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B.Tech IT


Web design:

Web designing is a course of engendering new websites. It integrates numerous different features including web page layout, content production and graphic design. The terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably, web design is technically a subcategory of the broader grouping of web development.


It is a database that consents operator with the mainframe.

Web interface:

The communication between a operator and a software running on a web server. The operator interface is the web browser and the web page it downloaded and condensed.

Tools and technologies:

Web designers practice change of diverse tools contingent on what part of the making process they are involved in. These tools are modernized over stint by better principles and software but the principals behind them remain original. Network engineers utilize together the vector and rastor graphics editors to create network planned made-up design prototypes.

Marketing and communication design:

Publicizing and communication design on a network design may recognize what functions for its particular publicity. This can be a group or an appropriate length of capacity, designers may also look at the way of website they are designing .For example business to business website architecture deliberations may differ from a consumer targeted website such as retail or entertainment website.

Interactive design:

Operator perceptive of the content of a website often rely upon operator interpretation of how the websites functions. This is fraction of the user knowledge in website design. User knowledge is related to layout, clear instructions and labeling on a website. How well a user understanding how they can relate on a site may also depend on the interactive design of the site .If a user observes the use of the website, they are further expected to use it in future as well

Advanced interactive functions might need plugins if not advanced secret writing languages skills. Selecting whether or not or to not use interactivity that needs plugins may be an essential call in user expertise style. If the plugin doesn't come back pre put in with most browsers there's risk that the user can have neither the savvy or the patience to put in just to access the content. If the perform needs advanced cryptography language skills, it should be too expensive in either time or cash to code compared to the quantity of improvement the function can raise the user expertise. There is conjointly a risk that advanced interactivity is also incompatible with older browsers or hardware configurations. Publication a perform that does not work dependably is probably worse for the user expertise than making no attempt. It depends on the audience if it's probably to be required or price any risks.

Page layout

Part of the computer programmer style is stricken by the standard of the page layout. Let's say, a designer could take into account whether or not the site's page layout ought to stay consistent on completely different pages once coming up with the layout. Page element dimension may additionally be thought-about very important for positioning objects within the layout style. The foremost well-liked fixed-width websites typically have a similar set breadth to match this most well liked browser window, at this preferred screen resolution, on this preferred monitor size. Most pages are center-aligned for considerations of aesthetics on larger screens. [1]

Motion graphics

The page layout and computer programmer may additionally be tormented by the utilization of motion graphics. The selection of whether or not or to not use motion graphics could rely upon the target marketplace for the web site. Motion graphics is also expected or a minimum of higher received with Associate in nursing entertainment-oriented web site. However, an internet site target market with an additional serious or formal interest (such as business, community, or government) would possibly notice animations reserve and distracting if just for recreation or decoration purposes. This does not mean that additional serious content could not be increased with animated or video displays that's relevant to the content. In either case, motion graphics could build the distinction between more practical visuals or distracting visuals.

Motion graphics that aren't initiated by the positioning traveler will manufacture accessibility problems. The planet Wide internet association accessibility standards need that web site guests be ready to disable the animations. [1]

Quality of code

Website designers might think about it to be smart apply to adapt to standards. This can be sometimes done via an outline specifying what the part is doing. Failure to evolve to standards might not create an internet site unusable or error prone, however standards will relate to the right layout of pages for readability in addition ensuring coded components are closed fittingly. This includes errors in code, a lot of organized layout for code, and ensuring IDs and categories are known properly. Poorly-coded pages are generally conversationally referred to as tag soup. Collateral via W3Ccan solely be done once an accurate DOCTYPE declaration is created, that is employed to spotlight errors in code. The system identifies the errors and areas that don't adapt to net style standards. This data will then be corrected by the user.


It is a free and open supply content management system supported PHP and MySQL.

There square measure varied steps to figure with WordPress. Following square measure the steps:

1. Install WordPress on an online server.

2. It ought to be a region of an online hosting service on its claim. to Illustrate the primary case might be and also the second case might be

3. A neighborhood laptop is also used for single-user testing and learning functions.

4. Options embrace plugin design and templet system.

Dashboard of a WordPress:


WordPress users might install and switch among totally different themes. Themes permit users to changes the design and practicality of a WordPress while not fixing the core code or web site content. Each WordPress web site needs a minimum of one theme to be gift and each theme should be designed exploitation WordPress standards with structured PHP.

Themes will be directly put in within the look administration tool within the dashboard itself.

We have most popular exploitation the 2017 version within the creating of ecommerce web site.

There are a great deal of free themes obtainable and paid versions. Far-famed are free and premium. WordPress permits the user to develop their own theme moreover.


WordPress plugin design permits user to increase the options and practicality of an internet site to a web log. The customizations ranges from computer programmer operation to consumer portal accustomed show non-public data to the logged users. Not all on the market plugins square measure invariably abreast with the upgrades and as a result they'll not perform properly.

Multiuser and Multi-blogging:

WordPress supports one journal per installation though multiple co-occurring copies could also be running from completely different directories if organized to use separate info tables.

WordPress alphabetic character makes it doable for those with websites to host their own blogging communities, also as management and moderate all the blogs from one dashboard. WordPress MS adds eight new information tables for every journal.


PhpMyAdmin could be a free and open supply administration tool for MySQL. As a transportable net application written primarily in PHP, it's become one among the foremost widespread MySQL administration tools, particularly for net hosting services.


Features provided by the program include:

1. net interface

2. MySQL and Maria sound unit direction

3. Import knowledge from CSV and SQL

4. Export knowledge to varied formats: CSV, SQL, XML, PDF (via the TCPDF library), ISO/IEC 26300 - OpenDocument Text and computer program, Word, Excel, Latex et al.

5. Administering multiple servers

6. Making PDF graphics of the information layout

7. Making complicated queries victimization query-by-example (QBE)

8. Looking globally during a information or a set of it

9. Remodeling hold on knowledge into any format employing a set of predefined functions, like displaying BLOB-data as image or download-link

10. Live charts to watch MySQL server activity like connections, processes, CPU/memory usage, etc.

11. Operating with completely different in operation systems.

12. Build complicated SQL queries easier.

PHPmyAdmin main screen:

Ecommerce website:

It is the activity of shopping for or commerce of merchandise on-line over net. Electronic commerce attracts on technology corresponding to mobile.

Modern electronic commerce usually uses the globe wide net for a minimum of one a part of the transaction's life cycle though it should conjointly use different technologies corresponding to email Typical e-commerce transactions embody the acquisition of on-line books (such as amazon) and music purchases (music transfer within the style of digital distribution corresponding to iTunes store), and to a less extent, customized/personalized on-lineliquor services.[2] There square measure 3 areas of e-commerce: on-line merchandising, electrical markets, and on-line auctions. E-commerce is supported by physical science business. [2]

E-commerce businesses may additionally use some or all of the followings:

•Online buying retail sales direct to shoppers via websites and mobile apps, and informal website via live chat and chat box, and voice assistant

• Providing or taking part in on-line market place that method third-party business-to-consumer or consumer-to-consumer sales

•Business to business shopping for and selling;

• Gathering and exploitation demographic information through net contacts and social media

•Business-to-business (B2B) electronic information exchange

• Marketing to prospective and established customers by e-mail or fax (for example, with newsletters)

•Engaging in retail for launching new merchandise and services

• Online monetary exchanges for currency exchanges or mercantilism functions.


WooCommerce is associate open supply e-commerce plugin for WordPress. it's designed for little to large-sized on-line merchants using WordPress. Launched on Sept twenty seven, 2011,the plugin quickly became fashionable for its simplicity to put in and customise and free base product.


WooCommerce has attracted important quality as a result of the bottom product, additionally to severalextensions and plugins, is free and open supply. additionally, there area unit thousands of paid add-ons for mounted costs. several Premium Themes currently provide capability with Woocommerce similarly as plugins that build a topic framework compatible.

Notable WooCommerce extensions include:

•WooCommerce Bookings:

that permits users to sell blocks of your time as appointments.

•WooCommerce Memberships:

that permits the user to limit access to bound components of their WordPress web site, and sell access to those components of the web site.

WooExpert Partner program:

Instead of a certification program WooCommerce uses an officer partnership program. WooCommerce recommends users to use these WooExperts for his or her WooCommerce comes.Suppliers will apply to become a partner Associate in Nursingd by doing thus can bear a multi-stage application method that hasability analysis and an interview. Throughout the method WooCommerce aim to assess familiarity with WooCommerce core and extensions. The partnership program had either a Gold, Silver or Bronze level till late 2017, once it affected to a flat "verified WooExpert" system


Hypertext language (HTML) is the standard language for making websites and net applications. With Cascading vogue Sheets(CSS) and JavaScript, it forms a triad of cornerstone technologies for the planet Wide net.

Web browsers receive markup language documents from internet server or from native storage and render the documents into multimedia system websites. markup language describes the structure of an internet page semantically and originally enclosed cues for the looks of the document.

HTML components square measure the building blocks of markup language pages. With markup language constructs, pictures and alternative objects appreciate interactive forms is also embedded into the rendered page. markup language provides a method to form structured documents by denoting structural linguistics for text appreciate headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and alternative things. markup language components square measure painted by tags, written are angle brackets.

> href="">A link to Wikipedia!


There are several doable ways that a user will provide input/s like:

1 <input type="text" /> <!-- this can be for text input --> two <input type="file" /> <!-- this can be for uploading files --> three <input type="checkbox" /> <!-- this can be for checkboxes -->


<!-- this can be a comment -->

Comments will facilitate within the understanding of the markup and don't show within the webpage.

There square measure many sorts of markup components employed in HTML:

Structural markup indicates the aim of text

For example,


establishes "Golf" as a second-level heading. Structural markup doesn't denote any specific rendering, however most net browsers have default designs for component format. Content is also any titled in Cascading vogue Sheets (CSS).

Presentational markup indicates the looks of the text, in spite of its purpose

For example, boldface indicates that visual output devices ought to render "boldface" in daring text, however provides very little indication what devices that square measure unable to try and do this (such as aural devices that scan the text aloud) ought to do. within the case of each bold and italic, there square measure alternative components which will have equivalent visual renderings however that square measure a lot of linguistics in nature, appreciate strong text and emphasized text severally. it's easier to envision however associate aural user agent ought to interpret the latter 2 components. However, they're not corresponding to their display counterparts: it might be undesirable for a screen-reader to stress the name of a book, as an example, however on a screen such a name would be italicized. Most display markup components became deprecated beneath the markup language four.0 specification in favor of using CSS for styling.

Hypertext markup makes components of a document into links to alternative documents

An anchor component creates a link within the document and its href attribute sets the link's target URL. maybe, the markup language markup Wikipedia, can render the word "Wikipedia" as a link. To render a picture as a link, an img part is inserted as content into the a component. Like br, img is associate empty component with attributes however no content or closing tag. .


Main article: markup language attribute

Most of the attributes of part square measure name-value pairs, separated by = and written at intervals the beginning tag of part when the element's name. the worth is also basined in single or quotation mark, though values consisting of bound characters is left unquoted in markup language (but not XHTML). going attribute values unquoted is taken into account unsafe. In distinction with name-value try attributes, there square measure some attributes that have an effect on the component just by their presence within the begin tag of the component, just like the is map attribute for the img component.

There are many common attributes which will seem in several components :

• The id attribute provides a document-wide distinctive symbol for part. {this is|this is often|this will be} accustomed determine the component so stylesheets can alter its display properties, and scripts could alter, animate or delete its contents or presentation. Appended to the URL of the page, it provides a globally distinctive symbol for the component, generally a sub-section of the page. maybe, the ID "Attributes" in

• The category attribute provides how of classifying similar components. this will be used for linguistics or presentation functions. maybe, associate markup language document may semantically use the designation to point that each one components with this category price square measure subordinate to the most text of the document. In presentation, such components may be gathered along and given as footnotes on a page rather than showing within the place wherever they occur within the markup language supply. category attributes square measure used semantically in microformats. Multiple category values is also specified; maybe vital"> puts the component into each the notation and therefore the important categories.

• An author could use the fashion attribute to assign display properties to a specific component. it's thought-about higher follow to use associate component's id or category attributes to pick out the element from at intervals a stylesheet, tho' generally this will be too cumbersome for a straightforward, specific, or unintended styling.

• The title attribute is employed to connect subtextual rationalization to part. In most browsers this attribute is displayed as a tooltip.

• The lang attribute identifies the language of the element's contents, which can vary from that of the remainder of the document. maybe, in associate English-language document:

Oh well, c'est la vie, as they are saying in France.

The abbreviation component, abbr, is accustomed demonstrate a number of these attributes:


This example displays as HTML; in most browsers, inform the indicator at the abbreviation ought to show the title text "Hypertext language."

Most components take the language-related attribute dir to specify text direction, appreciate with "rtl" for right-to-left text in, for example, Arabic, Persian or Hebrew.

About meta tag:

Definition and Usage:

Metadata is information (information) concerning information.

The <meta> tag provides information concerning the markup language document. information won't be displayed on the page, however are machine parsable.

Meta components square measure generally accustomed specify page description, keywords, author of the document, last changed, and alternative information.

The information is utilized by browsers (how to show content or reload page), search engines (keywords), or alternative net services.

HTML5 introduced a technique to let net designers lead over the viewport (the user's visible space of an internet page), through the <meta> tag (See "Setting The Viewport" example below).

Tips and Notes

Note: <meta> tags continually go within the <head> component.

Note: information is often passed as name/value pairs.

Note: The content attribute should be outlined if the name or the http-equiv attribute is outlined. If none of those square measure outlined, the content attribute can not be outlined.

Setting The Viewport

HTML5 introduced a technique to let net designers lead over the viewport, through the <meta> tag.

The viewport is that the user's visible space of an internet page. It varies with the device, and can be smaller on a movable than on a visual display unit.

You should embrace the subsequent <meta> viewport component all told your net pages:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

A <meta> viewport component provides the browser directions on a way to management the page's dimensions and scaling.

The dimension=device-width half sets the width of the page to follow the screen-width of the device (which can vary reckoning on the device).

The initial-scale=1.0 half sets the initial zoom level once the page is 1st loaded by the browser.

Here is associate example of an internet page while not the viewport meta tag, and therefore the same web content with the viewport meta tag:

Tip: If you're browsing this page with a phone or a pill, you'll click on the 2 links below to ascertain the distinction.

Without the viewport meta tag

With the viewport meta tag

Difference between front end and back end:

Two terms thrown around tons within the net business are front-end and back-end. It will be a bit frustrating since the distinction between the front-end and back-end is not utterly clear. They are terms usually wont to describe aspects of the net business. The front-end is additionally stated because the client-side and is usually thought-about "web design". The back-end of the net business is commonly referred to as the server-side. Usually once somebody says they seem to be a "web developer" they are locution they work on the back-end of web sites. Whereas that clarification appears straightforward, the road between the two is commonly blurred. Here square measure some basic pointers to assist tell the distinction between the front-end and back-end or a minimum of be ready to begin to know what somebody will after they say they seem to be a "front-end developer."


The front-end is everything committed what the user sees, as well as style and a few languages like hypertext markup language and CSS. Most of the net courses created at Digital-Tutors are going to be for the front-end and targeted on style, however there square measure already a bunch of front-end specific courses on the market at Plural sight moreover. There square measure tons of various jobs relatedto thefront-end. Detainmind that tons of those titles are subjective, and whereas front-end developer could mean one thing at one company, it will mean one thing fully totally different at another company. a typical front-end job title is "web designer." an online designer, you guessed it, styles websites. the duty title of net designer is pretty broad, though. an online designer may simply be somebody WHO styles the sites during a program like Photoshop or Fireworks and can ne'er bit the code. however in another location, an online designer may do all the lookcomps in Photoshop, so be liable for making all the hypertext markup language and CSS (and typically even JavaScript) to travel in conjunction with it. A program (UI) Designer is largely a visible styleer and is usuallytargeted on design. they don't seem to be sometimes concerned within the implementation of the look, however they may apprehend light-weight hypertext markup language and CSS in order that they willcommunicate their concepts a lot of effectively to the developers. User expertise (UX) designers add the front-end and study and researches however individuals use the sites and build changes through tons of testing. A front-end designer or developer will produce a web site with none back-end development. The sites they might produce while not an online developer, or victimization the back-end, may be a static web site. A static {site|website|web web site} are some things sort of a site for a edifice or hair salon. It does not need any info to be keep during a information. The pages can nearly always stay the same, unless it is time for a plan. A front-end developer could also be needed to possess a grasp on testing, moreover as be versed in hypertext markup language, CSS and JavaScript. This person could or might not have expertise with making{the style|the planning|the look} during a design program. a special version of this title is front-end engineer. Specific front-end languages like "JavaScript developer" are thought-about front-end developers.


The back-end, or the "server-side", is largely however the positioning works, updates and changes. This refers to everything the user cannot see within the browser, like databases and servers. sometimes folks that work on the back-end square measure referred to as programmers or developers. Back-end developers square measure principally disquieted regarding things like security, structure and content management. they sometimes apprehend and may use languages like hypertext markup language and CSS, however that is undoubtedly not their focus.Back-end developers, or a minimum of back-end development, is needed to form a dynamic web site. A dynamic web site may be a site that is perpetually dynamical and updated in period. Most sites square measure dynamic sites, as opposition static sites. Facebook, Google Maps and this journal square measure all thought-about dynamic sites. Blogs square measure dynamic sites, since their content is continually dynamical and change. A dynamic web site needs a information to figure properly. All info, like user profiles or pictures they've uploaded, or journal posts, square measure keep within the information. net developers work with programming languages like PHP or .Net, since they have to figure with one thing the information understands. The code they write communicates with the server so tells the browser what to use from the information.

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