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Founder of Tarte, Maureen Keili began the company in her own apartment by selling cheeks stain back in 1999. Tarte became one of the best make up product after it was picked up by Ulta beauty in 2010. Tarte is a cruelty-free beauty product, as they do not test their product on animals. Tarte's target audience is all women that wears make up who are environmentally conscious or socially responsible. Tarte make up is made up of natural ingredients and there is no chemicals like parabens and synthetic fragrances in it.   

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush is made up of Amazonian Clay which is nature's most perfect ingredient for better and longer wear which makes it one of the bestseller blush in the world. Amazonian Clay also helps to control oil and infuse moisture for balanced skin and seamless blending.  Tarte claims that Amazonian clay blush would last for half a day. it adds on color to your cheeks which would make you look more alive and healthy for 12 hours without having to touch up. It is believed that wearing the right shade of blush can warm up your complexion, create the illusion on your cheekbones and make you appear younger. Amazonian Clay blush comes in thirteen different shades of pink which provides wider choice to the targeted audience.

For research purposes, an analysis of Micro & Macro environment such as competitors, customers, ETC will be done to further strengthen the report. The analysis done will then help to determine the recommendation for the sales consumer promotion program which is by giving the customer more discount.  

Micro Environment


As Tarte's product does not use animal testing, and organic products, their main competitors will be other companies that is also against animal testing and uses organic products, reason being, customers have their own preferences of product, especially that not a lot of beauty products are against animal cruelty and 100% organic, the customer now will have less product to choose.  

One of the competitors being Fenty Beauty, that is cruelty free. Even though Fenty is considered new in the makeup industry, customer has shown positive feedback towards the company, putting the spotlight on them, and even already surpassed the sales of many top makeup brand such as Kylie cosmetics, in just less than 6 months (Park, 2018). Fenty beauty also targets the same demographics as Tarte, targeting all women, and does not have specific age target for the target.

Another competitors will be NARS, who is well known for their blush. Even though NARS is not cruelty free, they are still a competitor as the report focuses on specifically Tarte's blush. What makes the NARS blush called the "Orgasm" so popular is the fact that their product suits all skin colour, and this comes as an advantage for them (Glamour, 2017). Knowing the success of their blush, NARS further release the complete collection of it, and is now known as one of the most popular blush in the current makeup industry.

Macro Environment


The number of people who are aware about the importance of protecting and conserving the environment has drastically increased over decades . Due to the growing environmental awareness, eco-friendly products' demands are increasing as well. This benefits tarte. Tarte is well known for their environmental-friendly product as their main ingredients are natural. Most of their product are made up of plant extract. By using organic ingredients only, it helps the earth to conserve energy and reduce carbon footprints (Kerri, 2017). Not only that, it is also safer to use eco-friendly product as it is reduces your skin to the exposure of chemical ingridients. For example, tarte amazonian clay is made up of amazonian clay. It is known to nourish dry skin and absorb oil from oily skin . It also known to contain vitamin A,E and C which is perfect for one's skin. Therefore, by buying this product, you do not only get a perfect blush for your skin but also helps in elongating the years remain for earth resources so that future generation could also enjoy it.

Besides being enviromental-friendly product, Tarte is also helping to conserve sea turtle by donating 10% of their profit to the sea turtle conservation organization. Sea turtle plays an important role in maintaining the ecosystem in the sea and the sea is tarte's source to many great ingredients and nutrients for their product. Tarte is helping thousands of homeless baby turtles to find home in the ocean and to save sea turtles from extinction. The amazonian clay blush also contains mineral  

Not only that, Tarte is also a vegan ideal. People who think that animals should be given the right to choose the way they want to live is surely love this product since Tarte is against animal testing. Tarte is also sweeten the pot by donating 5% of their profit to charity every year. These things are affecting tarte's marketing activities as more people are moved by what they've done to the society and environment. Customers are showing their love to the society and environment by buying their product as a form of indulgent in supporting conserving sea turtles and donating to the charity.  


Profit maximization is companies' main goals, and one of the way to achieve this goals is by promoting their brand. Promotional and marketing strategies are very important in a business as it is the key element of long-term success and ensure profitability in a business (Ajeet, 2015). In my opinion, Tarte has successfully planed their marketing strategy as Tarte is still going strong since the day they started. Some of the things that tarte has done to boost their sales are by collaborating with organisation, endorsing beauty influencers, organizing a beauty event, and ETC.  

When tarte first launched their Amazonian clay blush, they endorsed a lot of make-up gurus, social media influencer, and models. They get these people who are known as "beauty influencers" around the world to review their product and make a tutorial on how to use them. How this works is that the beauty influencers will get rewarded every time their audience shop tarte's product, it is indeed a win-win situation. For examples, Kathleen Lights that has over 3 million subscribers mentioned that tarte is one of the best high-end make-up product. This would later on increase the Amazonian Clay Blush's sales as a lot of people are persuaded by her words.  

Tarte has given huge discount to Tartellets (tarte's fans). This is will encourage more people to buy their brand, as they could get the same product with half of the price. Other than that, tarte also keep promoting their natural product and also how they donate 5% of their profit to the charity. This would later-on, motivate customers to purchase their product. For example, tarte promotes Amazonian clay blus as a long-lasting and all natural blush. So customer would not hesitate to purchase it as there is no chemical inside the blush and also, when they purchase the blush they are actually doing good deeds, as it is donated to the charity.


Another way that tarte could do to promote their brand is by choosing a brand ambassador. Brand ambassador is the "face" of the brand. What they do is representing the brand in a positive light. A brand ambassador will plan the marketing strategy to promote the product to the market. It is important to choose an influencing brand ambassador as it is easier to publicize the product as she/he has more impact in the marketing world. There are a lot of beauty influencers nowadays, and maybe could partner up with one of them to increase their sales.


As a conclusion, in my report I think that by choosing a brand ambassador I think thatmacroenvironment affects tarte's business in a positive way, as it encourages buyer to purchase more product.  

My programme will help in surpressing the sales target / the conventional sales numbers in this field.  

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