable growth through the world of technology.

   However, other than the technology of the internet and what that has done for society, look at what good is being done in the work industry, and how it is affecting and developing jobs. Through the development of technology more jobs are being created and maintained. In terms of technology and machinery, the skilled workforce is requiring fewer workers hands-on workers and more tech-savvy workers. More and more people are having to go to college to study things like technology, coding, and mechanical engineering; things that will benefit the technology world. This means fewer people going into trades like welding and plumbing. Could technology be seen as the new generation, leaving behind the past and trying to move into what is considered the next greatest things? But then what does that mean for the skilled industry? Do we still need to rely on it like we did twenty to thirty years ago, or will technology fix those problems?

Even though technology is changing businesses day by day, There has also been an impacted in the labor industries. Because the labor industry does not necessarily use technology the same was that an online or office business who'd it effects because it existed perfectly fine before all this new technology was developed, what is going to happen to their jobs? They are going to become either more highly valued for their jobs, or they are going to begin to deplete because they are no longer needed in what they used to excel in. This then leads to a shift in education; where people choose to study and where they wish to go in life. As technology enables a disruption to countless workers, it is accelerating in other areas.  It is becoming more likely that companies need more positions in the computer department due to its overtaking.  

Take into consideration a car dealership, where ten years ago the key person at the car dealership was the car salesperson. While that position is still around today, it does not have the same demand as it 10 years ago. Cars are now being sold online, causing sales jobs not to be valued as high. Which poses' an interesting point, while the internet has proven to increase car sales it has taken away a major job and has put more value on the automotive technician. Through this, there is always that big push to produce the most technologically advanced vehicles we see today. But this requires more employees that are educated on this side of the industry that it underdevelops the in-person side of the industry which are the salesman. But in this specific example, we see this side of the industry being filled with the convenience of the internet making salesman minimal. the that  And we see this a lot when the convenience of the internet has come into play we see a lot of jobs. A question that could be asked is that is the internet and the development of technology pushing more people to go to college otherwise people won't have the education to go into the fields having the most growth it. How is this affecting the balance of our industries? Its situations like this were people feel forced to go to college if they want to survive and have a stable job, but what about the trade industry. Technology can develop all it wants there is still going to be a major need in the trade industry and people don't want to go into them for many reasons; whether it's because it doesn't seem like it has the same prestigiousness as if you went into engineering or science or they don't think there is a stable income in those fields. This has left a major gap and has actually raised the value of those specific trades. We see plumbers an even welders that can make six figures because their skill set is desperately needed.

Studies are showing that the need for the skilled workers is actually decreasing. The number of plumbers, welders, and any form of job that requires you to go to trade school is beginning to go down with a huge increase in people going to college for things like mechanical engineering, mechanics, and computer coding. This new generation is being born into this upgraded technology and is looking less and less into skilled jobs, due to them being less rewarding and maybe even not as prestigious than if they were working in an industry that is so massive in our culture today. This is affecting not only the way people are being treated but where people decide to go with college educations. It is affecting the work field, where people are choosing to go and what they are planning to work in for the rest of their lives.

Another thing that the labor industry has seen from this is how machinery is taking a turn through agriculture.  It is now far beyond the technology they could ever imagine twenty, thirty, or even fifty years ago. With the developments such as GPS, agricultural has become that much more efficient when it comes to watering the farms, pesticide distribution used to help farmers with things like watering and vaccinating the plants more efficiently. With this productivity, they produce the most amount of product. While agriculture is being affected positively, workers jobs have strongly increased with the new technological machinery. It offers a more efficient way to plow through the rocks and stones. With that, the amount of workforce that used to be needed has decreased tremendously, therefore meaning fewer jobs for those workers, but more jobs for the mechanical, computer smart area. However, when it comes to technology and people, it seems like there is always a common argument of whether or not technology is helping people or turning people into wantons.

GPS equipment manufacturers have developed several tools to help farmers and agribusinesses become more productive and efficient in their precision farming activities. Today, many farmers use GPS related tools to enhance certain operations in their farming businesses that is nothing but beneficial to the farmers themselves. Location information is collected by GPS receivers for mapping field boundaries, roads, irrigation systems, and problem areas in crops such as weeds or disease. The accuracy of GPS allows farmers to create farm maps with precise acreage for field areas, road locations and distances between points of interest. GPS allows farmers to accurately navigate to specific locations in the field, year after year, to collect soil samples or monitor crop conditions(Agriculture).

   Robert Sutton, a professor at Stanford states that because of devices and social media, “Too much connectivity can damage the quality of one's work…nobody seems to actually pay full attention; everybody is doing a worse job because they are doing more things…mobile devices and social media make us a little more oblivious, and a little more incompetent.” Is technology actually being used to its full potential? While a majority of people are constantly on their phones, using them for games, social media and apps like Pinterest, they are also being used for education. They are being used productively to educate students and to help them to work much faster and more efficiently to look up information and gain research within just minutes. Whereas in the past, you would have to go to the library to find information. While that could take hours, we have the internet at our fingertips and can use it in a more efficient way. It can lead to understanding materials more thoroughly, helping to benefit their education. Unfortunately, the negative side is when it comes to actually learning the information, people do not have to think so much about it, therefore, they are not retaining it as well and are not actually learning all that they could be if they had been digging for it in library books.

Plagiarism also tends to happen more often because it is so easy to look up other articles, essays, and online sources. Cheating is seen more commonly seen in the mathematics terms of using calculators that are too powerful for the class, causing people to not actually understand the material but rather just get the answer. Some calculators have the power to give people the answer right away without having to do any work, while other, more simple calculators make people go through the process of finding their answer and solving for it while still understanding the process.

Technology has had a huge impact on education, in both a positive and negative way. On one hand, the schooling of the younger generation and the effort to involve computers, iPads, and other tablets into the classrooms creates a higher learning experience, when it comes to the learning process and development in the world we live in today. Software's, that are being developed on the daily, is making it easy for teachers to better interact with their students with a more hands-on learning experience, and students get the opportunity to explore their creativity with the endless amount of resources that comes with the internet and other applications.

Computers and tablets are becoming so affordable these days that everyone has access to one, whether you use one person or ones that are provided by the schools themselves. Even math teachers and private schools provide students with the high-quality calculators called the TI-nspire; these calculators have the ability for quizzes and tests to be sent to them. The teachers can monitor what the students are doing on the calculator during this time so that there is little to no cheating happening, and it also allows for easy grading for the teachers and fast results for the students. This kind of technology is still very new and is still being beta tested and is usually only seen in private/charter school systems, but it provides an ample example of where our education system could and will lead to. Unfortunately, we also see this abuse within the education system purely from the start, and this may also be because it had already existed far before technology was ever introduced. Cheating has always been a big deal when it comes to one's education, and now more than ever before we are seeing this major increase in the use and the justification that has been made when we invite technology into the education of the next generation.

This then poses the question that with this type of involvement of technology and way of developing, is the next generation being harmed more than benefited? Are the minds of this generation being completely re-wired from our previous generations, in the way that they are being raised and in terms of their education? They are naturally relying more on the technology being able to give them the answers than actually spending the time to work through it and develop an understanding of the materials. This idea of instant answers is becoming more acceptable, and the disconnect between knowledge and understanding starts to become more widespread. People these days have all the knowledge of the world at their figure tips, and as beneficial as that is, it also allows for people to take the easy way out when they are in high school because they can get away with it; but the moment they get to college they are left unprepared because they were never taught to understand the material. Take the idea of physics, a complicated subject that, if approached correctly, brings a comprehension far greater than just the basic knowledge of how our universe functions and the ability to approach problems that seem unsolvable. However, when it is approached with rules and theories that are learned and understood, the problem becomes more doable and is set up for success. The same policy can be contrasted in one's life. If you were never taught to learn and understand knowledge, then how can you use it to approach all the situations that hit you in life.

Look outside of schools and look at the use of technology in our everyday lives. As little as twenty years ago parents were having to drag their kids back into the house from playing outside all day because all they wanted to do was play outside. Sadly, today it is quite the opposite; parents are having to force their kids to go outside of the house because they are being sucked in by video games, tablets, phones and other electronic devices.  While kids do venture outside on occasion, it is extremely rare to see them without some form of a phone or tablet in their hand. This brings us to a whole new world that was never been seen before. Children are growing up in a world where not even the parents know what is going on because it is so foreign and new. On one hand, we have a world of video games which is a new world of entertainment, and even though they have been around for years their evolution has made it so that people can access it from their homes, their jobs, their cars, and pretty much anywhere they go. Technology has become so convenient and is spreading so drastically. All the way from video games, allowing people over the world to come together and communicate, socialize and get to know one another without the emotional aspect of being there in person. We see a similar effect in the social media world where billions of people are on a single network interacting with each other, liking, commenting, posting, advertising, and getting to know new people the internet allows you to see.

Social media has created a huge impact on businesses and marketing. With the vast number of people constantly on social media, companies and business owners are easily able to advertise their businesses, products, and companies, reaching endless numbers of people. The amount of people they are coming in contact with via social media has increased dramatically over the years, bringing new life to their companies and their product sales. However, while companies are being positively affected, social media has caused negative impacts on countless people through cyberbullying.

Unfortunately, while bullying used to only happen in person, it has now moved to social media as well, bringing even more signs of depression, self-harm and even deaths to people. Cyberbullying is affecting both the younger and the older generation. Kids nowadays have easy access to messaging whoever they want, thanks to social media. Technology is given a platform to bully people without the emotional attachment order, without the emotional side of things being brought up because all they're doing is tearing each other down. Hurtful messages and comments about people's personalities, their beliefs, their appearances, and who they are in general are being delivered in negative ways. This is even affecting the older generation, specifically celebrities. Every day they are ridiculed for wearing the wrong pair of shoes with their dress or suit, for having cellulite and even for being “too perfect.” If adults are making comments like this, what are they showing the younger generation; that it is okay to say and do this? Is this a sign that technology should not continually grow because it is only hurting people, or is it just how people are choosing to use it? The contrast the younger generation has with the older generation is drastic, and yet they are still connected through many of their actions. When you bring the two together we see both the differences and the similarities.

The growth of technology has greatly impacted our culture in both positive and negative ways. Not only has it proven to expand businesses through new and improved machinery, it has also enhanced our labor industries by creating more efficient machines that do hours, even days of work for a man/woman in more than half that time; it has also helped tremendously to develop schools, personal lifestyles, and cultures in a whole. Unfortunately, technology has negatively impacted people as well. When you compare the current generation to the past generations, the past generation has a much harder time understanding and working with the new technology, whereas the new generation is growing with the upgrades and developing with it. Technology has greatly impacted our society and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.

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