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Executive Summary

Indonesia politics and religion is having a serious tension in 2017 because of majority of Indonesian (around 58%) believes that is important to choose a Muslim as their leader but Indonesia President Mr Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has been fighting against radial and intolerance in Indonesia. Indonesia economics since 4 years finally grow in fast pace from October – December 2017 but the consumption only growth slightly above 5.0% for few years, Indonesia President wants to boost creating jobs and growth by urging his cabinet to attract investment.

Influencers marketing is the most effective and popular advertisement in Indonesia, Indonesian spend most of their times browsing on the internet rather than watching TV,in 2016 Indonesia is the one of the highest internet user in the world with 132,7 million of Indonesia population using internet.

Indonesia is growing on digital market because of a lot of inventors try to investing in Indonesia digital Industry, brands like eBay, Google, SK Telecom and many more. smartphone market in Indonesia is the 3rd largest in Asia pacific.

International fashion recently is influences by Chinese features from Cheongsam, paper cutting and dragon or phoenix design, brand likes Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Armani Prive is influences by Chinese cultures in some of their collection.

Chinese cultures also has it influence in South East Asia, such as Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore

Indonesia fashion is mostly influence by international culture due exposure to the latest trends and celebrities from foreign countries. Light materials are popular In Indonesia due to its high climate. Qipao or Cheongsam in Indonesia usually wore for on Chinese New Year, important Chinese ceremony, wedding anniversary and birth days.

Indonesia local brand and influential markets is rising in popularity due to Indonesian fashion designer has gaining popularity and brands started to innovate by using influencers to collaborate with them to engage with customers on social media. Indonesia magazines such as Harper Bazaar and Dewi became a place to target upper class customers.

Indonesia female population age 15-24 years old is 53,980,979 and 25-54 years old is 53,980,979.Indonesian average income is IDR 1,355,750 as in 2017, Indonesian fresh graduate starting from IDR 4,000,000 ($300) and by each year of working it increase by 10-15%. Shopping malls and department stores is 2 most popular places in Indonesia, rising numbers if shopping malls in Indonesia create developer to combine shopping with condominiums, offices and hotel together. Indonesia consumers is gaining interest in E-commerce because of improvement of delivery and 2017 Indonesia is gaining progress in E commerce.

Sissae is a local brand from Indonesia specialized in Cheongsam but with a modern twist, they provide high quality materials for woman who want to wear timeless wear for daily basis. Sissae is a high quality brand but their promotion doesn't reflect the brand as a luxury.

This campaign plan is to attract female in middle to high income customers and also to give messages to consumers that modern cheongsam can be wear on daily basis not only special occasions.

Using both classic and modern aesthetics is suitable for Sissae to describe them as both modern but classic, Reawakening of classic is something to describe Sissae as a brand is to bringing back classic into something modern. the campaign using social media platform, online and printed marketing will be a suitable choice for Sissae Campaign.

Indonesia is the 3rd highest growing on social media, creating an advertisement on social media is a great opportunity for Sissae. Using 3 of the most used social media in Indonesia such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


Sissae Qipao is a High quality cheongsam brand from Indonesia, they creating a cheongsam made from high quality imported materials and handmade artistic embroidery. They combine both traditional and modern cheongsam to be wear on daily basis.Sissae is marketed towards middle to high income but their promotion doesn't look like luxury enough and attractive enough for sissae's target marketer also they don't do a lot of promotion to promote their products to new consumers.

Planning to create a new promotion that more suitable for Sissae and their target market. By doing research both Secondary and primary results, to come up with the best solution for Sissae's promotion campaign

Research Proposal

Research Problem

Sissae brand is a luxury brand from Indonesia but their marketing does not reflect their brand as luxury. Their Promotion campaign looks the same with others lower price brand in Indonesia .for a brand that include in big department stores in Indonesia such as Lafayette and Sogo, they should create a more luxury campaign to attract more middle profile consumers .Their consumer having difficulty on describing the product in middle range price based on the promotional campaign.

Research Question

How to improve Sissae promotion to look luxury enough for middle profile consumer?


If I create a promotion campaign that focus on Sissae luxury enough for their price point, then it will attract the customers which on Sissae's target market from middle to high income customers


Their promotion does not look different enough with other lower price brand. Their promotion mostly looking plain and unorganized , it doesn't look appealing enough for the middle profile customers. It's confused people on what their target market is.

Research methology

1. Primary Research

I will be conducting Survey as my Quantitative data , so it will be quicker and accurate and also practical to do because needed data from many people. So it can be more precise to what the primary research need

2. Secondary Research

I will be searching online to look for more understanding of the brand and promotions. Also the others brand doing promotion , what kind of promotion customers like.

Company Background

Sissae Qipao is a Local Indonesia brand that focus on high quality cheongsam but with modern twist.

Their Cheongsam is catered toward woman who wants to dress feminine, timeless and sexy that can be wear on every occasion. Using high quality material and skilled seamstress to create a piece that perfect for any figure, age and occasion. Their piece is using artistic embroidery made by hand.

They perfectly combine both modern fashion and classic traditional Chinese fashion.

USP: provide high quality qipao and cheongsam with twist of modern that inspired by the fashion latest trend

Mission & vision:  

Mission : for women who desire subtly sexy dresses, feminine and timeless for any occasion

Vision : is to bring traditional but modern cheongsam for Indonesia Chinese women


- Create more impact promotion

- Changing the promotional campaign according to their target market group

Product category:  Outer,Top,Bottom,Jumpsuit

Price range: IDR 500.000 – IDR 2.000.000

Place: Lippo Mall Puri, Lafayette,Sogo Indonesia, online

Promotion: social media

What is the problem?

Their lacking in their promotion , their promotion doesn't describe they as luxury products. For their price range ,their promotion must look more luxury for that price range.

What is the potential of this brand?

The brand it self have unique concept to them, not a lot of people would wear cheongsam after Chinese new year. But they create it to be wearable on different occasion.

Macro Environment


In 2017, Indonesia Is having most serious religion and political tension in two decades. According to the survey conducted by ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute that 58 % of Indonesia thinks that is important that they choose Muslim leader. Indonesia Islamic conservatism is growing for the past years. Jokowi and his team have been fighting against radial and intolerance conservatism that doesn't according to Indonesia Ideology Pancasila.Pancasila have 5 principles , three of them said “Kemanusiaan yang adil dan beradab” Just and civilized unity, “Persatuan Indonesia “Unity of Indonesia “ and “Keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia” Social Justice for all the people of affected Indonesia politic because Indonesian only want to choose muslim leader and it create a intolerance in Indonesia.


According to Strait Times and Reuters, Indonesia economy finally growing in its fastest pace after 4 years in October to December 2017 but consumption in Indonesia only growth slightly for few years only above 5.0%. Joko Widodo has been put a lot of deregulation move so it can attract investment in Indonesia. According to the statistics bureau, Indonesia investment grew to 7,27% in the 4th quarter and also exports grew to 8.06%

The problem knows that Indonesia People don't want to spend, Indonesia consumption is below 5% on annual basis. Jokowi now is in focus to urge his cabinet to attract investment so it can boost creating jobs and boost growth.


Influencer marketing is the most popular and effective advertisement in Indonesia. influencers in Indonesia have a big social media connections. Rather than watching TV, Indonesian spends a lot of time browsing the internet. Indonesian average daily spent in social media is around 3 hours and 16 minutes. Indonesia has one of the highest of internet user in the world. 132.7 million from Indonesia population is using the internet as of 2016.

Indonesia having a high number of spending times on their smartphones. Indonesia has higher about 10% in average of southeast Asia for e-commerce sites. Indonesian usually shops online on weekdays because a lot of Indonesian spend the weekend with their family .


Indonesia is growing on the digital market, there is a lot of investors into Indonesia digital scenes. A lot of foreign company started to invest in Indonesia such as eBay,Google,Recruit,Yahoo,Sk Telecom and many more. There is a lot of Indonesia Top for digital business such as and

Giants of China e-commerce has invested $3billion in Indonesia e-commerce, such as JD,Alibaba and tencent . Tokopedia is getting investment from alibaba with $1.1 investment .

Third largest smartphone market in the Asia Pasific region is Indonesia.forecast 55 million in 2015 to 92 million by 2019 increases of smartphone users.this become strong support of growing of business to consumer E-Commerce and other services. One of the example is Gojek. Gojek is on demand logistic and payment application.

Industry Research

Global Chinese influence

International fashion recently getting influence by Chinese features . Chinese features such as embroidery ,wash paintings ,Chinese characters and insects or flowers. “Cheongsam a Chinese traditional garment , paper cutting and dragon and phoenix design became inspiration for fashion world and became a new trends.

Dolce and Gabbana release a collection for Pre Fall 2015 inspired by the White and Blue Chinese porcelain.Gucci 2017 Spring menswear collection have a dragon heads and flowers in men's suit.In Armani Prive Couture 2015 collection the created a theme based on bamboo imagery.


   Dolce and Gabbana   Gucci Spring   Armani Prive Couture

   Pre fall 2015      2017 Menswear   2015 Collection

 (  (   (

Chinese influence in South East Asia

Chinese culture has influence many country in Southeast Asia , country such as Indonesia,Cambodia,Thailand,Malaysia and Singapore from cultural ties and human ties. Chinese in overseas also become the important part of the economic fabric in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia Women's wear

According to HKTDC Research, Indonesia women follows the latest trends in fashion due to it exposure of International culture. Indonesia is influenced by a lot of foreign countries especially with their celebrities. Asian style such as South Korean and Japanese style mostly influence younger women in Indonesia and American and European styles are famous with Indonesia women age 25 and up.

Light material is popular in Indonesia due to its hot climate, Indonesian woman usually wears skirt or dress daily. Indonesia party wear usually have eye catching bright color and style and also Colorful and unique design is popular with working women in Indonesia.

Indonesia Ethnic Chinese Wear

Qipao or Cheongsam in Indonesia is worn for Chinese new year , important Chinese ceremony and it also worn in Wedding anniversary and birthdays . High End designers such as Biyan,Adrian Gan and Sebastian Gunawan makes Cheongsam in some of their collection using expensive fabrics, embroidery and beading. There's also the Ready-to-Wear version that can be found in Kota also know as China Town and also in couples of department stores.

Indonesia Trends

• Local brands rising in popularity

According to The Jakarta Post, Indonesia fashion scene has been raising because of the popularity of local fashion brands. A lot of Veteran designer such as Biyan and Sebastian Gunawan and young designer such as Tex Saverio started to create a Ready-To-Wear brand that created the rising of local brands popularity.

• Influential Market

According to Starngage,100 million people in Indonesia are using social media. From a Google Study , 70% of teenagers YouTube subscribers said that they like YouTubers rather than celebrities.

Social media influencers available in tons of platforms such as Instagram,Facebook,Twitter and Snapchat.They become they new start and they started to do a lot of collaboration with brands for their campaign.

Influencer marketing became a form of marketing that can grasp opinion leader and the influence to reach larger market with social media. Indonesia spend a lot of time online that's why marketers must innovate digitally.


• Promotion

According to HKTDC Research Indonesia women easily influenced by friends or families and social standards. Indonesia consumers age around 18 to 25 love using social media platforms. Online social networks like twitter and Facebook are very popular in Indonesia. Indonesia is the forth largest population for using Facebook. Social Media have become a place for marketers to sell and promote their products also engaged with customers .

• Media

According to HKTDC Research, Fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar Indonesia and Dewi became a place to target upper class customers.

Department store create a loyalty card and also sending newsletter for the customers.

Competitor Research

Direct Competitor

Sissae Mandarin Peony

About Specializes in high quality cheongsam with modern style

Their cheongsam is for women who love timeless , feminine and subtly sexy dresses for every occasion. To bring ladies who have struggle to find stylist,classic and affordable cheongsam.

They design their cheongsam to be suitable with Modern women clothing.

Origins Indonesia Indonesia

Target Consumer 20-30 years old 20-30 years old

Product Outer,Top,Bottom,Jumpsuit,dress Cheongsam Long and Short Cheongsam

Price Range Rp 500.000-Rp2.000.000

(US $35-$140) Rp 800.000-Rp2.500.000

(US $56-$175)

Distribution Physical store, online , department store Online and Department store

Promotion They use social media platform as place to promote their product from their customers using their products and they repost them and also they promote on their websites. They use social media platform to promote their product their promotion campaign is suitable for their price range and also they use influencers to promote their products.They participate in couple of local bazaar to promote their brand and they also promote using their website

Indirect Competitors

Sissae Indische

About Specializes in high quality cheongsam with modern style

Their cheongsam is for women who love timeless , feminine and subtly sexy dresses for every occasion. To reach out to Indonesia modern women to wear something that not too traditional but rich in Indonesia Character with simple yet intricate details so its wearable on daily basis.

Origins Indonesia Indonesia

Target Consumer 20-30 years old 25-35 years old

Product Outer,Top,Bottom,Jumpsuit,dress cheongsam Kebaya,Top,bottom,outerwear,


Price Range Rp 500.000-Rp2.000.000

(US $35-$140) Rp 310.000 – Rp 1.850.000

(US $21.70-$129.50)

Distribution Physical store, online , department store Online and department store

Promotion They use social media platform as place to promote their product from their customers using their products and they repost them and also they promote on their websites. They use twitter , facebook and instagram as their social media to promote their products. Indonesia actresses/singer has been seen wearing their products.

They also sponsor for events and include in exhibitions.

Direct Competitor :Mandarin Peony is Local cheongsam brand from Indonesia , Sissae and them has similar goal that is to bring Traditional Chinese clothing to be suitable for Modern women clothing.

Indirect Competitor : Indische is local Indonesia brand that inspired by Indonesian traditional clothing ,it simple yet intricate to be wearable on daily basis. Sissae and Indische both similar but also different in the way they want to bring both classicl traditional clothing into modern.

Consumer Research (Secondary)

According to CIA World Factbook Indonesia population by July 2017 is 260,580,739. Indonesia population of female age 15-24 years old is 53,980,979 and 25-54 years old is 53,980,979.median age of Indonesia female is 30.8 years.

Source by CIA World factbook

According to HKTDC research, Indonesia have average 6% per annum economic growth its made Indonesia became enormously appealing consumer market and also Indonesia has fast growing of E-Commerce .Indonesia is 4th largest in terms of population size of the consumer market. Indonesia with average 6% per annum growth of the economic in between 2007 and 2016 ,Indonesia became the strongest performance amongst all 5 Asean countries. Indonesia middle class consumers spend more than Rp 2 millions (US$140) per month. Indonesia not only spending their own income but also consumer credit from multi – finance companies and banks.

Shopping malls and department stores is 2 most popular shopping destinations in Indonesia .They adapting so they can meets expectations and needs of Indonesia middle class . shopping mall has become first choice of Indonesian to spend weekend and leisure. Rising number of shopping malls in Indonesia, developers try to create a place for everyday shopping and short commutes of work by combining retail shopping, condominiums, offices and hotel together . they also undergo renovation to create new features for theme park ,IMAX ,aquariums ,movie theaters ,karaoke, salons and gym.

Indonesia consumers gain access from E-commerce to see a lot of products and brands.because of the fulfillment of delivery and goods in Indonesia improves,Indonesia consumers become more comfortable on buying online expecially on Wednesday when the buying online increase on the average of 12 % higher than any other day based on Jakarta post. In 2017,Indonesia have progress on development in Indonesia E-commerces.According to Agus Martowardojo,the current Governor of Bank Indonesia said that estimated total of Rp 75 trillion that Indonesia internet user spend for online shopping in 2017.this is achieve only by 24.7million users of total all of Indonesia internet user which is 132 million in the beginning of 2017.

Bank transfer is also the preferred payments method in Indonesia,According to IPrice it shows that 94% of transaction is using bank transfer and cash on delivery method with 43% also become popular in Indonesia.By these we can see how Indonesia consumer dominating their market share from buying online.

Consumer Research (Primary)

The survey is conducted from the end of march to beginning of May 2018,Respondent are female age from 15-above 35 years old with 144 respondents. 47,9% are female age 20-15,24,3% are age 21-25,2,1% age 26-30 and 11,8% age above 35 years old .Most of them are students ,the other half of them are either working or a housewife and unemployed are very low only 2%. Most of them shop more than 2 times per week and the other half shop once a week or less than once a week. Top 2 most use media to look for product is social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and internet (Google , websites, blogs, etc.).they love to buy product mostly on physical store rather than online store but there is also a lot of people love to buy both from online and physical store.

They use social media mostly more than 7 hours a day , its very rare people use social media less than an hour a day only 8,3% of them. Highly use social media to look for products in Indonesia is Instagram according to 144 respondents. 46,5% of them often comparing products both online and physical stores and the other 44% of them do it sometimes. Price of the products influence them the most when they buying the products. Most of them think that influencer is becoming main sources of advertisement for clothing brands. Half of them say that advertisement on social media effects them the most and also 44,4% of them say that sales promotion also effect them.

More than half of them said that they don't want to wear cheongsam on daily basis but the other 47.9% said that they want to wear cheongsam on daily basis.43,8% of the said the will buy cheongsam on the store. Most of them don't know about Sissae Qipao as a brand 70% of them. Half of the People say that Sissae Qipao promotion it's alright is not something to incredible or good either. Most of them said that Sissae promote itself well by 63,2%.half of them said that Sissae promotion currently speak as a luxury. 75% said that using social media advertisement is the one that would work well with Sissae. Half of them say that Modern classy will be suitable for Sissae promotion.

Research Recommendation

I. Create a campaign based on the Research that conducted for Sissae promotion

II. Use social media as the platform to promote Sissae, most of people use social media more than 7 hours a day

III. Choose the suitable theme for Sissae promotion

Campaign Strategy

This campaign plan is created to attract middle to high income customers to buy their products and give message to consumer that Modern qipao/Cheongsam can be wear on daily basis not only on special occasions, letting consumer know traditional wear can be chic and modern as well. Cheongsam/Qipao is not something that people wear occasionally nowadays but Sissae create Cheongsam that can be wear on daily basis by mixing traditional cheongsam with modern clothing


- To attract Sissae Qipao to middle to high income customers

- To maintain Sissae Qipao as a luxury brand

- To communicate Sissae as a modern qipao that can be wear on daily basis

Target Audience

Based on the survey that I conducted, our target market is catered towards female age 20-30 years old, student to adult professionals,that likes to wear dresses and skirt, using social media to shop and look for products either on ads or influencers sponsored post,who bought products both online and physical stores and love to comparing products between online and on physical stores.

And also catered to person who doesn't know about Sissae and modern cheongsam, so people have better understanding about modern cheongsam that can be wear on daily basis not only on special occasions only.

Campaign Tagline/slogan

Reawakening of classic = reawakening of classic is to describe bringing back classic into something modern which a message Sissae qipao try to deliver to their customers from their clothing.

Concept Direction

The campaign will be include on  social media advertisements and online and printed marketing such as printed catalog,flyers and email. The message is to change the mindset of the customer about Qipao/cheongsam that can only be wear on special occasion but can also be wear on daily basis. their brand is describe as a Modern Qipao that is timeless for every occasion and also to bring awareness to middle and high income consumers about this brand.  The whole concept is inspired by both of Sissae embroidery mix with modern and classy interior. Modern classy is also mixed feels between modern and old interior , so it will suitable for Sissae promotion.  ‘

Inspired by modern and classic interior, will be taking place on classic and modern house, using classic wall panel,Sissae embroidery as inspiration for the flower painting on the wall décor and modern furniture for the photoshoot and videoshoot. This to describe the combination of modern and classic of Sissae products. Using font that similar/compliment to Sissae logo and creating an ad that suitable for Instagram,Youtube and Facebook.


Media Strategy

Promotion Mix

- Advertising

Advertising is use to promote the products with visual and audio to communicate with customers. Digital is commonly use by people nowadays to communicate with people , using digital media such as social media ads and pop up ad  will be great place to communicate with people.

- Public Relations

Public relations is to communicate with the public freely through their social media page and websites. To promote and convince people to buy your products using medias and websites.

- Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is use to promote to specific audience, such as Sissae customers.its to promote to people who is your specific audience directly to them.

Media Mix

For digital media : Planning of using Instagram,Youtube and facebook ads, pop up ads on websites, sponsorship to infuencers, promote on Sissae social media and website.

For direct mailing : Planning of using , sending out mails about the new collection and pictures, sending out flyers and sending catalog to the sissae customers.

Promotion Media Vehicle Collateral Technique Cost

Advertisement New Media (digital) Facebook

Facebook ads

avg $0.20-$0.80 per click

Youtube Youtube ads avg $10 per day (local campaign)

Instagram Instagram ads avg $0.70-$1.00 per click

Influencer sponsorship Avg $271 per post

Public Relation New Media (digital) Facebook Sissae social media and website Free




Direct Marketing Traditional Media

(Direct Mailing) Mailing Flyer Start from Rp 165.000 ($11.84)/ Ream

Catalog Start from Rp 15.000 ($1.08)/ book

Digital E-Mail Free

*Youtube ads pay only when viewers watch the video at least 30 seconds of the video


Facebook Ads 1,200 x 628 pixels

Youtube Ads 1280 x 720 pixels

Instagram Ads 1,080 x 1080 pixels

Flyer A5

Booklet A5

Using Social Media as Platform to promote Sissae

Social Media is a media to communicate and interact by sharing information and getting information from people to people. Indonesia become the 3rd highest growing on social media. Indonesia spending time on social media is average about 3 hours 16 per day , as per chart created by, youtube is the number 1 leading social networks in Indonesia by 43 % ,followed by facebook by 41%,whatsapp 40% and Instagram 38% by 2017. Indonesia is the 3rd most active users on Facebook by april 2018. Social media has been taking big part in Indonesia, that's why company and brands has been trying to promote their products via social media.

Indonesia Social Media user 2017

Creating an advertisement for Sissae specifically on social media is a great opportunity for Sissae to engage with customers with all type of ages.facebook,youtube and Instagram is suitable choice for Sissae to promote on social media.

Based on survey that I conducted, people mostly use social media to look for their products especially instagram,highly influence by influencers,price and advertisement on social media , using social media more than 7 hours a day , so that why Social media is the most suitable choice for Sissae to promote their products.

-Facebook in Indonesia is the 3rd highest users in the world , people all ages have facebook in Indonesia which help with promoting Sissae creating Sissae brand awareness. By scrolling through facebook you can see ads that can easily attract customers.

-Instagram have been popular as well in Indonesia , people uploading and sharing their photos and videos on instagram, big brands such as Louis Vuitton to small local brands has been using social media as their advertisement media, Instagram is well known to be use by local brands as a media to promote their products ,cause people can see their products easily just by click on the brand page to look for all their products.instagram ads can be seen by just scrolling on your home page , its easier to attract customers cause you can see their ads by you just scrolling through their friends pictures. Facebook and Instagram also makes ads to be suitable towards their audience, so their the ads will be catered towards the Sissae target audience.

-Youtube, Youtube is one of fastest growing social media where people can share and upload videos , people watching from tutorial,vlogs,review, and many more on social media. You can see tons of sponsor videos being included on youtube videos . Youtube ads is played in the beginning before you enter the video people intended to watch. It's a great opportunity for Sissae to promote their product on youtube to create brand awareness and attract customers to search more about Sissae.

Marketing Collateral

Landscape Campaign

Portrait Campaign 

StoryBoard for Youtube  

Facebook Ads 


Instagram Ads

Youtube Ads



Back    Cover  Front

Page 2 Page 3 

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Page 6


Creative brief

 Created inspired by Sissae Qipao piece that wants to bring Classic traditional Chinese Qipao into modern twist. Using both Classic and modern elements , using Classic French wall panels ,Sissae's embroidery and modern chair. Sissae Embroidery will be inspiration towards the flower painting that will be on the wall panel in off white color. White leather chair will be place a décor for the modern elements of the campaign.

Creating this campaign is to brings out the classic and modern feel of Sissae's by using their beautiful embroidery  as the main décor of the whole campaign with other simple interior also to brings out clothing  

Financial Data

Reflective Report

In this report, I'm going to explain what I have been through this past 6 months doing this project. I'm planning to create a Promotional Campaign for Indonesia local Brand Sissae Qipao. The first 3 months, I do research on the brand itself, Indonesia Industry and consumers. Researching about Indonesia industry and consumers is extremely difficult because of lack of information available but I manage to look around and find couple of information that helps me to know about Indonesia industry and consumers. As for survey, I manage to look around and ask my friends and family to help me do the survey, when I went back to Indonesia, I went to a University to ask people to do my survey.

And last 3 months, I have to plan what I want to do for the campaign; I have to pick the objective, target audience, creative direction that I want, also the kind of promotion and media I will choose. Looking for the campaign that I want is something that I already have in mind for couple of months, I want to create campaign that is simple but reflect with Sissae as a brand and still look luxury. Something that I have in my mind is to full hand drawing the idea what I want to do for my photo shoot and video shoot to express my creative idea, I took me days to finish up the drawing for the Sissae campaign that I wanted, I don't use any digital help for my drawings except to put the Sissae logo and a little work here an there

This project teaches me to do more detailed research and to express my creative side. I have to learn more about how to use digital to do my drawings that will help on my future career, its is difficult to do anything manually by hands without any help from digital platform. These projects teach me about time management which to divide my time smartly to do all this project and not do this all at once


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Questioner for survey

Sissae is Indonesia local brand providing high quality modern qipao (Cheongsam),it design according to the latest fashion trend.

They use imported materials and embroidery infusing both traditional Chinese clothing and modern fashion.  

For further information

1.How old are you?





e.above 35

2.whats your employment status?



c.housewife/stay at home husband


3. how often do you shop for clothes?

a. once a month

b. 2 or more in a month

c. less than once a month

4.Do you prefer buy physically or online?



5. what media do you usually use to look for products? (choose more than one)

a. printed media (magazines,newpaper,etc)

b.Social media ( instagram,twitter,facebook,etc)

c.internet (google,websites,blog,etc)

d.outdoor media (billboard,banner,etc)

e.TV Media (commercial) often do you use social media

a. less than an hour a day

b. 1-3 hours a day

c. 4-6 hours a day

d.more than 7 hours a day

7. what social media do you usually use to look for products?




e.others (please specify one )

8. are you often comparing products online and in physical store?



9. what influence you the most to purchased a product?

a. promotion

b. the price of the products

c. influencers

d. Aesthetic

10. do you think influencers are becoming main sources of advertisement for clothing brand?


11. what kinds of promotion affect you the most??

a. advertisement on social media


e.sales promotion ( discount/voucher)

12.from the pictures above, would you wear modern qipao (cheongsam) on daily basis?


13.If you are going to buy qipao (Cheongsam),where will you buy it?

b.departement store

14. do you know about the qipao brand “Sissae Qipao”?

a. I know

b. I don't

Recent promotion of Sissae &

15.what do you think about their promotion?

a.they capture their product well

b. its alright

c.i don't like it

d.they don't capture their product well

16. do you think sissae promotes it self well?


17. sissae is a luxury brand do you think their promotion currently speak the brand as luxury?


18. which promotion do you think would work well with sissae?

a. advertisement on social media


20. What type of look do you think will be suitable with Sissae Qipao?



( shanghai tang

b, modern & classy


Shanghai Tang (

c. Nature

Shanghai Tang (

d.classic fierce


Shanghai Tang (

e. modern & classy


Shanghai Tang (

Survey Results



Pricing Sources


Gredy Xu Studio 20jkt (studio 2


3jt = IDR 3,000,000


Piwoori Chang  Clairine Antonio


Piwoori's price is negotiable Rp 2,000,000 / 8 hours

Videographer Makeup artist

Thera photography Makeupbyhefty


3,5 jt = IDR 3,500,000 850,000 = IDR 850,000

Facebook ads

Youtube Ads

Instagram ads



Nikita Kusuma Kimberly Chrisya

Kimberly Chrisya's per post 300k = IDR 300,000

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