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Common Assignment – Step #4

Comparing Markets (Giant & Grand Mart)

Malik M. Kayal

Professor Lindsey (SOC-131)

Marymount University

May 4th, 2018

Giant supermarket is one of the 169 chain supermarkets under this brand. This supermarket is an American supermarket providing products that are mainly available and mostly used by the American people. In describing this supermarket, we can imply that the supermarket is situated in a very strategic place which is near a residential area with a diverse demographic. Apart from being strategically located, the store looks appealing and exquisite form the outside. The size of the store is considerably large since even with a large number of people shopping inside, it still looked spacious. The store has a great organization strategy that makes it easy and less time-consuming for customers to find the products they are looking for. The aisles in the supermarket are labeled with the products that are found in that aisle. This store also offers a seafood section that they have located at the far end of the store to prevent the spreading of unpleasant smells to the rest of the supermarket.

Grand Mart supermarket is an international and Korean supermarket. Therefore, this store offers international and Korean products as well as domestic products. The description of this store starts from its outward appearance which very unpleasant. The building looks old, worn out, and not appealing to the customer's eyes. The store is also located at a very nonstrategic and inconvenient place considering there are no residential houses around and is located off a route-50 exit, making it pretty hard to find. This store is popular for offering a wide variety of products. Hence, international products are easy to find as well as local products. Considering the organization of this store, it may not have been very bad but it is in definite need of improvement. The boxed products in the store were not arranged strategically rather stacked up altogether. On the upside, all aisles had hanging signs all labeled with products available on each aisle.

In Inspecting the neighborhood of Giants supermarket, we can ascertain that its location is near many residential buildings. The residential area where the supermarket is located has a very diverse demographic. This can be proven by the fact that the supermarket staff comprised of mostly African Americans and middle-aged white people. These two ethnic groups were the largest of the diverse demographic in the neighborhood. However, this did not mean they were the only ethnic group present. My observation of the customers shopping in the store did show a prevalence of ethnic groups, as a mixture of different people including Asian, African American, Whites, Latin American and Middle Easterns were present. In understanding the annual income of customers that shopped at this supermarket, the median annual income for customers at this store was 69,318 dollars, which means that most people were medium income earners (American Community Survey 2016). Furthermore, my observation of the type of cars parked at the store's parking lot, some were luxury cars ranging from Chryslers to Range Rovers which showed that some customers were high-income earners while most were medium income earners.

In the social context of Grand Mart, we can verify that the store is not located in a residential area, although it serves a diverse group of people, since it is a Korean and an international supermarket. The fact that this store is a Korean based store, the demographic of the staff is Asian Americans. Even though the customers in the store were diverse, we could tell the prevalent customers of this store were Latin Americans. This might be caused by the prevalence of the Latin community in that area, as the largest foreign-born population in that Zip codes is Latinos, with a rate of 49.1% (American Community Survey 2016). On the other hand, when we evaluate the annual income of the customers from this store, we establish that they were high-income earners hence the reason they all had luxury cars. Thus, the prices of the products in this store were high also shows that the customers of the store must be making enough money to spend. The median household income for customers at this store was at 101,293 dollars which was higher than that of Giants supermarket (American Community Survey 2016).

When comparing the two markets in terms of cultural diffusion, we can begin with the similarities. Both of these markets serve a culturally diverse customers since the customer base ranges from Whites, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latin Americans, and Middle Easterns. As when it comes to the difference in cultural diffusion, we focus on the prevalence of these ethnic groups as customers in the two stores. in my opinion, as Grand Mart is an international supermarket it should be more culturally diffused since it tends to serve customers from foreign nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures. However, this was not the case in my observation because Grand Mart was mostly made up of two ethnic groups, the Asian American, and Latin American ethnic group. As this was evident in the fact that the majority of the staff were Asian American while the majority of customers who shopped there were Latin American.

The Giants supermarket as an American store would have been thought to be less culturally diffused in comparison to the international store Grand Mart. However, the actual results showed the complete opposite. The Giants supermarket staff may have been culturally categorized into Whites and African Americans mostly since these two groups were the largest population of the store's location, but this was not the case when it came to the customers. The Giant supermarket is always crowded and yet there wasn't a single ethnic group that stood out as the most prevalent in the store. Therefore, this showed that the store values cultural diffusion, as people from different ethnic groups shopped here in equal numbers.

In regards to industrial foods, we can deduce that both stores sell products that follow this system, as it is a commonly used technique in the United States for food production and preservation. The industrial food system has been long used for increasing the shelf life of food products, and the addition of chemicals to preserve the products. For this reason, then we can establish that both stores have that as their main similarity. We have established that the industrial food system requires the use of food chemicals in order to produce and preserve food products. However, the difference in terms of industrial food systems comes when Giant supermarket and Grand mart offers a produce and seafood section that does not follow this system. The produce and seafood section at Giants supermarket and Grand Mart offers fresh farm produce and fresh seafood that has not been preserved and are perishable. Therefore, this gives the customers the option of shopping for foods that has no preservatives or chemicals.

To conclude, some of the important points to note from this report is that cultural diversity is an important part of a business and that while planning and making strategic marketing plans, one must consider the issue of diversity as part of the targeted market. As understanding the targeted customers, one must also understand the influence of location in regards to the customer base. If one is targeting a diverse customer base, their location must be in an area with diverse cultural orientation. We can also understand that globalization has played a key part in diversity. In both stores, we can understand that the customer base ranges from ethnic groups such as Asian, African American, White, Latin American and Middle Eastern. The reason for this diversity is globalization. Globalization has led people to move and interact in different locations of the world, hence causing a diverse demographic especially in cities and metropolitan areas.


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