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Binge drinking is the heavy consumption of alcohol in a short space of time. (Malpeli, 2014) This activity is usually carried out by teens and young adults. It is extremely dangerous and can result in severe short and long- term health and wellbeing issues. (source B)

There are many reasons as to why teens binge drink, these include:

- Thinking it is fun and will make them feel good ( (source E

- to feel older or show their dominance (source E)

- to be rebellious against their parents to annoy them. (Source F)

- Some Deliberately Drink to get drunk (Source G)

- Some want to forget their problems (Source A)

- To be social and feel self-confidence (Source D)

- Peer pressure and acceptance issues (Source D)

- Finally, some do it just because they are curious (Source D)

Shocking statistics prove that alcohol and underage drinking is a Huge problem. Teens are starting to drink at ages as young as 12 and 90% of the time, the Underage drinking that they are carrying out is in the form of Binge drinking. It is believed that 33% of high school children have or do Drink. (Source F)

This is very concerning as Teenage binge drinking has a very harmful and possibly fatal effect especially on adolescence developing brain.  (source B) Teenagers brains are still developing and by drinking alcohol, teens aren't just damaging themselves short-term, they are setting themselves up for problems later in life. (Source M). There are 2 sections of the brain that become badly damaged from young age drinking habits. These are the frontal lobe and the hippocampus. This means that your motivation, addiction and impulse control will be damaged, (Source B) along with balance, coordination, memory loss and your brains functioning in general. (Source M).

There is also very dangerous short term effects from drinking at a young age: These include: Fainting, Vomitting or nausea, Seizures, impared breathing, bad decision making, Alcohol poising or worse, even coma. (Source N)

Alcohol and binge drinking is very dangerous when mixed with young people and should not be carried out at all.

Although, Australia is known for its bad drinking culture and is one of the reasons on why alcohol consumption levels have risen, especially with teens

Binge drinking and Australia's drinking culture

Tackling Binge drinking is a hard and frustrating path but it can be done, especially with the help and encouragement of others. Personal ways to ease of binge drinking include:

- Change your environment- meet your friends somewhere where there is no alcohol and do something other than drinking with them (source H)

- Enlist family, friends -Family and friends are very influential and supportive, they would help tackle your problem of binge drinking. (Source H)

- Don't “Pre-load”- this is a major factor that could lead to binge drinking (Source I)

- Have sufficient food and other beverages while drinking- This will help settle the alcohol and reduce the effects (source I)

The following Ways would really help tackle binge drinking all together and need to be supported and put in action by the government. Some of these include, banning alcohol marketing, adults not to drink in front of children, enforcing a minimum price for alcohol, Raising the legal drinking age, however, in general just making drinks weaker. (Source J).

Although if you can't handle it alone, there are many help service out there to help you, a select few of these include:

- Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) – They provide phone counselling, information and referrals to people who need help with Alcohol related problems (Source K)

- Kids Help line (Source K)

- Headspace (Source K)

- Youth Support and Advocacy Service (Source B)

Remember, Binge drinking is NOT alcoholism, it is possible to stop. (Source L). Let yourself have a safe, healthy life. Make the effort to BE THE INFLUENCE and TACKLE BINGE DRINKING. (Advertisement source).

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